Written by gazza

18 Mar 2008

one weekend my wife went away for the weekend leaving me stuck at home so i asked my mate if he fancied going round the local pubs,i knew my mate was bi but it never bothered me what he got up to as i was happily married.the night went well we both had a lot to drink and went back to mine to finish the cans i had off so we were back at mine looking on the site and slowly getting drunk! after looking at the cams he asked if it turned me on as we were in a gay room i said it didnt really bother me and he said he was as hard as a rock, i dont know why but i said go on the show me! so he did out it came i just stood there looking at it and all i could say was wow thats bigger than mine so he said touch it,i had never even thought about a man before and before i knew what was going on i had it in my hand and it felt good so i slowly lowered my head towards his massive cock and took the tip in my mouth and started to suck it! it felt good so smooth i wanted more his hips started to rock and push deeper in my mouth i was gagging but i took it all and i still wanted more by now i was rock hard and he was throbbing in my mouth and i knew what was going to happen so i pulled out and started to wank him and he cum all over my face and some of it hit my lips so i tasted a mans cum for the first time and i loved it!! i didnt know what to say after i just looked at him and he had the biggest grin on his face and he told me he had always wanted us to do something so i said i think its time you sucked me to which he just dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth and sucked me like i have never been sucked before

i didnt last long i was so turned on and told him i was about to cum but he carried on and then i fired my load in his mouth some around his lips and watched him lick it all up and swallow.

needless to say we go drinking very often now and the night normally ends up with us giving eachother a bj and we have even done anal but that first night we sucked willl stay with me forever.