Written by Paul

24 Sep 2012

we are just back from our holiday in kos and I could not wait to tell my storie on here, I have been reading stories on here for ages now and always wondered if anything would happen that i could write about and this holiday it happened and it was great.

we had been going to the same part of the beach for about 4 days it was a good bit from where most people were sunbathing and found at this part most were naked at first the wife was a bit reluctant to strip and only sunbathed topless I kept telling her she had a great body and not to be shy but it took till we had been drinking at lunch time a few beers at the taverna then back at the beach I opened a bottle of wine after a few glasses I could see she was a bit tippsy and dared her to take her bottoms off for me and kidding about she took me by surprise when she stood up and said ok you take them off.

I wasnt sure as there was a guy not that far away from us sunbathing naked but though i might not get the chance again to get the wife naked outside on the beach and just pulled her bottoms down she stepped out off them and said are you happy now I dont know why but I said yes turn round and give me a better view and she did then I saw the guy look over and it made me so horny seeing my wife naked and a other guy able to see her like that she was laughing and said look at you getting all excited I told her seeing you like that would make anyone excited and you are the same look at your nipples getting all hard.

I new she was getting as horny as me and said let me take a picture and told her to pose sexy for me she look round and said not here there is others about i said ok lets just move into the bushes a bit and took her hand and she followed me no problem my mind was working overtime and told her to stand up against the tree we had never done anything like this before and when she did I just told her to put her hands above her head to show her tits off and that she was like a model in a magazine that made her more daring, just then I noticed the guy from the beach standing watching her from behind some bushes.

I don't know why but i told her to turn round and let me see her from the back and to spread her legs all the while i just wanted him to see her tits from the front she turned and was facing him when i asked if she was getting all wet for me she said it is you that is getting all wet she could see me dripping precum I could not take anymore pics and wanted her we started kissing all the time I knew we were being watched I was rubbing her clit like mad and knew she wasnt far from orgasm so stopped to let us both cool down a bit but Carol seemed in a trance thats when the guy appeared and said hi.

He must have seen the camera in my hand and asked if i wanted a picture taken of us together I looked at Carol and she was still smiling so i said yes and handed him the camera I took the first picture and said that wasnt a very good one and to get a bit closer so i put my arms around her and pulled her real close and that made me get real aroused he said ye thats a sexy one more off that and I just started kissing Carol and could hear the camera clicking away I had hold of one of her tits and asked if this looked sexy he said that better show me more off her I was gone by now and we were both down on our knees when he told me to lay her on her back.

Here I was leting a stranger tell me to get my wife to lay naked on the ground for him to take her picture when I looked around He had stopped taking pics and was masterbating looking down at her Carol was looking up and started to masterbate as well it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen I got up and started masterbating, both off us seemed to wanted to cum first his hand was a blur he stepped right inbetween her legs and i was just at her side and he exploded his first spurt hit her hair and face then it just kept flowing covering her whole body which made me spurt i came all over her tits carol started to moan like mad we both stood watching her have the most loudest cum I have ever heard from her before Carol seemed to come round the guy had handed me back my camera and said thank you for that you are a lucky guy and walked off.

I lay down beside Her and held her so tight and told her how much I loved her she said I must think she is terrible for doing that and was sorry I told her not to be sorry as I found it to erotic and loved it she said fuck me fuck me I was on her in a flash and we both came again once we calmed down we made our way back to our towels the guy was still there watching us and smiled and waved over I told Carol to wave so he knows we wern't anoyed at him she said she would once we had packed everything up and were ready to leave once we were ready I said ok lets go she turned and smiled and waved he turned and pointed down and was holding a large arrection and smiling Carols face went red.

We got back to the hotel and ripped each others things off and fucked for ages and it only got better.

Well I never thought I would be telling a story on here about us and thought most off the ones on here were all made up now I know better I just wanted to write about it all but dont want to bore everyone keep more till later.

let me know what you thought if you liked it as much as I did.