Written by Jo

25 Nov 2017

Thank you all for your comments and advice about my 1st time with Susan , some where very naughty .

I messaged Susan then yesterday she replied saying she was was finishing work early and was house sitting for a friend who was overseas on buisness , we exchanged the address giving me a couple of hours to get ready , my mind was racing i enjoyed susan seducing me but this time what was going to happen .

I wore a skirt and blouse with new matching nicker briefs and bra .

I was getting turned on , then i was off , i found the address quick message and she met me at the door , a hug and a kiss on the lips and my heart was pumping , we had a coffee and susan said , lets go upstairs we stripped off , she looked and smelt great , susan said im all yours this was my signal to take the lead , we were on the bed kissing , my hands found her boobs and my fingers tweaked her nipples which she liked , them my mouth was on her nipples , but i wanted to taste her pussy i moved down and pushed her legs a part , i had flash backs how Susan had licked i followed suit , susan then ordered me on the floor on all 4s , shevmoved to the end of the bed with her legs open She wanted to see me looking up i was licking her pussy , i was licking , nubbling and tounging her pussy, susan was very vocal and told me to be the same , i normaly dont use any curse words , but this was a exception , sally would say do you lile licking my pussy , and i would repeat , this was making her very horny , then another 1st for me susan told me to rim her bum hole , i hesitated she said lick them both arse and pussy hole , surprisingly it wasnt as gross as i thought , then she said finger fuck my pussy and arse as you are licking my .

Both her holes took 2 fingers very easy , this with the licking susan said im close dont fuckin stop , she told me to look up at her and look into her eyes as i was licking and finger fucking , she put her hands on my head and then he came with small squirts i had never seen that , she was twitching then she almost put her whole hand inside her this triggered another orgasm, with legs and arms holding each other , we had a moment , then susan said wank for me Jo , something i have done with boyfriends but normal alone , i want to see you , my fingers were in my wet pussy and fingers on my right nipple , susan was calling me her slut , with my fingers deep in my pussy and rubbling my clit , i came with a shudder , susan said i want to lick your fingers , susan said i was the best but that may of been to make me feel good , we got dressed and kissed again , then i had to leave , this is Saturday morning and im confused , susan said it is just fun a sexual release between 2 people but im falling for her and im doubting my sexuality am i bi or is lady love the only way for me , i cant wait for my next meet but my horizons and thoughts are with other woman .......what do i do ?