Written by Guilty Guy

28 May 2016

my name is bill i am 58 and have been married for 36 years. my best friend and his Dave & his wife Kath, i`ve known for even longer, we have always went around together for many years. two years ago Dave had a heart attack and since then we`ve hardly been out just the occasional meal etc anyway they moved into a smaller house about two miles away from us, as time goes by you kind of loose touch until the other day, Dave rang to ask if i could fit them in to do some work in there bathroom so i went around a couple of days later to see what needed doing it was about 6.30pm, as i arrived Kath greeted me as usual with a hug and a kiss as i walked in she said Dave`s out at the golf club at some meeting.

anyway she told me what needed doing etc, and i asked her had they settled in ok and she said yes it was nice having a smaller house but they missed us being around the corner, she said sorry we`ve not been in touch as much but with Dave`s health etc they`ve not been out so she said i`d better put the kettle on then bill as we sat down i could sense everything was not ok so as i asked she started to cry saying she`s finding it hard coping Dave is always moody these days and has never time for her or the family he`s always at the golf club , he wont go on holiday but will go away golfing for three days at a time.

anyway i finished my tea said our goodbyes and i left about a week later i rang to say i had ordered there bathroom suite and it was arriving on the tuesday so i could start on the wed if convenient Dave said thats fine but i`m away golfing on the tuesday , no problem i said and that was that.

tuesday arrived kath rang to say it had arrived so i went around that night to check everything had arrived which it had had a cuppa then as i started to leave kath said will i be able to have a shower i laughed and said yes it`s your bath i`m taking out not your shower as i packed everything up to go i heard water running it was the shower i called into the bathroom kath are you in the shower she shouted yes thought i`d be out before you leave, so i waited to say bye never ever thinking anything might happen she walked out with a towel around her head and her body oops i said did you want me to wait down stairs no daft sod she said she sat on the bed drying her hair as we chatted she was miffed Dave had not rang her i said dont worry he wont be on the pull jokingly she said i`ve no doubt about that he`s never touched me since his heart surgery what that was over two years ago he`s lost his mojo she said the medication he`s on, not knowing what to say i just said i`m sorry i could not imagine how you feel she laughed then to my amazement and said horny i just laughed with her i think embarrisment more than anything.

i forgot to mention kath is 56 about 5ft 6" and i`d say size 16 blonde hair very well maintained ( looks after her looks ) and has big tits i`ve squeezed them in fun on numerous occasions.

as in was leaving the room kath asked what kay was up to i said she`s back shift tonight ( workes in a care home ) well stay and have a drink i`d better get off i said as she stood up she walked me down stairs i opened the door kath just came out with it i`m horny do you fancy sorting me out i was frozen on the spot are you joking i said no kath said as she let the towel fall off fuck me a lovely pair of tits with massive nipples and a neatley trimmed bush i put my hands on her hips as we kissed she was still wet i could feel myself stiffening up feeling guilty but horny she put her tongue straight down my throat i grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled her against me running a finger up and down her arse slit i pulled away saying are you sure kath only if you are she said we started kissing again and i started to rub her trimmed mound placing a finger into her slit she was very wet as i fingered her she moaned lets go back up stairs i said nothing and just kissed and fingered her then i started sucking on her big juicy nipples she gasped and sat back on the sofa arm as i frantically sucked and fingered her, i just lost it pushed her back onto the sofa her legs hanging over the arm i dropped to my knees and started to kiss and lick her wet lips rubbing her clit with my thumb she sighed and cum in my face she shuddered as i licked her her juices splashing all over i stood up dropped my pants she smiled as i stood there she said it`s been a while since i`ve seen a hard one i walked to her saying better have a closer look then as she started to swallow my cock i nearly come but i pulled away got her by the hand and we went upstairs i fingered her as we walked up i could`nt wait to get inside of her the trouble was i began to rub my cock up and down her wet slit i rammed it straight up her i could`nt resist and cum after 6 strokes or so filling her with hot cum we lay there me being very dissapointed kath lay there legs wide open she ran her finger up her fanny licked it and said mmmm nice we fucked again in every position and over the next couple of days i felt guilty when i saw Dave but i cant resist her now and she wants to fuck on a regular basis ????