Written by Inlovehrnycpl09

18 May 2010

This is totally true and happened recently.

I have been looking at this site for a number of years, principally to enjoy the stories regarding wife’s taking other men with their husband’s knowledge. I found this so horny and used to imagine it was me and my wife. Like many i suspect, I used to read these stories in private but, after a period of time, i summoned up the courage to involve my wife as we became experimental in our marriage.

She is amazing, classy, intelligent, well spoke, privately educated and extremely faithful; although with some digging and persuasion she does have a naughty underside. She has an amazing figure and is simply the best fuck I have ever had, willing to please, tight and generally rides me so, so, well. On the outside of our marriage we are the picture couple, professionals, well thought of and the last people you would imagine to do this type of thing. It is fair to say that I encouraged my wifes naughty side and although she found it hard she eventually went with the flow with our activities. She is v bi but asking her to go with another man, in front of me, used to be a constant subject for argument, but she would always get off to the thought as we spoke about it during sex. I kept pestering and eventually it happened....

My best friend came round for dinner one night, and my wife had spent a lot of time getting ready. Shaving her pussy, lovely lingerie and she looked a million dollars. I think that in reality a threesome had been in both our minds from the outset. She looked absolutely fantastic and after dinner and many drinks we started to have some fun chat and generally be silly as you do! My wife and friend were obviously flirting as I was washing up and I loved it, it was amazing to see my wife being like that! I looked round at them and they both looked at me turned to each other, my wife guiding my best friends head to hers and they started to kiss, deep with their tongues - both smiling as I watched - they were doing it on purpose as they both knew how much it turned me on - I had confided in my friend before.

This lasted for 5 minutes and set the agenda for the evening. Parting my wife said I am off upstairs, give me 10 mins and then come and find me! Of course in 5 mins we both walked upstairs with our drinks to find my gorgeous, faithful wife laid on the bed dressed in red and black silky lingerie and black knee high hold ups. My friend was obviously turned on, as was I and i motioned him over to her so that he could feel her. I watched (and filmed) as this classy lady lay on the bed, smiling at me, rubbing my friends head as he kissed over her body, the air was electrifying. She jumped a little as he moved her silky thong to one side and I saw her close her eyes as his tongue met with her pussy and clit. Over the next five mins, they both wirggled together, licking, kissing, stripping his clothes off to reveal his hard cock - this was it was I actually going to let this happen? so wrong but so horny. I watched as they gently moved into the 69 position, his cock in her mouth, my wifes mouth and her stocking leg raised over his head as he is eagerly licking. Watching him buck his pelvis as my wife sucked him hard, my sweet wife who had my friends cock in her mouth like a slut.

Now this was all we ever fantasised about, but it moved on to territory that we had not discussed, it felt right. My wife beckoned me over as she was laid on her back and started to suck me as she was being licked, all our bodies touching, my friend easing off her thong. I came up to her head looking down to my friend who now had stopped licking and was watching us. I don’t know what made me do this, I hadn’t asked permission but i gently guided my sweet wifes legs up and apart exposing her v wet pussy. She knew what i wanted, i could see her slightly wondering whether to allow this - so many emotions. She looked towards my friend, stopping sucking me, eased her knees back for me and her hole was there for the taking. She put an arm on his shoulder and gently pulled him closer to her pussy. He asked me are you sure mate; I replied you need sexn(it had been a v long time for him), of course and with, one hand still on her knee i parted her pussy lips for him with the other showing him her hole and with that i watched as she guided my best friends member into her body. I was so hard watching this and then sat back watching her taking our friend, no condom fucking him so hard - nothing can prepare you for this site when it happens. He was loving it and i could see their eyes meeting, thinking how wonderful this is, but how wrong, what would other people say if they knew! Now my friend new just what an awesome fuck my wife was, there was no ever going back now - nothing would ever be the same again. He fucked harder and harder as if he had wanted to do this since they met.

After a while he withdraw and we turned my beautiful wife over, she had admitted she loved the thought of being spit roasted and had never done it before. With that we both entered her, swapping holes as she lost all sense of decency, acting like a complete whore - sucking and fucking saying loudly someone fuck me, someone stick their cock in me! I have never seen my wife be like this, to totally let go like this as two of her most trusted people used her body for sexual pleasure. He came hard inside her body and I could see another mans cum ooze out of her body, it was so horny so i immediately entered her and spurted inside her myself as if marking my wife as mine. If you have never seen your wife loaded with two men’s come - well it’s the most erotic thing in the world! As she moved to deal with it, it dribbled and run down her inner thigh, falling out of her.

For the remainder of the night it was more of the same, watching her riding him, him taking her in the doggy, swapping over when he had come. It was one of the most hornyiest nights ever. We are now in a position where, with the right person she is happy to be watched, play, wank, suck and perhaps fuck as a MMF. However what i would say, from my experience, is you must find what is good for the both of you, it needs to be safe, she needs to feel relaxed and comfortable and that it will be okay if she goes ahead with it. However like most of the stories on here; my wife was also one of those that initially said no and with the right circumstances, trust and re-assurance (and wine) things can happen if taken gradually. It is SO important to also choose the right person – if your inviting someone to be this intimate with the girl you love, it must be done the right way, non pushy. You will probably find that if she is in two minds, she will have an idea already who she would like to choose to share this intimacy with, if she does go through with it! Just make sure you don’t get jealous if she clearly is really enjoying it lol!

Hope this helps and you enjoy it - i think she may be writing her side of the story soon which I will post and I get so horny telling people how amazing she is and all about her dirty side lol - hence this story! We have a lot of sexy things planned and are using this site to find a special couple with a bi lady and perhaps a black and young single guy who we have had fantasies over.