Written by Gary

15 Nov 2015

I fancied Sam the first time I met her, and I could tell she fancied me straight away too. She was in her early 40s, almost 20 years older than me. She was – in my opinion – very attractive and had a lovely figure. She had a pretty, serious face, with long, straight, red hair. She was petite, just over 5' and slim, but with a distinctly feminine shape. In short, exactly my type.

She was a friend of Marc's who used to come out clubbing with us occasionally. The first time I met her was when she came back to my parent's house at the end of a big night. I was going out with Fay at the time and she had a boyfriend who was with her. She was quite intense in a way that could be really unnerving. She would try and psycho analyse you and it made a lot of people feel uncomfortable.

It dawned on me that I fancied her at about 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning, after a lot of drugs. We were talking about music. I would have been doing my thing of being outrageous. She was impressed by confidence and my charisma and didn't hold back from letting me know, 'you are remarkable', 'I'm not sure I've ever met anyone like you', I can remember enjoying hearing her say to me.

There was lots of eye contact and lingering looks, but it was impossible for anything to happen due to our other commitments. Over the next few years we kept in touch a little bit, seeing each other at the occasional party and exchanging the odd text, but it never developed into anything. I heard at some point that she had split with the guy she'd been with that night, met someone else and married him.

In July 2012, about five years after that first meeting, and several years since our last contact, we met again at Nick and Anna's wedding. She was there, without her new husband. She was still very attractive and still had the unfortunate habit of unnerving people with her probing questions.

We spoke a bit over dinner but it was later, on the dancefloor, that my eyes were drawn to her and I quickly remembered why I had fancied her so much when we first met. I could tell that she was still attracted to me. Over the course of the night we danced closer to each other, never so that we were actually dancing together, but so that we could hold each others' gaze with ease.

The wedding finished at midnight and I was drunk. She was driving and was completely sober. My parent's house, where I was staying that night, was between the wedding venue and her place. She offered me a lift home.

We sat in the front seat of her car and talked about how magical the day had been, and about how brilliantly the Olympics were panning out. I genuinely can't remember whose suggestion it was, but between us we decided to carry on driving past my parent's house and agreed to go to her's for a drink.

We arrived and got out of the car and I can remember my heart beating fast with anticipation when we got to her front door. For whatever reason, most likely both of our nervousness about the fact that she was married, nothing happened straight away. We sat on her sofa, drinking and chatting for what must have been about an hour. I wanted to kiss her, and I [i]really[/i] wanted to fuck her.

I was still wearing my suit. Suddenly, without any warning I got up and said I needed to take it off. My shoes were already off so I undid my trousers, took them off each leg and placed them on the other sofa. I took off my jacket and put it down next to the trousers. Then I undid my shirt. I was wearing a black vest. I took the shirt off and put it with my suit.

The summer of 2012 was the one before I broke my back. I was slimmer and better looking than I had ever been. I was brimming with confidence and I enjoyed seeing Sam take several deep breathes as she tried to disguise the excitement and lust that she would later tell me was coursing through her as I undressed in front of her

I sat down back next to her and the next thing I knew we were kissing. Each of us grabbing the other's head and forcing it into our own, our tongues in each other's mouths, licking and exploring. My cock was immediately bulging.

There was enough room on her long sofa for us both to stretch out. She pulled my boxer shorts down over my cock, which sprung up in her direction. I kicked them off over my feet and lay back as she took my cock into her mouth and I groaned as her soft, wet, hungry mouth devoured my hard cock, pre-cum bursting to the top of it.

I remember her being completely lost in sucking my dick and she was very good at it. Her experience told. With one hand she played with my balls, the other rhythmically worked my shaft and she took as much of my length as she could into her mouth. She briefly stopped to tell me I had one of the nicest cocks she'd seen and that she loved sucking it.

She could have brought me to orgasm in her mouth but I didn't want her to. I pulled her back up and on top of me and we began to kiss again. She was still in the dress that she had been worn to the wedding. I can't remember what it looked like or how it came off but she was soon in her underwear.

Despite her age, Sam was in her late 40s by the time this happened, her body was still in good shape. Probably not quite as firm as it must have been in her 20s and 30s, but it was very impressive.

I kissed all of it. I was on my knees on the floor and she was spread out on the sofa. Quickly I was between her legs. She was soaking wet and I pulled her knickers to one side. She was quite hairy and her vagina smelt quite strong, but in a good way. I immediately took a long, luxurious lick all the way up her wet pussy, her juices covered my tongue and I felt covered in her sex. She pushed my head into her pussy and let out long moan after long moan. Now I was lost in [i]her[/i] sex. I moved my tongue up and down over her clit, I reached down with it and moved it inside her wet, open vagina. I continued for 10 or 15 minutes, before coming up and starting to kiss her again.

I climbed back onto the sofa and hovered above her. With my hand I guided my hard, throbbing, wet cock to the edge of her gaping pussy. I gently rubbed it against her hole and up over her clit while we stared at each other. I slowly pushed the very end of my glistening cock into her, wondering if she would ask me to put on a condom. She didn't and I thrust my dick into her, grabbing her head and kissing her at the same time.We fucked for what felt like hours. I was still drunk and could carry on pounding her without fear of cumming. I tossed her tiny frame over and scooped up her waist, entered her and fucked her from behind. Eventually we found ourselves in the position of me sitting on the sofa, her on top of me with her legs around me. She held my head as she kissed me. My hands we around her waste, slightly aiding her as she bounced up and down on me.

Eventually I felt the cum in my balls starting to rumble and move. 'I'm going to cum' I told her, to give her the chance to get off me, if she didn't want me to spurt inside her. She carried on bouncing up and down my cock until I finally released wave after wave of cum up and inside her, almost violently moving her whole frame up while doing so. We embraced as the orgasm wore off and slowly reclined back onto the sofa.

We lay in silence for while. After a bit I was happy to tell her that I had wanted to do that with her since the first time we met. She looked delighted and surprised at this revelation. 'Why? I am so much older than you. I bet you can choose any girl you want to have sex with'. 'Ha. I don't know about that', I modestly and truthfully replied 'and anyway, I have always thought you were incredibly sexy and that you would be great in bed, which you are'. She smiled, 'thank you. That was amazing. It doesn't always work when you give a blow job but you felt so perfect in my mouth'.

Her words sent another bolt of sexual energy to my cock. I began to stroke her and she moaned. I climed back on top of her. 'Again?' she asked with a look of surprise and joy. 'Definitely' I said as I slid my hard cock back into her wide, open pussy still full of my cum. We fucked again and slept.

The next morning her mood had changed. 'Shit. What the fuck have I done? I am married for fuck's sake. Please, please don't tell anyone this happened.' I was hungover and this was quite intense. 'Listen, listen, of course I won't tell anyone. Nobody knows I came back here. You don't need to worry. I swear I will never mention it to anyone.' She relaxed. 'Promise? I am sorry. I loved last night and I've always wanted to do that with you, but if he finds out it turns my life upside down'. I stopped her 'I will literally never, ever mention it to anyone. I am just really glad it happened'. 'Me too' she said. We kissed again. I quickly got changed and left discretely. We haven't spoken to or seen each other since.