Written by baron

5 Apr 2016

I walked in to the room my cock pressing against the pantie material. The room was dark it was hard to see.

a voice said to move to the centre of the room.

I did as I was told standing in the room naked apart from the panties.

a spot light came on lighting me up standing there .

I felt vulnerable but exicited my cock throbbing to get out.

the voice said to take my cock out of the panties but to leave them on .

I took my cock out as told . He said that's a big cock for a sissy sucker.

he then said to move forward I could see him sitting on a huge sofa he was about 65 to 70 large build he sat with his legs open his cock dangling down.

it was soft but still looked a good size it had been shaved like mine.

he took my cock in his hands running along its length with his fingers looking up said he was going to have some fun today.

I looked down his cock seemed to be semi erect now a nice looking 6inches but thick to.

he said to get on my knees in front of him I did as I was told .

he layed down he pulled me towards him his hand put my hand on his cock he said put it in your mouth and suck.

I leaned forward taking the cock into my mouth slowly sliding down its length.

I could feel it getting harder in my mouth as he moved his hips in and out.

I took it out and looked at it it must have been 9inches now and so thick it stretched my mouth as I sucked on it again.

I wanked my cock as I sucked him off he squeezed my nipples as I sucked him I just love that.

I wanted his cum but he pulled me off saying he didn't want to cum yet.

He played with my cock his hand slipped in the panties carressing my balls he felt so good as he felt me.

he asked had I been with more than one guy before.

I told him I had been in a male three some awhile back .he said he had some other friends who he met and would I be happy to entertain them .

I said yes nothing I liked better than to entertain a group of men who only want one thing .

he said he would contact them to come over.

he phoned them up he said there would be 3guys coming they would be about an hour and he was to get me ready.

I asked him what they meant he just led me to a room downstairs .

more to follow in pt3.bajiz