Written by wankit

23 Jul 2014

Prior to marrying my second wife it became very apparent that we enjoyed the same sexual fantasies and longings. Well before we were married I told her about my bi-sexuality and my liking for cock, in turn she explained her need to expose herself and of being groped and used by strangers we both admitted to liking cum.

We put this to the test for the first time on our honeymoon. It was summer we were in Brighton and staying at one of the hotels over a pub on the front. It was a bit rough but cheap. Any way we were more interested in shagging and teasing each other before cumming to worry about what was going on outside. We came up for air so to speak on the second day and went down to the promenade for coffee and ended up at a remote table with me fingering her sweet cum saturated pussy.

Marion was a quite slim with pert little titties. Her shaved pussy below her flat tummy always seemed to be pouting for cock and had a lovely little clit about the size of a cherry stone. One bloke told me it always looked like a well-fed pussy should. I could not leave it alone and if I could not eat it or fuck it I would love to just finger it until it orgasmed. This would be anywhere with a chance of being seen.

With Marion her orgasms would last for ages, very wet and be almost continuous. She loved to be brought off in public especially if she new she was being watched. Normally it was in lay-by or a park and some dirty pervert believing he was out of our sight would be playing with him-self. Or one or two I had run across in the urinals and had played with them for a while and let them see me go to my Wife. When this happens I play with her cunt and she pulls my meat out together with its balls so they can see it being used then I would look over at them and leave her with her legs open and quietly approach him or them from the side with my cock out. Marion would continue to play with her-self as we men wanked each other where she could see us.

A big turn for her was if I took one of those cocks in my mouth and sucked it off. I would hold the cum in my mouth and quickly walk over and give a long French kiss sharing the cum with her. This would be the invitation for those dirty perv’s to come over and have a grope, encouraged by Marion to wank and cum over her exposed pussy and slim thighs. Very often she would take one or more of the old cocks in her mouth and if she had the right top on I would pull it down so they could cum on her tits. Very often we would drive home with the car and her stinking of cum and with it oozing everywhere. We were looking foreword to starting dogging when we got home.

On this occasion we had moved further down the promenade to a picnic table in the corner of a picnic area and were kissing and groping each other when looking over her shoulder I could see a couple of men watching us, they looked familiar, I realized I had seen them in the bar at the hotel.

The reason I recognized them was that they had watched Marions every move as we had booked in and had been obviously making dirty comments to their mates. I nudged my wife and told her that the two guys that had leered at her when we had gone upstairs to our room were watching us.

She asked what they were doing, it looks like they are playing with themselves I said watching their hands moving rhythmically under their grubby tracksuit bottoms. We both turned to look at them and this was taken as an invitation for them to come over to our table.

One of the men sat astride the bench next to Marion and the other behind me next I felt a hand next to mine under her skirt as fingers were pushed into her pussy next to mine. Marion was looking up eyes closed, mouth open as she started her first orgasm. The man behind me reached for my cock holding it and squeezing it very hard, I could tell he was, like me, a cock as well as a pussy lover. The man fingering Marion with me said we should move to a storeroom under the pier where it was not so public. We both puled our fingers out and licked them and followed them to an old fisherman store for nets.

As we went in the door was shut behind us and a light switched on, we turned round to see both men had stepped out of their track-suit bottoms and were standing there with raging hard-ons. I pulled down my shorts with difficulty over my rampant cock then the three of us stripped Marion, Kissing her, nibbling her tits and fingering her pussy I stood back a bit to watch the bigger of the two men start to finger fuck her pussy as he sucked hard on her clit.

The other guy seemed more interested in my cock as he pulled roughly at my balls. We were both watching the big guy as he pushed Marion onto her back and pushed her knees up holding her lovely slim legs open exposing smooth pussy and cute arse hole. The man playing with me was now finger fucking me hard and fast pulling on my balls with one hand as his now two fingers frigged me.

I parted my legs further to allow him better access, all the time watching the other man eating my wife and rimming her arse. The man behind me was now pushing hard with his cock trying to enter me, wait I said quickly turning round and taking his dirty cheesy meat in my mouth and covering it with saliva.

Now fuck my pussy and as I said that I felt the helmet pass my sphincter. Yes yes I moaned as he pushed into me. Marion was now holding the man’s head as he sucked and nibbled her clit while I was taking the other mans cock up my man pussy. He was not being gentle and jerking his cock forward in vicious pushes all the time pulling hard on my cock and balls. The pain was exquisite as he gradually reached a full stroking rhythm. I found myself panting with lust as he now deliberately pulled hard on my balls every time he thrust into me. My vision was beginning to blur and my knees started to tremble. Fill it up I moaned cum in me as the cock seemed to stroke even faster.

The man eating Marion turned and pushed his big dirty cock into my mouth saying I was to taste it before and after then he turned back to her and pushed the thing against her lovely little pussy. I watched as that enormous dirty helmet pushed and forced her pussy lips further and further apart stretching it until she was moaning in both pain and lustful pleasure. I was beyond control now my lust had taken over and I pushed back on the cock up me trying to get even more of it into my arse. You slut, the guy fucking me said as he rammed all the way home, his ball slapping the backs of my legs.

I watched with horny delight as that great dirty cock slowly forced it way into Marions’ sweet little pussy. The man up me and I edged closer so we could see the massive cock in her, The guy fucking me increased his speed holding my hips now with both hands my cock bounced with the violence of his fucking. Marion was whimpering as the meat in her pussy finally entered it all the way it was pulled back then pushed it back hard & fast. Marion seemed to half moan half growl in pure pleasure as her cunt adjusted to the great dirty piece of meat in her. Her eyes met mine and then went to the man fucking me, she shouted fuck him harder he likes to be made a slut like me.

Yessss I moaned harder, we were now standing over Marion and she reached up to hold and brutally pull on my balls as the man up me buggered me even harder. Her hand unconsciously clenched even harder as she orgasmed and I moaned in both pain and uncontrolled lust as I felt my man pussy being filled with this strangers cum. Pre-cum dribbled from my cock as I begged Marion to wank. Make it cum I begged make it cum but she just held my balls all the harder as the cock in her pussy hammered like piston in and out with such force that Marion let out a breathless yelp and her little titties bounced with every thrust.

It was with relief and disappointment I felt the cock up me being withdrawn and then watched the guy offer it to Marion to suck. Suck me I said. Suck me! She continued to squeeze my balls as she bounced under the massive cock rapidly and roughly fucking her, the guy that had just withdrawn from me was trying to get his semi-hard cock into her mouth as she was shaken about like a rag doll under the powerful thrusts of the massive piece of meat impaling her now stretched little cunt.

The guy in her started to groan as his wonderful cock started a long series of spurting cums into my Marion’s abused pussy. It seemed to go on and on and as I watched I could see such was the quantity of his cum it was squirting out round the sides of his cock with every thrust and pooling under her arse. Ever so slowly the cock in her slowed its stroke and then gradually withdrew and as it came out of her cunt for perhaps a minute it was gapping open with cum running between her arse cheeks. The big guy turned to me and said now you suck it you slut.