Written by TA

19 Apr 2017

Hello. Not sure if this counts as swinging but I have a secret that I can’t share with anyone so just want to put it out there and see if anyone ese does the same.

I’m 28, married with kids. I look after myself by going to the gym. I don’t have great boob or anything. My husband tells me I’m sexy but I don’t think so.

I had a terrible time in school due to my ginger hair an I’m covered I freckles but hubby says its hot.

My husband is a great guy and dad but he wants sex EVERY DAY. In fact if I’m not in the mood he loves to masturbate over my chest and tummy so I think he qualifies for being over sexed.

Some time ago he started talking about our neighbours, they are a good-looking couple, he is 51 and she is 45. They are an attractive couple but she is gorgeous. She’s tall, athletic with a large chest.

She’s very pretty and has an infectious laugh. My husband talked about putting feelers out to see if they were into swapping but I managed to talk him out of it but I was worried that my husband would l try and have an affair with her if it didn’t happen.

So anyway, I met her a few times whilst out shopping and her son is in the same school as one of mine so we chat and go for coffee most days. After a while I told her what my husband said and she laughed but warned me that her husband would go nuts if it was suggested. I told my hubby and he was gutted. We had a big domestic over it because e made me feel that he preferred her to me.

But one day instead of going for coffee after the school run she invited me round to her house. We talked and then she brought up the conversation about swapping and asked me if that’s something I was into. I told her that it wasn’t something I had tried and didn’t think it would work due to jealousy and so on and in any event, I’m not exactly sexy, she laughed and said that I was very sexy.

I looked at her boobs and then mine and said I didn’t think so. She laughed again and said, ‘show me’. I asked her what she meant and she said she wanted to see my breasts. I asked her why and she said that she wanted to prove a point. I thought it was silly but I opened my blouse just to give a slight peek. She noticed I wasn’t’ wearing a bra and she undid a few more buttons and pulled my blouse open. I covered myself with my hands because I was embarrassed.

She told me not to be silly and that we are both girls. She then took her t-shirt off and pulled of her bra. Her breasts are amazing, they are large DD and naturally firm. I told her that hers made mine look pathetic but she scolded me and said that men love small firm breasts as much as larger ones.

I started to argue with her but she took my hands which were covering my nipples and moved them away. Then, as though it was quite natural she asked if she could have a feel but didn’t wait for an answer and started to squeeze and stroke my breasts. Then she asked if I wanted to touch her, I was mortified, this wasn’t something I was into but she took my hand and placed them on her breasts. They were lovely, both firm and soft at the same time if that makes any sense.

We sat there for a few minutes touching each other and I’ll be honest with you, it was quite, what shall we say, ‘relaxing and sensual’. Two women, almost strangers caressing each other’s breasts.

Then she asked if she could kiss mine but again didn’t wait for a answer but instead leant down and kissed my breasts, first one then the other. Then put one on my hard nipples on her tongue. It was such an erotic feeling I didn’t dare move. The she started to gently suck and lick.

Then my whole breast disappeared into her mouth and she continued to gently suck. Then as quickly as she started she pulled back and smiled at me and said ‘that was nice, did you like it? I think I nodded, still in shock. She then took one of her breasts in her hand and offered it to my mouth. I didn’t want to embarrass either of us by refusing so I sucker her large, long and deep red nipple. She pushed her self forward and put her hand behind my head in order to hold me in place.

I enjoyed sucking another woman’s breast whilst she massaged one of mine with her free hand. Then she pulled her breasts out of my mouth and kissed me. By now I was feeling so horny and turned on I just went with it. It’s a long time since my husband kissed me like that and I kissed him the same way.

Then she just got up, took my hand and said, ‘come on’. Part of me was wondering what was going on but the other part of me knew. My attractive fantastically well build female neighbour was taking me to bed. Minutes later we were naked and I was experiencing a women’s mouth between my legs for the first time and fuck was she good. She worked her way up my body until she was back sucking my nipples with her fingers in my pussy then in one move with I’m sure she had practices sever times she opened my legs and her pussy lips and pressed then against mine, and we fucked.

We fucked like I had been a lesbian all my life, my pussy and hers were wet, her’s smooth mine not so. For what seemed like ages we enjoyed each other like animals, for some reason I was fascinated by her breasts, swinging as we fucked and mine wobbling like jellies. She repeated over an dover ‘ fuck your hot’ and grabbing my chest and squeezing and repeating again how hot I was and demanding I continue to fuck her. I tasted her pussy juices and her mine, I fingered her and she fisted me. The sex moved from making love to fighting, slapping and biting and back to love making. And then I had the most painful but exciting orgasm of my life, the two of us shaking, not able to control our bodies.

The it was over and we lay together covered in sweat, her head on my chest and her hand on my tummy, her fingers running around my freckles. She cupped my pussy with her hand and told me I had to shave it which I did as soon as I got home. We talked like long time lovers, her chest pressing against my tummy. And with one gentle kiss we got up, showered, fucked and got dressed and back to our daily lives.

The next day we were in bed almost before the school bell called the kids into class. And the same the day after and the day after that. Now we have our rhythm and we limit ourselves to three times a week. Sometime in her bed, sometimes in mine and on more than one occasion we can’t make t to the bedroom and fuck on the hall way floor. I’m ashamed to admit it but on one occasion I gave her a lift to school and on the way back I had to pull over in a quiet lane because she had her mouth latched onto my breast and her fingers deep inside my pussy with her coat covering her so passing cars couldn’t see. We fucked with our hands but went home to finish each other off.

Now we control ourselves and have each other twice a week sometimes three times. I still don’t consider myself a lesbian but just a woman having fun but its difficult to spend an hour in bed with a woman and then let my husband fuck me and cum in me hours later. Its exhausting being fucked 7 days a week by a cock and three times a week by a pussy. In fact for the first time in our marred lives I’m having to fake orgasms when he cum’s in me.