Written by Paul

26 Nov 2012

I have just read your comments on our holiday encounter I have tried to write it like it happened from Convincing wife to sunbath naked to letting strangers join us having fun.

I never ever thought anything like this would ever happen to us or that I woud allow or enjoy it so much after our second bit off fun on the beach that was it I was hooked and seemed to be horny al the time and wanted to talk about it with Carol and ask her if she hated me for allowing it to happen, Carol looked at me and said she thought it would be me that would be unhappy that she let a stranger touch her and had done it at first because I had been teasing her and asking her to dress sexy and that made her feel horny and started to enjoy it and thats when she keps saying she would do anything that i wanted her to do.

I knew it was coming to the end off our two weeks holiday and thought again about what we had done up to now and wanted our last night and last day to end a great holiday for us both, I told carol that i wanted her to dress like she did the other night without any bra or pants and to put her dress on that fastened up the front for us to go out for drinks, we both were getting excited and having a few glasses of wine in the room before we went out.

We made our way into town I wasnt sure where we should go and decided not to go to the same bar as we had been to the other night i was looking for a nice quiet bar to see if i could get Carol to flash someone again I tld her to unbutton the two top buttons and the bottom button on her dress She seemed to hesitate till i said you said you would do anything I wanted she undid two buttons top and bottom wow we found a nice bar on the prom with seats outside they were more like couches and when carol sat down I could see right up her dress I told her better cross your legs before you start a riot I was almost busting out my trousers.

We sat down and the waiter was over right away might have cought a flash before she crossed her legs he had a big smile anyway, we had two or three drinks and had a lot off admirers as she was showing a lot off leg and a coupe off times I dont know why when I saw a older guy I would tell carol to uncross her legs and then cross them again as he passes after I had got her to do it a few times she asked me why i was teasing the older guys I told her it was just to give them a treat as they dont get to see much.

I told carol that I was feeling realy horny and wanted to go back to the hotel now we had had some fun ust then one off the guys who had carol had flashed was coming back along and when he was amost opposite carol uncrossed her legs and started to stand up but pretended she needed a hand and aske me to help her she was sitting with her legs sort off open and you could see right up her dress like she did not have one on I took my time and when I turned round the guy was standing still staring we both waled pat him and smiled, when we got a bit further along the prom I asked if she enjoyed doing that she said it felt so horny letting him look up her dress and wanted to just sit there and open her legs right up for him.

I had opened a cpl more buttons and was feeling her tits and asking if she would have done that if I had not pulled her up she told me she was just about to when I pulled her up I felt under her dress to see how wet she was I could not believe how slippy she felt I turned round to to check nobody was about but I saw the same guy quite a bit away watching us I asked carol if she would let him have a good look up her dress if she got the chance again, I was still feeling her wet pussy and she was starting to hang on to me like her legs were weak I started to walk towards the beach and knew there would be sunbeds still there we went right down to the front almost to the water It was nice and dark I told Carol ok sid down on the lounger and open those legs for me and let me see what you were going to show him.

Carol sat down with her legs on opposite sides of the lounger and her dress rode right up and exposed her in all her glory she said you are like that dirty old guy drooling and looking I tod her yes and how sexy she looked like that and he would love to see you like that again because he has been folowing us Carol brought her legs together I asked he what she was doing and that i wanted him to look at you so lay back and open those legs she looked surprised but slowly went back and opened her legs again I went and stood beside her and dropped my trousers I felt like i was about to bust I could make out the guy edging nearer I had this funny feeling standing there and waiting to see if he would come closer I told carol ok open the rest off those buttons now and show him all of your body while cum all over those tits.

I could hear Carols breathing was hard her tits sprang out as she opened her dress and then lifted her legs up onto the side off the lounger this old guy could not believe it and was standing at the bottom of the lounger with his cock in his hand saying how sexy she looked and was sorry about following us I tod him she like strangers looking at her naked he smiled and said is she going to take her dress right off then I asked him if he would like her to do that he said yes please, Ok you heard the man take your dress off for him and let him see you naked Carol looked at me and sat up and took her dress off and let it drop do you lke her like that he said does she do everything you tell her, yes she said she would do anything I wanted her to do tonight and I wanted her to flash someone tonight and this is more than I thought she would do.

You are a lucky guy getting her to do this for you I told him this was our last night off our holiday and wanted to have out last bit of fun and would you like to feel her tit while i feel the other one and let her wank us both over her tits He said if i want he would like to just fuck her doggy style while she sucked on my cock I told Carol ok lets do this and to get onto her knees he was in her like a flash fucking like no tomorow she was sucking me like mad and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and tok hold off her head and told him i want you to fuck her ass and said she has never let me do it to her his eyes went wide and i felt Carol tense and try to pull away he was out of her pussy and pushing his cock into her hole i coud see it so slowly enter her she was growning no its sore but he kept slidding in a bit at a time till he was fully into her right up to his balls I let go off Carols head and she sort off held her breath as i watched him pull nearly out off her ass then pushed his cock right in in one go Carol let out a low gasp and i could see she was pushing back on to him like she didnt want him to take it out I was just standing there watching a stranger fuck my wife in the ass for her first time and started to shot my load all over her hair.

Carol collapsed forward as he was ramming his cock into her and shooting his load then I was sure I heard his cock pop out of her she turned round and said that was great it felt so big and wanted him to do it again he said why not let your husband do it while I fuck you and pulled her up and laid down and told carol to get on top she stradled the guy while I got behind her and entered her back passage it felt so tight but slipped in easy we both started to fuck her at diferent times he was going in while I was pulling out it felf awsome Carol was loving it we went on for ages before we all came again.

We all got dressed the guy told us his name and said he would love to do that again as he had never had so much fun as he did tonight and hopped we had enjoyed it as well

We went back to our hotel and said to each other that we wont forget this holiday ever and will do whatever we both want the other to do on our holidays.

Cant wait till next year