Written by tdriver12

12 Mar 2008

If you have read the previous acc ount of me ian 57 and my mates mike wifes kate 58 in benidorm and a day of fun when we returned home the shagging had been giong on for about 4 weeks with kate telling me how she had bought several kinds of vibrator to please herself with as mike was still having problems getting an inrection ,in fact if it wasnt for me and the toys she would have been climbing the walls with frustration but she told me she prefered the real thing.It all started one friday night when kate phoned pat up [my wife 56]and asking us if she could come out with us the following day [sat] as mike was working away the weekend and as there was a good band playing at our local WMC as she didnt fancy staying in by herself ,the phone conversation was very whispered with a lot of girly giggling,the two women had become thick as theives in benidorm and even more close when we got home,so we arranged to meet up in the club around 8ish the following day .The sat evening pat seemed to take extra care getting ready,shaving her legs and pussy which suprised me as pat usualy only goes pussy bald on holiday prefering to keep her hairs nice and trim at home .i watched as she put on her black hold up stockings a whispy red bra which hardly kept her 36d tits in and her nipples peeking the frabrick then to finish of very tiny red see thro thong which showed her newly shaved pussy to perfection,on top of this put on a fawn knee leanth skirt which showed her buttocks of nicely and the arse stap of the thong thro the material this was finished of with a brown satin button up front blouse which showed her firm breasts nicely,i said i could fuck her right then but she said we will have to see what happens later,giving me a sexy smile.We met kate as planned and she was turned out to perfection with a simular skirt to pats with the only difference was the row of buttons up the front,this was finished of with a white v necked button up front blouse which agian showed her firm 38inch tits encased in a white frilly bra which showed thro the the blouse,as the night progresed the two ladies geting merry on g and ts and whispering to each other giggling and making crude remarks about the lead singer of the band it turned out to be a good night litle did i know how good,On closing time pat asked kate if she fanced coming back to ours for a nightcap and as mike was away kate said ok as she didnt fancy going home to an empty house,on the way home the girls arm in arm and me bringing up the rear pat suddenly turned to kate and gave her a lingering kiss to which didnt resist,my eyes couldnt believe what i had just seen so i wrote it if as a friendly jesture.when we got home we decide on more g and ts and after a couple the conversation turned to sex with kate telling pat about mikes problem and pat saying that she could borrow me if things got to desperate for cock which made us all laugh ,little did pat know or so i thought,Pat said put some porno on to show what kate was missing so i put a dvd in and we settled down to watch me sitting on the setee with pat laying with her head on my lap and kate sitting in the arm chair,as the film started playing showing to buxom girls licking and sucking each other off then a young stud with a massive cock fucked them both silly,the atmosphere in the room starting get sexualy electrick pat started to rub my swelling cock thro my trousers all our eyes tranfixed to what was happening on the screen, when kate said she needed to go to the tiolet and left the room as soon as she went pat unzipped my pants and took my now bone hard prick and started to lick and gently suck my bell end before taking all the shaft in her mouth i told her to stop but pat said we,ll show kate what she been missing.when kate returned she saw pat sucking me off and was not shocked but said it was nice to see a big stiff cock nowadays, so pat kept on going getting herself and me realy worked up as i looked across to kate she had undone four of the buttons on the front of her skirt and cocked her right leg over the arm of the arm chair her hand had gone thro the gap and was clearly wanking herself off her breathing get getting heavier and heavier pat noticed this and crawled from the setee to where kate was and rose up giving her a full on kiss their tounges probing each others mouth kate was still fingering herself as pat undid the buttons of kates blouse and releasing her heaving tits from her bra etarted to kiss and lick and suck kates nipples giving kate her first orgasm , while pat was doing this she quickly undid the rest of her skirt buttons exposing kates swollen drenched pussy with kats fingers rapidly slipping in and out pat took hold of kates fingers covered in love juice and started to suck them dry before burying her head between kates thights and started to lick and suck kates pussy giving kate another orgasm ,I was mesmerised to see this and crouched behind pat and hitched her skirt over her arse to see pats fingers slipping in her pussy i could not resist and ater pulling her sopping thong to oneside rammed my 8inc cock right up to my balls in in her this made her gasp and with me banging her pussy and kate holding pats head onto her pussy they both were coming over and over again untill i could not hang on any longer and filled pats womb with which seemed like gallons of cum,when we had come down from the ceiling pat pulled kate out of the chair and kissed he letting her taste her own cum in her mouth then pat said we better finnish this upstairs leading kate by the hand i said i would lock up and join them shortly giving me time to reflect on what had gone on so far and take a blue pill so not to disapoint , when i climed the stairs i heard lots groaning in the bed room and when i entered pat was laying on her back knees bent with kates head between her thighs licking my cum from pats pussy making pat grip kates head with one hand and massage her breasts with the other ,kate had her nicely rounded arse in the air showing me her fingers of one hand entering her own swollen pussy , me prick was again rock hard so i peplaced her fingers with my prick and roughly started fuck kate doggy fashion her orgasm

drenching my balls ,i could not resist on seeing her brown litle hole covered in love juice so i lubed my fingers and inserted 1then two then three into kates arse this made her come once again pushing her toung further into pats pussy ,i was banging away and shot anther load of red hot come deep into kate , we all laid on the bed me at one end recovering the two girls facing each other kissing and caressing each other pat sucking inturn kates nipples kate was fingering pat when pat pulled out a big black vibrator from the badside draw switched it on and after sucking the end gave it to kate she slowly inched it into pats pussy and with her free hand leaned over and inserted to fngers into pats arse pat was now shouting harder as kate stated to ram the toy in and out of her pussy while doing the same with her fingers in pats arse ,i could not resist as i new pat was a arse vergin so went round to the back of pat and replaced kates fingers with my cock easing it in till only my balls were showing this was the first time pat had DP and she was loving it ,with the vibrations from the toy being forced in and out and me banging her arse pat kept coming and coming and then i filled her bum hole with every drop of cum i cound muster when i pulled out the spunk was ouzing out of her when kate leaned over and sucked the last droplets of cum off my cock,i fell into a deep sleep listening to pat and kate pleasing each other with thier tounges and vibrator.when i awoked the following morning the two girls were sleeping soundly and what a sight they were kate laying on her back her lipstick smeared , with cum dryed on her lips chin and tits her breasts supporting 3/4 love bites,pat was laid on her side showing a very sore stretched arse hole with dryed cum down her bum crack.Later as we were sitting around pat told me that they had planned the night before ,as kate had confessed what had accured between me and kate and pat being sypathetic to kates plight couldnt wait, infact as i was about to find out later had been to bed together without me knowing.we still have the odd three some and pat as bought a DP vibrator for the nex time cant wait LOL