Written by love older guys

9 Feb 2008

this story goes back 3yrs when i was 18 a family friend in his 60's came to a bash held by my parents at our house. i have always had a thing for cocks aswel as pussy and am extremely sub and love older guys. anyways the party was at full swing and drinks were flowing rog had been me all nite and having a bit to drink i thought id try my luck.

we were all in the lounge i gave him a look and said im just off to my room for a bit, once in my room i stripped naked and slid on a pair of lacy black french knickers my cock now rock hard i began thinking what might be to come and then the door opened and it was rog i pretended to cover up he closed the door and said i wont tell if you dont and at that undid his belt and dropped his trousers while taking his top of his semi hard cock showing through his tight pants i quickly got to my knees where i pulled down and began servicing him slipping his hard cock deep into my throat running my tongue up his hard shaft then rolling it round his slit tasting his pre cum

he was moaning in joy calling me his little slut he then pulled away and sat on the bed and told me to give him a show in my french knickers which i did feeling his hands caressing my tight ass. He then pulled them down slowly with my ass facing him and told me to bend over which i did nxt i felt his tongue slowly licking my ass rright up to my hole i let out moans of joy he knew i was loving it i felt his fingers grabbing my cheeks then a finger entered me i rocked back onto it thinking yes im gettin finger fucked by this 60yr old guy. Another finger entered me im in heaven by now.

next thing im told is to put my hands on the wall and bend over i then felt his cock now hard rubbing up and down my ass nudging my hole he slowly entered me a little painful at first but slowly he was fully in me he began a nice rhythm and i rocked back onto him he carried this on for a few minutes then pulled out and laid on the bed saying ride my hard cock u little slut i quickly obliged and straddled his cock i slipped him into me and began bouncing on him god this was great i felt like such a slut and i loved it i rode his hard cock for about 10mins he then stuttered im gonna cum at which point i slammed right down onto him i felt him explode up me mmmmmm i said and slid off him with cum oozing out of me he then dressed and said i will see you again my little slut and left i wanked my hard all night over it, we have since met a few times but they are other stories

thanks for sharing my experience x