Written by TA

11 May 2017

Sorry its taken so long to update you on whats been going on but my heads in a spin and I haven’t been able to write. Those of you who’ve followed by blogs may understand but if you haven’t the last one was on the 26th April and that may help you understand.

As some of you will know, I’m 28 and married with a family. It all started so innocently then I guess you could say that I fell into a relationship with another woman.

I love my husband very much but I’ve fallen in love with Andrea, the woman who became my friend then took me, made me into her lesbian lover and the woman who satisfies me like no man can.

But then she introduced me to her fuck buddy. I’m going to call him Stuart. Its not his name but I need to keep this as secret as I can.

Stuart is handsome, well-built and despite being my married girlfriends fuck buddy he’s quite the gentleman. As you will know if you’ve read my blogs, we’ve met and I’ve lay next to him and Andrea as they’ve fucked and yes, I’ve had his cock in my hand and been so close to letting him inside my pussy. But I made a promise to myself that although I let a woman’s fingers ad tongue fuck me and I’ve enjoyed Stuarts hand and tongue inside me with Andrea sucking my small breasts I wouldn’t allow him to fuck me with his cock. That was reserved for my husband, in some way I didn’t feel that I was unfaithful if a man wasn’t inside me.

I mentioned that my husband was going away for the weekend and that I was excited at the thought of being naked with Andrea and Stuart as they fucked but for the whole week leading up to that evening my heart was telling me to stop before it ruined my marriage. The thought of Strat and Andrea both having me was like a drug.

The evening I was to go back with Andrew came. Andrea told me that I was to wear something nice and sexy, she was to wear a red low cut dress, it looked great on her, her large breasts trying to bust out. I wore a black dress I hadn’t worn for two years and then I only wore it once. My husband thought it was amazing but I saw the way men and some women looked at me.

It was tight two years ago, laced up either side so it looked as though you were naked except for two pieces of materiel, one in front and one behind. If I had breasts to speak of you would see plenty of side boob but I don’t. You can’t wear a bra or panties because if the sides so I gues you are naked except for the two pieces of material laced together.

As soon as my husband left for his weekend and the kids were picked up by his parents I got out mu new pair of knee length boots. Black like my dress with laces from the foot to just below my knee. It was as though they were made for the dress. I tried it all on and looked at myself in the mirror, amazed that the dress still fitted. Tight as usual, so tight it may have well be sprayed on, my nipples so hard at the thought of that evening that they hurt and you could see them pressing though.

Andrea came to pick me up at 7:30 prompt and if it wasn’t for the fact that we needed to be at Stuarts house in 30 min I think we would have ripped each other’s dresses off and fucked in the hall but we resisted.

The journey seemed to take longer than the last time. On the way Andrea asked me if I had given anymore thought to letting him fuck me. I told her to stop pressing me and she did. But then she told me now to be mad but his friend would be joining us.

If I could have I would have got out of the car there and then. The only reason someone else would be joining us was in her hope that the four of us would fuck and I would feel obliged to let another man’s cock pour cum inside me. She assured me that wasn’t’ the case and that she was up for both of them if it came to that. I wasn’t happy and the thought of being naked in front of a stranger but Andrea reminded me that the first time I met Stuart I ended up with his cock in my hand and his hand in my pussy.

We arrived and Stuart opened the door, commenting on how beautiful we both were. And then he introduced us the ‘ Paul’ his young friend, slim not particularly good looking but pleasant enough.

We had food and the wine flowed. The conversation was polite, Paul and Andrea deep in conversation, Andrea sat next to me on the sofa with Stuart in an arm chair opposite me and Paul opposite Andrea. The music was a little loud so Stuart dragged his chair closer so his face was inches from mine. I wanted him to put his hands inside my dress and explore my breasts but I had to calm myself. Paul decided to do the same with Andrea.

The voice in my head was telling me that I was a slut and I had to go home but the rest of me was telling me to have fun.

I have no idea what we were talking about, it was some drivel when he leant forward and kissed me, his tongue resting on my lips pressing gently until I let him in. My other life disappeared as we kissed. We stopped long enough for me to notice that Andrea was sat on Pauls lap, her dress below her chest, Paul’s tongue exploring her nipple before he seemed to try and get as much of her ample breast in his mouth.

I remember being embarrassed for some reason but Stuart soon stopped that by taking my face in his hand and kissing me. He stood and pulled me up and we continued to kiss, his leg between my legs rubbing gently against my pussy. I didn’t see Andrea, who was now naked, come up behind me. She whispered in my ear asking me why I wasn’t fucking him yet. My heart was pounding and I could hardly breath. She unzipped my dress and let it fall down, then with me in between them naked she opened his shirt and put my hand on his chest. I could feel her ample tits on my back, her hard nipples pressing against me.

He explored my small breasts and whilst Andrea unbuttoned his jeans tugging until they fell to the floor. Andrea was in charge, taking my hand and with hers over mine placing them inside his shorts whilst we pleasured his hard-thick long cock. The sticky pre-cum dribbling onto my hand.

The three of us stood there, Stuart squeezing my breast with one hand and the fingers of the other exploring my pussy. If it wasn’t for the fact I was sandwiched between them I swear I would have fallen to the floor my legs were so weak. His and Andrea’s tongues explored each other with her whispering to him, telling him to fuck me, ‘put your cock I her cunt and fuck her hard’. I remember protesting telling her to stop it. I looked over at his friend who was also now naked, he was slim and his cock matched, ling and skinny.

Andrea went back to him and Stuart let me fall to my knees, his cock stroking my face and lips and I let it into my mouth, I let him fuck my mouth, I let him in so deep I choked. Then he lay me on the floor.

We lay next to each other, kissing, touching ,his hands exploring me For some reason I was mesmerised by his shaft, by the fact that I could barely wrap my hand round it. Fleetingly my husband came into my mind but only for the fact that I was comparing his cock to Stuarts and the fact that his was more like ‘Paul’s. I glanced over to see Andrea on her back with Paul on top and inside her. His small pale backside rocking as they fucke, her large firm breasts swaying violently. She had her legs wrapped round his back. And I almost laughed as I heard her tell him to ‘slow the fuck down’.

Stuart was staring at me, kissing me gently as I stroked his cock. Then he pulled my hand away.

I thought I was hurting him but he gently pushed me onto my back and started to kiss my nipples then my stomach and then my mound. He had clearly done this a lot, his tongue exploring my pussy almost fucking me until I was about to explode. I begged him to stop. I didn’t want to cum yet. I remember leaning forward and pulling his ear until his mouth moved away from my pussy.

His mouth moved up, his hand massaging my tits. Then his mouth replaced his hand and he sucked me managing to get my whole breast into his mouth. I felt the end of his cock nudging my pussy. I glanced over at Andrea, they were still fucking but now she was riding him.

Stuart stopped, his mouth on mine, he said I was ‘ fucking amazing’ & ‘ how could any man not want to fill me with his cock’.

I opened my legs and put them round his backside and pulled him towards me and let him in.

I could feel his shaft stretching my pussy and at that moment I didn’t give a fuck. His shaft seemed to take forever to slide into me. I lay there and let this gorgeous big man fuck me and I didn’t give a fuck about my husband.

I won’t bore you with descriptions and to be honest a lot of it is a blur but we fucked for ever. I let him throw me onto my stomach lift me up and fuck me doggy style, I let him pick me up and walk around his living room with me impaled in his cock, I let him have me against the wall bend me over the end of the settee and fuck me hard. I even let him explore my anus with his finger before I lay me back on the floor and slide back inside me.

Andrea screamed as Paul came inside her and I joined her as Stuart filled me with cum. But Paul slid out of Andrea exhausted, Stuart fucked and came fucked and came until it was pouring out of me.

Then we all just lay there. At the same time as being desperately disappointed in myself for giving in I wanted him inside me again so I could feel his thick shaft stretching me and his cum pouring into me.

My orgasm was so deep and long I couldn’t move if I wanted to. Stuart pulled me over so my head was on his chest and we hugged. It was nice.

But then something changed. I didn’t want it to end, Stuarts cock was still hard he moved me so I was laying on his chest. I thought we were going to fuck again but he asked me how far I wanted my new life to go. I wasn’t sure what he meant.

I was on top of him, his cock nudging me pussy again. He asked me again what I wanted. Andrea came up to us and lay in her elbow, her breasts resting on his arm. She looked at me and asked me if I wanted to be his ‘slut’. At that moment that’s all I wanted, he asked me if I would do anything. I remember saying I would. He asked if I was sure that this was the life I wanted and at that moment it was.

He moved me so that he slid into me again and his hands opened my backside. I felt Pauls hands on my shoulder and his legs either side of me. Stuart rhythm was going and he was fucking me again my hair in his hand. I knew what was going on and I was fine with it, fine with it as Pauls cock slid into my arse. I let the two of them fuck me and I loved it. I let Andrea force her tit into my mouth demanding I suck her hard. I loved it when the two men I hardly knew fucked me hard and came inside me again.

And I loved it when Andrea finished me off before we simply showered hugged, dressed and left.

This is probable my last block, what else can I say. I’m a toy to be used and I love it.