Written by Mandy

23 Jul 2012

our holidays were once again goign to be cancelled because of my husbands work and I was having a real moan about it to my chum Lucy, who suggested that she go with me instead of my hubby. What a good idea. I put it to my hubby and surpisingly he agreed. We managed to get the ticket changed and we were now ready for off.

It was an afternoon flight from the airport some 2 hours away, so it was up at 7am, fianlise the packing etc and off to the airport. Everything went smoothly, we arrived at Alicante and got the transfer to our hotel. It was a 5 star hotel, with loads of facilities. We decided to go for a quick swim, then change for dinner and go out for a drink or two. The pool was quite empty with only about a dozen people sunbathing opr swimming. We had no problem finding a couple of sun beds, stripped of to our bikinis and jumped into the pool. The water was quite warm and there were only 4 people in the pool, all guys. Lucy and I are the same age and have roughly the same figure, 36, 24, 34, both blond with firm boobs and bums. 2 of the guys came over and started chatting. They'd been in the hotel for 5 days and only had 2 nights to go and according to them, we were the tastiest talent they'd seen yet. Flatery will always get you soemwhere and it did with us.

We agreed to meet up in the bar after dinner and they would show us around the bars in the area. We had a lovely meal and were looking forward to a good night out. This was the first time I'd been away without my hubby and was determined to enjoy myself. We had a coiuple of drinks in the bar first and then it was off to see the nightlife. We visited 4 or 5 bars and we were both strating to get quite tipsy. The final stop was at a nightclub, which according to the sign offered an expeience never to be repeated agin.

The boys decided to order cocktails and we were now flying high. We all went up for a dance and after about 10 minutes a hooter went and a slow dance started. That's fine I thought as I snuggled up to my new friend Brian. Suddenly the lights went out and everything was black, but the music was still playing. Brians hand had moved down onto my bum and was pulling me toward his now hard manhood and I enjoyed rubbing up against.. Brian pulled away and I felt my dress being pulled up from the front and my thong being slid down my legs and me stepping out of it. My legs were parted and a tongue was now licking at my pussy and was having the desired effct, as my legs felt like jelly. I came very quickly and once again the hooter went. Brian was once again holding me close and dancing to the slow number, within 2 minutes the lights were back on.

The dance finished and we all went back to the table. More cocktails were ordered and consumed. Lucy and I went to the loo and compared notes. Her partner Dave had done exactly the same and she too was now knickerless. We were both enjoying the thrill of this newly found freedom. Back to the table and up for another dance. This time all the girls were given blindfolds. What next I thought as our respective partners but on the blindfolds for us. The hooter went again and it was time for a little more fun. This time Brian unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. Lucy and I had decided to leave our bras at the hotel, which meant I was totally naked. Brian led me over to the side of the dance floor and bent me over a chair, duly sliding his manhhod into me. This was wonderful and we both came within a few minutes. The hooter went again and I knew we only had a short time to get dress. Brian put my dress back on for me, the music stopped and the it was time to take the blindfolds off. What I instantly noticed was that I was wearing Lucy's dress and she was wearing mine. Ok, no big deal, they probably got mixed up in the darkness. One last drink before we left and as we did so, both Lucy and I were given DVD's, which we thought were promotional ones of the club.

It was now back to the hotel for what I hoped would be another well earned fuck. We went back to our room and the boys suggested that we should have a look at the DVDs, to see what they were. How boring, I thought. I need to get laid not watching some crap recording of a sleezy nightclub. Brian put on my copy first and we all sat down on the edge of the bed. It started with me being blindfolded, then the hooter sounding and then Brian taking off my dress. The only problem being the lights never went out, so my naked body was there for all to see. The camera followed us to the chair where Brian fucked me, but he only problem was that Brian had led me to a window of the club, where the curtains had been drawn back and we had a huge male audience watching from outside.

I don't know whether I was angry or more turned on by the expericnce. Dave put on Lucy's and that was almost the same except that she was being screwed by this big black guy. We are both on the pill, so we had no worries there. There was a knock at the door and Lucy went to answer it. RThe door opened and standing in the doorway was the black stud who had fucked Lucy so beautifully. In he came and was straight over to me. Now my dear It's your turn for some black magic. Brian stood me up unzepped my dress and put on the blindfold once more. I was lead over to the bed laid on my back and felt the biggest cock I had ever had slide into my wet hole. He last for what seemed to be for ever with me having multiple orgasms. I could hear Lucy having similar fun in the next bed, with Dave and Brian. The rest of the holiday was along the same line, but with even more fun, which I could tell you about if you want.