Written by Sophie

24 Dec 2007

My name is Sue, I\'m thirty six with very dark auburn hair, emerald green eyes and a nice figure. I\'ve been married to Matt for seven years and we have a great sex-life. Although I have always known that I\'m bi-sexual I haven\'t been with another woman since Matt and I married.

I have a friend, Sophie, I\'ve known her almost as long as I have known Matt, she\'s blond, blue eyed, and has a really great figure that I have always admired. We\'re not always in each other\'s pockets but we do meet regularly. A few weeks ago we met up one Saturday morning for a coffee. We got up to date on our recent activities then Sophie said, \'I\'ve always longed to have a figure like yours Sue, all those lovely curves.\' \'There\'s nothing wrong with the figure you\'ve got, I\'ve always envied your beautiful breasts and the way they don\'t jiggle about like mine.\' She laughed, \'Silly that\'s the attraction.\' Suddenly I wondered whether she was like me, I said, \'I know you\'ve had lots of boyfriends but have you ever been with another woman.\' She went a little pink, \'Funny you should say that, I haven\'t, but you make me feel a bit funny, you make me think of...well....sex.\'

I said, \'I know why that is.\' She looked surprised, \'Oh, and what is it?\' \'I\'m bi-sexual,\' I replied, \'I think there\'s probably and unconscious attraction between us. Matter of fact I have never been with another woman since I got together with Matt. But I have always fancied you.\' We looked at each other in silence for a few moments then Sophie said, \'Gosh, to tell you the truth, I\'ve never known what women do with each other.\'

I said, \'If you ignore the penetration, much the same as with a man, but the difference is that a woman knows instictively what pleasures another woman. The sex is better, I guarantee that I could make you come in about thirty seconds!\'

\'Oh, good heavens! I never come when a man is doing me, I have to tell him what to do and then I usually end up doing it myself!\' My turn to laugh, \'Tell you what, this conversation has really got me going, Matt\'s gone away for the day, won\'t be home until very late. Football match,\' I explained, \'why don\'t you come home with me and we\'ll see if we\'re compatible?\' Sophie looked uncertain. \'Come on,\' I urged, \'if you don\'t like it I\'m certainly not going to force it on you!\' My heart was thumping at the thought of bedding a woman after all this time. Sophie was quiet for a while, then she smiled, \'Alright, what have I got to lose?\'

We finished our coffee and made our way to the car park, I was soon driving home. Both of us quiet, Sophie probably with nerves, me with almost breathless anticipation. We were quickly home, once inside I kissed Sophie, it was good, a lover\'s kiss not just a friend\'s peck. I said, \'Come on Soph, let\'s go and have a shower.\' I led the way upstairs, we undressed quickly with eyes only for each other, she had small, high breasts that hardly moved as she stripped. Mine jiggled about all over the place. We went into the shower and I adjusted the temperature and flow of the water. I then proceeded to wash her getting a huge thrill from those lovely breasts and even more doing her fanny. Then Sophie did me, I think it was a revelation to her, the way she caressed my breasts and my ever ready fanny told me that she had never touched another woman, as she had said.

We dried and I led her to the bed where we began kissing which became ever more passionate. \'I never thought kissing another woman could be so arousing,\' Sophie panted. Kissing led to caressing and we both enjoyed caressing each other\'s breasts before things became more intimate. While Sophie continued with my breasts I slipped my hand down over her flat stomach. She has a small mound, lightly dusted with soft blonde hair. The lips of her fanny were neat and closed, they were beautifully rounded. I caressed them gently as we kissed, then she took a nipple in her mouth and began sucking and rolling it in her mouth. I\'m a real sucker for that and I was wet in seconds.

She moaned as the lips of her fanny parted under my ministrations, she was wet too and I slipped a finger in her and fucked her with it. She spread her legs wide and I pulled away to look at her more intimately. She is a soft coral pink inside, her inner lips were engorging and eventually spread out over the outer ones, her fanny looked for all the worls like a butterfly, even her clit, massive by my standards, and a long finger, looked like a butterfly\'s body. I had to kiss her there and did so, she cried out, \'Oh, darling!\' She grabbed my head, forcing my face into her yielding flesh. I licked and sucked her clitty. She came convulsively with loud moans. I loved her taste and sucked at the wetness that was oozing from her love canal. Her finger dug into my scalp as I continued, her legs over my shoulders, my face buried deep in her fanny, feeling her contractions as she came again. Gasping for breath I finally lifted my head, moved up over her and kissed her passionately, \'I hope you like the taste of your own love-juice,\' I murmured in her ear.

\'Oh God, no one\'s ever made me come like that! Can I do you?\' She had aready given my breasts and nipples a real seeing to, now I let her move down over my willing body. I knew that my fanny was shaved of it\'s absolutely colourless hair and that my big fanny was wide open and sloppy with my own juice. She was soon doing to me what I had done to her, I knew that my fanny was totally different to hers, no big inner lips, no huge clit, despite the size of my fanny my little clit was buried in the folds. But just as sensitive and now enjoyed what I had missed these many years. I soon came once, twice and then again.

Then Matt\'s voice said, \'Very beautiful, two wonderful cunts! Can anyone join in?\' Sophie screamed and rolled over onto her back, \'Oh! Matt! You scared me!\"

\'Didn\'t close your legs though, did you? What a wonderful looking cunt! But you haven\'t answered my question, can I join in?\' Sophie looked at me, \'Can he?\' I said, \'Do you want to be fucked as well?\' \'Oh, yes!\' she said, fervently, \'after the pleasure you\'ve given me, darling, a nice cock up my fanny and being filled with a lot of spunk would be my idea of heaven!\'

\'There you are then, Matt, you\'d better strip off and get your lovely cock up her!\' I had never seen my husband fucking another woman, now I couldn\'t wait. He didn\'t mess about, as he stripped it became obvious that he was already hard and his seven inch cock swung from side to side as he approached the bed. He didn\'t hesitate, he mounted Sophie and inserting his cock, proceeded to fuck her.

Sophie loved it, and so to my surprise did I, I played with my throughly aroused fanny while I watched enthralled. Matt is good at sex and can usually last as long as either he or I want, now, however, fucking a new cunt he couldn\'t control himself, he only lasted about five minutes before he shot his load up her. She cried out in delight, \'Oh Sue! It\'s wonderful the way I can feel him spunking up me!\' He collapsed on her and, as his cock softened, he slipped out. As I moved to him I said, \'Don\'t worry Soph, I\'ll have him hard again in a minute or two, then he\'ll give you a fucking you\'ll never forget!\'

I sucked his soft cock into my mouth, tasting Sophie\'s cunt-juice and his spunk. I licked and cleaned it, then began to suck and wank him. He was hard in under three minutes, \'Go on then, darling,\' I said to him, \'now give Sophie the biggest fucking she\'s ever had!\' And that\'s what he did. Half an hour later she pleaded with him to come, for the first time in her life a man had made her come by fucking, not once but several times. He gave her what she wanted.

As he rolled away, she kissed him then descended and took his once again soft cock in her mouth. As she did so I pushed my head between her thighs as she knelt over him and began sucking the juice and spunk out of her. It was delicious, I slurped and gulped until I could find no more, Sophie went on coming.

Soon Matt was hard again and he pushed her away and mounting me, pushed his cock into me. He gave me the best and longest fucking I\'d had in long time until finally he filled me with his lovely spunk too before falling away exhausted. He went to sleep, Sophie, helped herself to my juice and spunk mixture. I came too, several times.

That day happened only a matter of weeks ago, I\'m looking for the next time.