Written by Dan

21 Nov 2012

Hi to all you readers.

I am Dan, I have been married to Rebecca for two years, both mid twenties

Bex has jet black hair, size 12 with 34D breasts, her best features have got to be her legs, standing at 5’10” they go on for ever, and her arse it is a beautifully round,

We enjoy a fantastic sex life, (well I should think so only being married two years)

Last Saturday we went out, had a meal and a few drinks, and got home a little tiddly,

Bex looks good in anything, but tonight she was wearing a pair of skintight leggings,

When she bent down to take her boots off I gave her arse a playful slap, only being a bit tiddly it was harder than I intended, Bex gave a fairly long intake of breath, but other than that no argument !!! I looked at her and said, “you enjoyed that didn’t you?” Bex answer was a surprising yes!

Well I had her leggings down in a flash, pushed her over the back of our sofa and slapped her bare arse three or four times, when I went rub her cunt, I found she was soaking wet, wow! This was new to me, but with a raging hard on I was soon inside her sopping cunt, and I have to admit it was one of our best sessions yet.

Later in bed I quizzed Bex as to how I didn’t know she liked spanking, she told me that and ex boyfriend of hers used to enjoy mutual spanking sessions, she hadn’t mentioned it because she knew it wasn’t everyones cup of tea. I asked if it was something she would like to get back into, her reply was “what with you or the ex?”

Wow! That threw me !!!!!!! I turned this over in my head but by the time I answered

Bex was nodding off, huh! Typical

Next morning I raised the subject again, with a twinkle Bex said yeah it was a good night wasn’t it? I brought up the comment about the ex, Bex just said she didn’t remember saying anything like that, and anyway he was probably settled down anyway, well where does he live? I asked Durham Bex said I haven’t seen him in 4 years.

So would you like to get back into spanking I asked? Well ….. I do enjoy it she said

Why then don’t you look him up through facebook or something. Bex refused …… that was until today, I came home and she was sat at the computer, she looked a bit sheepish and said she had found him, he had moved to Nottingham, didn’t look like he was married or as far as she could tell from his profile, ok so send him a message

Just say hi or something? I took me til nearly ten to persuade her but finally she sent the message.

We will have to see if he gets in touch