Written by James

25 Jul 2012

Maxine is a born exhibitionist. Ever since I first met her she's been the same. On holiday, a Wet T-shirt competition, she'd be first up on the stage, getting soaked, pulling her top up or off, flashing her tits and it wasn't unknown for her to pull her bikini pants to one side, flashing her gash too. Any excuse and out would come her tits, not just at the beach, but in the city centre at night, flashing passing cars, in the pub, out clubbing, once stripping and streaking nude to the car park about 400 yards away. Sometimes she'd hitch her skirt up or drop her jeans and wiggle her lovely rounded naked bum, though she usually kept her legs together, unless she was pissed.

After we moved in together and married she didn't change, if anything she got worse, or may be I should say better. She'd wear a bra and panties normally, but if we were going out for the evening, she rarely wore either. A tight top, stretched over her large tits, sometimes sheer, her dark nipples visible and two hard tips poking out, a short skirt, sitting, crossing and uncrossing her legs flashing her pussy. Going up escalators, in front of guys, standing next to glass screens on the upper floors in shopping malls, sitting on a bench in a park, legs open, exposing herself. With a bit of imagination the possibilities to expose her tits and pussy endless. A favourite dress has buttons up the front, which if she leaves two or three strategically undone, when she walked or sat a gap would open revealing her smooth pussy. A few times last summer we fucked in fairly public places, we were certainly seen having sex in some dunes near the coast in South Wales and on a footbridge over a busy road. We both found the experience exciting deciding explore the potential for public sex further.

Her tits were 40dd when we met but they got bigger and by the time she reached thirty last year were 40gg, still round and firm, made for slipping your cock between. As her bust expanded, she became more daring, perhaps there's a connection. She had a clit piercing and then her labia, three rings either side of her fuck hole, because the metal shining between her legs would be more noticeable. The more risk involved the wetter and hornier she gets, many a blow job or fuck in car parks, lay bys or fields have been enjoyed afterwards. One exhibitionist thing we both particularly enjoy is late night shopping, her flashing, me following keeping an eye out. If you can imagine a 40gg 32 40 figure, wearing a loose top, hold up stockings, a short tight skirt, moulded to the twin round globes of her arse, with five inch fuck me heels, you'll get the picture. What you won't get is the view several guys got as we shopped a few weeks ago, but I'll try to describe it as best I can.

We went out on a Friday night, first to the supermarket with the promise of more to follow, finally intending to take the next logical step afterwards. I followed her around the store, watching her performance. Having to smile as she collected about six blokes who kept appearing at the end of, or in the same aisle, watching her, trying not to be to obvious they were following at first. She started off bending over enough for the front of her top to fall open giving them a good look at her tits. Then off she went, bending to look at things on shelves, the back of her skirt riding higher. When she straightened instead of tugging it down she left it. At first just showing her stocking tops, then with each stretch or bend it rode higher, until there was a strip of bare skin between stocking top and skirt, the curve of her buttocks visible.

She got to the end of one aisle, and stopped suddenly. It was amusing to see four guys also stop and become very interested in something on the shelf next to them. That is until Maxine crouched down, angled towards them, picking things off the bottom shelf, slowly opening her legs wider until her pierced cunt was fully on display. Two more watching from the other end of the aisle, guessed what she was doing and walked slowly passed before stopping only a few yards away. She must have stayed like that, studying various packages for two or three minutes before selecting something, bending right over her trolley and placing it in the bottom. The skirt rode up, uncovering her bum, her pierced gash wet and pouting visible until she straightened. She walked along the cross aisle, with her bum uncovered, the front of her skirt above pussy level, only partly hidden by the trolley she was pushing. More bending and tit flashing, her bum cheeks rolling as she walked, three guys following, another two or three had worked their way around studying the shelves further on.

She strolled along slowly, looking as if she was unaware she was showing everything, though only a complete idiot would have thought it was accidental. She had one hand on the trolley. I could see her other arm moving and knew that she was fingering her pussy or tugging the clit ring. I walked passed her, stopping a few yards beyond her to watch. I had a similar view to the guys further down the aisle and could clearly see she was masturbating, a couple of fingers sliding in and out of her cunt. Probably no more than 15 or 20 seconds elapsed but well horny. Once again she stopped, licked her fingers, looked around, seemingly seeing what she was looking for, left the trolley, walked towards three guys, pussy fully exposed.

She passed them, stooped down selected one of those small, slim, deodorant aerosols from the shelf, turned half towards them, and slowly pushed it into her pussy. I'd seen her do some pretty filthy things previously, but she was excelling herself. She held it in her cunt, retracing her steps, catching it when it slid out, wiping it on her skirt and dropping it in the trolley. She looked excited and flushed as she left the trolley again, walking passed me, stopping between me and the guys watching from further along the aisle. This time she was spoken to, invited to a party, she declined, then grinned at something else they'd said. She had a quick look around, pulled her top up showing them her tits, then bent over and parted her legs. Back to them she reached between her legs, gripped her piercings, stretching her labia, holding her cunt wide open for several seconds. She let them have a quick feel before standing up and pulling her top down. They said something else, but she shook her head, pointed in my direction, telling them she was with me. “Lucky fucker”one called over, I couldn't disagree. Her pussy was soaking, slick with her juices, her fleshy pussy lips puffy and parted, thighs wet, a trickle of sex juice, running down to her stocking top, as she walked to the trolley grinning broadly. They followed for another couple of minutes until she pulled her skirt back down, and we went to the checkout to pay.

I knew that normally I’d be in for a good fuck and she wouldn't want to wait until we got home. There was more to it than that though, this had just been for starters, really get her in the mood. I was certain to get my leg over at some point, but after toying with the idea for some months she had finally decided, with plenty of encouragement from me, she wanted to go dogging. The surprising thing really was that we hadn't considered it sooner. After visiting several reputed dogging sites we had chosen one. We'd been four times, sitting in our darkened car just watching, but tonight was the night to take the plunge. To do what exactly, depended on what, if anything, was happening when we got there and who was there. Maybe be watched masturbating, giving me a blow job, or fucking in the car. Maybe going further, sucking or fucking a guy if she felt comfortable with it. We had high hopes, it wasn't raining, it was relatively mild, an almost full moon and 3 of the 4 times we'd seen some action, the last time a woman giving guys blow jobs. With Maxine sitting in the passenger seat, skirt up around her waist, fingering her pussy we drove off from the supermarket, to the site we'd selected.

It's a pleasant evening and Maxine has just suggested we go for a ride in the country. I imagine you can all guess what sort of ride she has in mind!

I had intended to finish the story in one go, but we've just got back, Maxine is in the shower, flushing four loads of spunk from her pussy, so I thought I may as well post what I've written. We'll continue another day if it appears that anyone wants us too.