Written by BiJay50

3 Aug 2013

This is a true story that happened a little while ago. My gorgeous and understanding wife helped me fulfil a fantasy. I hope you enjoy it.

We had arranged to meet Jeff in a hotel, This was for me to fulfil my fantasy of fun with another guy while my wife watches us.

Jeff duly arrived and after a few drinks in the bar we went up to our room, no sooner had we got through the door Jeff was rubbing the front of my trousers making me so hard. He got on his knees and released my hard aching cock.. his lips felt so good around my shaft and he started to blow me, I looked up and saw that my wife had stripped down to her white thong and was playing with her tits with one hand and rubbing her pussy through her panties.

I started to undress and Jeff did the same, we got on to the bed as did my wife who was by this time was both holding a camcorder and playing with her pussy at the same time, Jeff and I continued to hold each other and suck each others hard cocks while my wife filmed us.... this was obviously turning my wife on as the she just got onto my cock and slid it into her soaking pussy she then got off and said to Jeff "suck it now Jeff" he sucked it and it was so wet with her juices.. watching this was to much for her and she brought herself off to a massive orgasm.. this was such a turn on and with my wife and Jeff both sucking me off at the same time I was in heaven!

I moved Jeff on to his back and took his sweet hard cock into my mouth, my wife got up close and told me to suck him harder... this was to much for Jeff and after a few seconds he came in my mouth, I couldn't swallow it all and it dribbled out of my mouth onto my chest and Jeff's stomach... I then moved over and kissed my wife with my mouth still half full with Jeff's cum...

I then put my cock into her pussy pumping hard until she came, she then got into the reverse cow girl position and rode me so hard, Jeff was next to us and as he lay on the bed, my wife got into the doggy position so her pussy was right over his face, I then slid my cock in so Jeff could lick my shaft and balls as it went into her, after a few minutes, it was to much for me so I pulled out lay on the bed while they both brought me off with their mouths..it was so intense and I spurted my come over both of their faces.. we all just laid on the bed holding each other totally spent.. the good thing is we can remind ourselves of such a horny evening as we have a DVD and lots of pictures to take us back there whenever we want....