Written by Graeme74

11 Feb 2009

hi my name is g am 34 my partner k is 19yo. it all started when i confessed i had oral fun with guys in the past. k was shocked at first but then started asking me what i had done this seemed to turn her on so i asked if she would be up for a 3sum with a guy i knew. she thought about it for a couple of days before she said she would like to try it.

i arranged for d to come down about a week later. on the day k an myself were nervous but excited. d arrived an after some small talk we headed to the bedroom.

d an myself stripped off k was in her gown not long out the shower which she slipped off. k lay on the bed between me an d it was then she noticed his big cock d is about 9 inches an very thick. i started to suck her tits while d kissed her. i ran my hand down to her pussy she was soaking wet, d asked to taste her pussy he went down on her pushing his tongue deep inside k was moaning after bout 5 mins of this k creamed all over his tongue. k an d then got into the 69 position k was struggling to get all his cock in so i took the chance an started licking his cock k loved seeing me do this. d then wanted to fuck her so she lay down on her back as he slowly pushed his cock in, the look on her face was so horny telling me how big his cock felt in her. he then proceeded to wank me off as he fucked k hard an fast. he fucked her in every position my favourite was k riding his cock while i fucked her ass. it was at this point he wanted my cock in his ass i lubed up his ass an my cock an pushed myself in with every thrust pushing him deeper into my gf. k then told d to lie an his back an straddled his big cock she was in heaven sliding up an down his big cock she had orgasm after orgasm he then shouted out he wa cumming an shot his load into my gf pussy my gf got off his cock an put her in the doggy position an fucked her hard feeling d cum in her pussy made me even hornier she kissed d as i rode her before adding my cum to his.

she looked so horny with both our cum leaking out her pussy.

after d had left we both agreed it was very horny. we now meet d at least twice a month and k cant get enough of his cock.

my gf wants to try a group of black guys an an older guy an i want to be a cuckold b/f