Written by shelly

30 Jun 2009

WHEN i first realised gary,had been putting a detailed description of our love life on here i was a little annoyed,but from your replies,i guess it has formed an intrest,so i thought i would give you my version,i knew gary wanted me to go with other guys,in fact it was like an obsession with him,for my part i was just happy to play along with this.never thinking for once it would happen. in fact to tell the truth i was getting a bit fed up with it,so on the night he was going through his normal "how about him" thing just to shut him up i said yeah him.without even really looking,and things just snowballed from there,and before long the meeting had been arranged,but even as we were actually on our way,i still did not believe anything would happen,for a couple of reasons,one being the guy looked mix race,and two being he was almost twice our age,i was working on the theory that lots of guys want to see thier girlfriend with another guy,but when it came to it would not go through with it.so i decided my best way of handling this was to play along,on entering the bar we saw j straight away,now we knew he was older ,but in his pic he looked mix race but in fact he was black,up until then i had never even kissed a black guy,without being offensive they just did not appeal to me,we had no option but to join him, i think it was after only a few minuets i began thinking this guy is okay,although he made it clear he wanted me,it was done in a round about way.but the more we talked i did find myself wanting him,and by now i was thinking if gary stops this i am going to meet you anyway,a lot of what happened next has been said,so i will jump to when we got back to his house,the feeling was strange,here i was going to give myself to another guy,and my own boyfriend was there watching,but as soon as j began kissing me all thoughts of gary,went from my mind its true i did not like giving oral,but as j moved for me to take him in my mouth,it just seemed the normal thing to do,and for some reason instead of gagging it was nice,i admit it was actually giving me a tingly feeling inside,j moved down so he could go down to me,i could feel his tongue in me and i was going crazy,i just wanted him in me,i swear as soon as he entered me all thoughts of everything went from my mind,it was just sheer pleasure like i had never felt before,i can vaugely,remember opening my eyes and for the first time thinking its a black guy giving me this pleasure,and for some reason that seemed to double the pleasure,i felt him jerk as he emptied himself,in me. the risk i was taking did not even enter my thoughts all i knew was i felt a deep feeling of pure love for this guy,at that moment.and knew this was not going to be a one off.the following day thoughts did come into my head,and i realised that we should have used the condom,but in a way it was good we did not as it proved we was clean,and as much as you cant be to careful i dont really believe anyone actually likes using condoms.in a way gary is right there are 3 in our relationship,i suppose Gary is my real boyfriend but j is my lover and i would hate to be in a position where i had to pick,at this moment i am 27,and obviously soon i will want children.i really cant see me ever giving up having sex with j .and there is no way we could begin to use condoms now.so i have come to accept i may have a mixed race baby,and apart from the problems that will bring from within the family,i really dont mind.this may be hard to accept but i class myself lucky as i love 2 guys equally and they both accept this