Written by Jason

16 Jun 2014

A bi-male contact came for his second visit; the first was a week before when we had enjoyed a mutual wank session. This time round he wanted anal, so suitably lubed and rubbered I granted his wish, staying hard enough long enough to give us both satisfaction. He phoned me later that week to ask if I would fuck his lady friend bareback so he could lick her out after; I have to admit his request threw me a little, but the erotic import of that helped me to respond positively. Fixing a time and date wasn't easy, but just after 8.30 one morning he turned up with his lady (not his wife) she wearing dark glasses, although there was no way I would have known her anyway.

I was naked in the lounge, he took her straight into the bedroom of my flat and did a little warm-up session, then invited me in. She was on all fours, bum and cunt in the air just waiting for me: Straight in, I was soon up to my balls inside her, and thrusting heartily. It wasn't long before I could feel my spunk rising, and soon shot over a week's worth of cum inside her. My mate pushed me out of the way while I was still emptying the last dribble inside her and immediately started licking my spunk out of her, bringing her to a brief but intense orgasm. I stood and watched this scenario before reaching for his cock, but he pushed me away and entered her himself, cumming after just a few strokes.

The conclusion was brief; they both dressed and left within minutes, but he did phone later to thank me and say that I had helped him realise a fantasy he had had for ages.

We did a repeat a month or so later, but have not seen them since. I post this as fact: There are two other people that know this is true, and not a figment of my imagination. The lovely feeling of entering her warm, moist cunt was even better than fucking his bum. Life can be full of the unexpected!