Written by Carrie

23 May 2011

Probably best you read part one, but the basics, I made a mistake, not life threatening at all, but the patient could have had my job if he wanted, instead, he's having me.

John was back this morning, and the official stuff was rushed as he wanted his next payment. I had on a white blouse and the trousers from a grey two piece, John confirmed this time it was intercourse and told me to remove everything from the waist down, the office door only locks from the outside!

Because of the window we were at the back of the office and John told me to bend over and hold onto, a small table. Although he is of course in the wrong, it has been that long since I was even touched until Johns last appointment, I was wet already and hated him as well, he could be good looking if he lost about nine to ten stone, and toned up.

John wet his fingers and inserted two straight off, I gasped a let out a cry and John reminded me to keep quiet because of where we were, I just couldn't help it.

After a minute or so the fingers went and I heard John remove his track suit shorts and pants, and then felt his stomach on my rear as he got ready to take me. I said last time he is not big there but then all I have had is my own finger once in a while for years, so when John, belly resting on my bum, pushed into me I had a small orgasm right away. He called me a filthy over excited slut as he grabbed my hips, and began steady strokes with his entire length. Now and then he would reach for a breast but his belly stopped him holding on to one, and he soon began to speed up the thrusts. I could feel another orgasm coming and began to moan, he told me to shush and said, "Don't forget this is for my benefit not yours, I'm not trying to make YOU come, this is for me!" Well It was not my fault, I came again and had to work hard not to cry out, it was only as it wore off I realised I had been rubbing my button myself.

Very soon John was approaching his finish, I told him I would happily swallow his discharge but I would rather not have him do it in me. He said he would think about it as he sped up even more and began to breath hard. I was now trapped between him and the table which is fixed to the wall, and I felt john's cock enrage and said "Pull out, please pull out" in a loud whisper like voice but he gave a stifled grunt and did it in me anyway, pushing as hard as he could with each discharge. I think he spoke but I am ashamed to say I missed it because I had another orgasm which made me shake and cling tightly to the table.

John stayed in me until he was to soft and fell out, and then he spun me round and told me to like him clean before I cleaned myself, which he watched me do with interest. Now I know it is all a bit crazy but, like I said it has been a very long time since a man wanted me that way. So I had an out of body experience and heard myself ask if John would like to meet at my house in future, so we would not be so restricted! I do not know who was or is the most amazed, me or him. At least he has agreed to wait until he is fully discharged before we carry on, so we are legal again.

I cannot believe what I have done, so I forgive you if you don't either.