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Bi adventure

"Fulfilling my fantasy"

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Author's Notes

"Genuine experience with true events that took place."

So my adventure it bi sex continues. As I have wrote few weeks back I am writing about my adventure from last Sunday.

Once I had sorted everything out in the morning my intention was to go back to the sauna in Blackpool. I was really looking forward to my drive up to Blackpool knowing what I could potentially be getting into. In preparation for this I started with a hot shower at home, shaved my balls and round my cock and trimmed the rest of the hair so that it was hardly visible. I also shave all round my hole in case someone was to feel or lick me. Nothing like having a smooth hole to rim. I spent some time preparing myself and even thought of cleaning my back side with an anal Dutch so it was clean and fresh. Whilst in the process of this I began to get too excited and thought I may as well get myself relaxed and open up as much as possible so I got out the 10” dido on a suction to see if I could insert it as my previous attempt failed as the cock head was too wide.

I lubed up the head of the shaft and applied plenty in my hole and whilst in the shower started to rub it up my back side and slowly tried to position myself onto of this huge cock. It filled the entry point but with every effort and pulling my bum apart it took several attempts before I managed to get the top of this monster inside me it hurt but at the same time I was on heat and wanted it inside me. I continued until the bell end was finally inside me. My cock by now was standing for attention so trying not to come I slowly strucked it whilst I began to rid this monster of a cock. It felt good and I did this until I was on the verge of cumming however I wanted to save the moment for a really encounter so stopped myself slowly withdraw the dildo made sure plenty of lube was left and went to get dressed. Looked at my messages and had a text from a guy that I occasionally meet up asking me if I fancied meeting up. This was not what I was intending but then thought why not so replied that I could call to his place within an hour. No sauna today then but never mind I was still going to have some fun. As usual when I got there ring the bell and as it is secure complex I was buzzed in and discreetly made my way to his apartment not to look suspicious as it is an older persons place. Nocked on and doors opens I am let in to the lounge area and there is porn on the TV as I like and curtains are drawn. I look to my left and see a guy there similar age to my invite naked sat having a drink. He smiled as he put his cup down and stood up to shake my hand. As he did that I could but help looking at his tool which was semi hanging but it looked big with a nice purple head. As I turned I was introduced to him as Rogger and suddenly I felt like centre of attention and thought this could turn out nice. Tom my invite was in his dressing gown as usual and asked me if I wanted anything to drink coffee was fine giving me time to figure out and assess what potentially can go on here. Tom told me Rogger had moved into the complex few months ago and they have become good friends and he thought it would be nice for Rogger to get to know me. I was fine with this and my cock was stiffening up at the thought of having a threesome. Anyway I took the courage and began to undress and Rogger commented to Tom that I was no shy guy. I love undressing and being naked so it was fine for me. Tom handed me the drink and he told me that him and Rogger have started to watch porn together and the usual bit of wanking and oral. I found out later both where top guys. Tom changed the porn to some group sex which was already playing in my mind so you can imagine the excitement in my head. I always wanted to be fucked by someone whilst wanking and sucking someone off. Rogger looked at the TV and then looked at me and said looks like they are having fun I replied yes very much. Tom came and stood near me and undid his gown and from where I was holding my coffee cup his cock was at the level I could have dunked it in there. I put my cup down and started to stroke his cock it soon got hard so as I dropped to my knees I could feel Roggers hand struck my back moving right down to my lubed hole. Oh that is nice and moist he tells both of us and started playing with my hole. Next minute he is trying to get under me so that he can lick my balls play with my cock and start to rub his fat fingers up my hole. I took Toms cock wrapped my mouth round it and began to move up and down which he helped with holding my head and pushing his cock into my greedy mouth.

These two elderly guys where attacking me both ends until Tom asked if he could have a go at fucking me doggy style. I did not say a thing I opened my legs arched my back and offered him a perfect view and Tom got some lub applied it to my hole and Roggers cock and Rogger took his time to get it into me it felt wonderful better than the toy dido I could feel the warmth and he was not fast but took his time which was great whist I was taking Toms cock. This went on for a while until Rogger was tending up and I thought love to feel cum inside me and allowed him to dump it inside me. To my amazement as soon as he withdraw Tom rushed round and began to lick my hole and told me to squeeze slowly and he took every drop. My cock was naturally hard with pre cum dropping with excitement and this was then topped with Tom entering me whilst Rogger was slowly wanting me I could tell I was not going to last much longer and soon I was spraying my cum everywhere. Tom starred to pace up and released what he had into me withdraw and by then I had to get up as my knees were hurting however as I got up cum started to run down my leg so I started to wipe it turned to show them both and put my fingers into my hole to feel and scup out the hot cum Rogger liked it off my finger and the second time I thought to myself I may as well taste it and see how it is. It turned out to be a nice session and we stayed undressed for a while. Tom changed the porn and I could see I was getting hard so I stared to play with my cock in front of the both and they encouraged to wank off. I could see they were doing the same but instead of getting from watching the porn it was from watching me waking whilst I was getting from the porn movie.

I hope you enjoyed reading my real time genuine story. Nothing made up guys just changed the names for obvious reasons.

So am I bi curious still or what nit sure but I do like this experience ever often.

I am on the look out for a regular older man or two similar to Rogger and Tom who I can serve on a regular basis. I would also welcome any comments about my experience as it has changed my whole focus on sexual experience and seem to want more and more as I get older.

Written by raj47r

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