Written by gary

29 Jun 2009

well i told you before how "j" came into our lives,so i wont go over old ground,needless to say,he is still fucking shell,with my blessing,but what happened last week was something new,"j" had the use of a caravan,it was only clacton,but at least it was a break,so we went down last saturday,the van had 2 double bedrooms, and even though i knew they would be shagging,i did not quite expect things to turn out as they did.i quite expected shell and i to be sharing a bedroom,and"j" to have one of the other ones.but from the second we got there,shell made it clear she was going to be "Js" the whole week. i was a bit taken aback,as apart from the night we met,when we have been out,its always me she has been with,okay when we got behind closed doors things changed but. for the first time i actually became a bit jealous,its a funny feeling to see your g/f actually walking along holding hands with another guy,esp when you consider "j" is twice our age,and black,again i only mention colour as it was shell, that always said she would never go with a black guy,yet here she was openly showing who she was with. we had a few beers and returned to the caravan.now i get my kicks by watching her with him,and would have no intention of joining in,but in all fairness the bedrooms in the caravan were just to small,for 3 people,i suppose i could have stood at the door,but as my bedroom was next to thiers and the walls so thin i could hear everything,and boy were they getting at it,when i named this last time better man,i did not realise how fitting it would be,as it seemed no sooner had they stopped they were at it again,and because of what happened the first night with the condom,and we knew we were all clean, i knew he would be coming deep in her, i swear i expected her belly to have grown a size.that first night although i did not count,i reckon they must have fucked 6 times, i heard shell get up on the sunday morning,and put the kettle on,so i made my way to the kitchen part, and made my way there as i leant in for just a kiss,she turned away,saying no for this week she is "Js" i was a bit gobsmacked and thats how it stayed for most of the week.but this may sound funny as i allow them to shag whenever they want,i was getting seriously pissed off.and "j" was sensing this,so on the thursday we were in the lounge and "j" pulled shell to him at last they were going to give me a show,at first shell was not to pleased at this,i suppose you could say she got her revenge though,as i said in the last story,shell has only ever given me oral once,as she said she dont like doing it,but seems to have no problen sucking "j",and this time she made sure i got a first class veiw,it got to the point where i was just waiting for him to mount her,when he suddenly gasped "i am cumming" only this time shell made no attempt to move her mouth,and let him cum in it,and for the first time she turned to me and opened her mouth,to show me it was full of "js"cum,and looking me in the eye she swallowed,only moving back to lick the last drops,"j" later admitted to me she had never done it before,but i think it may become a regular thing,the funny thing is though now we are home everything is how it was