Written by Gboro

17 Jun 2015

Hi everyone I thought I would relate this to you all ... My other half is away on a Hen Party to Benidorm for a week. She has been away a couple of days and last night we sent texts and had a little 'facetime' session while she was in a bar with free WiFi. She was sayiong she was enjoying it but didn't really say much more because the girls were close by messing about and shouting ... I know sh has had a drunken one night stand with one of the girls so no doubt that will probably happen again if the drinks flow enough .. Well during the call I could see a few groups in the bar some male some female and some mixed .. a rough looking lad walked by and put a drink on the table and walked away, she told me it was a waiter... I had my doubts if I'm totally honest but hey "What Happens In Benidorm Stays In Benidorm" as they say ... anyway we finished the call and I carried on watching TV. About 5 minutes later my phone chimes up with the 'Facetime' ringtone ... I clicked expecting to see my other half but instead I could hear her muffled voice and a white screen ... I heard a mans voice and then my other half moan and start breathing heavier ... I could tell it was sexual. A moment or two later the phone screen flipped and I could see a hand pushing deep into my other halves dress and underwear... she was being fingered roughly by the looks of it in a toilet cubicle , it appeared that she had taken her phone to the loo and during her meeting with a guy knocked the call button again ... I heard her breathing heavily and pant the words 'Please stop' at that I heard a zip at which point the phone angle changed again and I realised my beautiful partner had her hands on a guys hips and was sucking his huge cock ... I admit I was upset at first but so turned on it was untrue.

As I watched her sucking and licking this stranger I heard the muffled voice of the man again ... I heard her say please then the guy say " No beg me" .. at that my normally restrained partner almost growled the words " Please I'm begging you Fuck me now" ... I'd never heard her say anything like this before and I'll admit I was now wanking myself stupid .... I saw her stand and appear to turn slightly as she leaned her arms on the cistern of the toilet then heard her gasp ... obviously he had just slammed his cock into her ... the phone moved slightly again and I saw it was the rough guy from the bar thrusting into her, at that He told her he was going to come and where did she want it ... she gasped anywhere but not where he was she said incase she got pregnant, I then realised he was banging her bareback .... at that he said "are you sure" as she started to reach her orgasm ... "stay there" she said "fill me with your spunk" at that he grunted and I heard a splat on the tiled floor where he had pulled out of her... she tuned and sat on the toilet as I could hear footsteps walking away ... at that I heard her say "shit" and the call was disconnected ... I wonder if she'll admit it all or say her mate had borrowed her phone when she is in touch tonight