Written by andyk

14 Mar 2011

I'd made contact with Jen through this site and after a few steamy phone chats we'd arranged a meet up on saturday aft. She described herself as a chubby late 30's lady who liked her husband to watch her getting fucked, this sounded like fun to me and she was only a good 8 miles from me.

We met in the bar at Dewsbury train station at 2'o clock, I'd asked her to wear a pretty short skirt, stockings and a tight top to show off her 36dd's. I watched her walk across the bar towards me and I knew we we're going to have some fun, she was about 5-5", I'd say a 14 with medium length blonde hair. Her tight denim skirt was about 6" above her knees and under a half open coat I could see some big tits busting the buttons on her blouse. We had one drink then walked out to my car.

We'd already had the day planned for a week and the first thing I wanted was a blow job, I'd parked in the top car park as far away from the station as possible and facing the trees, she threw her coat in the back seat and I sat in my seat and slipped my jeans down to free my hard cock.

Jen got in the passenger side and with hardly a word took my cock in her hand and began to gently toss me off, she moved her head down and took me into her mouth.

I unfastened a few buttons on her blouse, pulled one big tit out of her bra and squeezed on her hard nipple, I told her I hadn't cum for almost a week and she was going to take every drop of my hot spunk in her mouth. By now i was very hard and taking her blonde hair in my free hand I began to fuck her mouth, I pulled her head roughly right off my cock and then thrust her down making her take all 8" all the way down her throat.

A weeks worth of hot spunk was rapidly rising and afetr only about 5 minutes sucking I released my load and felt my cum pumping into Jens eager mouth.

She kept on licking and sucking til every drop of cum was gone and then she came up for air. I told her to slip her pants off before we set off to her place because I wanted to finger her hot pussy as we drove along, having an automatic s benefits ya see.

Her beautiful freshly shaved pussy was a joy to see and I knew fingering her would only make me desperate to get my tongue into her.

The half hour drive int o leeds through the saturady traffic was pretty good fun, we gave quite a few car drivers a good eyeful, Jen with her blouse pulled open, pinching her nipples and rubbing her tits as i fucked her with my fingers, her sweet juices running down my fingers which I greedily licked off at regular intervals.

By the time we got her home we we're both desperate for a fuck, she lead me into a nice cul de sac and we went into her house.

She lead me past the living room where her husband sat watching tv and into the big kitchen, I pulled her skirt up, lifted her onto the kitchen units and burried my head in her soaking pussy, licking and sucking for all i was worth. My cock was aching to get out of my pants so pausing a minute I stood up and dropped my pants to the floor, my 8" hard on sprung free and Jen jumped off the unit and lead me into the room with her husband, shedding her remaining clothes on the way.

She walked to the middle of the room and knelt before the tv, beckoning me forward and taking my hard cock in her mouth for the second time that day, her husband looked on but didnt say a word.

After a few minutes sucking she moved around on all fours lifting her arse up into the air and teeling me she needed to be fucked, without hesitation I shoved my cock deep into her soaking hole. Hubby now had his cock out and was wanking as I fucked her.

After a while I told her to get up onto the sofa besides her hubby and lay on her back, I spread her legs wide and resumed fucking her hard as she gasped for breath on the sofa, rubbing her clit rapidly with one hand as my length rammed in and out of her, I told her to turn her face toward sher hubby so taht he could wank onto her face. Before long his balls were in her mouth and the sight of his hot cum running down his shaft and her licking it off was too much for me and I filled her belly with cum.

Shortly after me and Jen went up and showered together before another good hours fucking in her bed, hubby came up to watch for a bit, we both finished off by standing either side of her and cumming on her face and tits.

After another shower I left and headed home.

Hopefully i'll be going back shortly for another afternoon session with them and I'm hoping to get her hubby to take some pics for me this time.