Written by Surt

9 Nov 2017

hi I thought I would put down in writing what I consider to be my best meeting yet with a guy.

I had been chatting with this guy who is off this site but wont mention names but he will know who he is if he reads this. We had one brief meeting where he arrived and got a little bit excited and after 20 secs of me sucking him he shot his load without any warning and that's when I took my first load. Anyway we were both on the site again a few months later and were chatting about that meet and he apologised for his actions which I told him there was no need as it proved to me that I could take cum in my mouth and had done again since. We arranged another meet where he again turned up at my house and we went straight upstairs into the spare bedroom where we both stripped naked and he sat down on the bed lounger that we have and I knelt in front of him and began to suck his cock into my mouth. I did this for a while and then pulled away and began to caress his balls and cock and moved my body up his so that our heads were level. I nuzzled into his neck and that's when for the first time I almost kissed a guy but didn't and now I regret it.

I moved back down to his cock area and again took his cock into my mouth and sucked him again until I felt him throb and knew his load was ready to cum and I duly closed my mouth around him and drank every drop. I then stood and offered him my cock and he began to suck me and after 5 mins or so I too had a swelling in the shaft and shot my load into his mouth which he in turn swallowed everything.

we then dressed and had a little chat and then he left. I have to say that this is the best meet so far and hopefully we can do it again in the near future.