Written by paulied

21 Dec 2007

I was trying to kill some time waiting for a shop to repair my laptop and was wondering up and down the high street when i got the urge for a pee , i walking the length of the high road again and noticed a pub at the top , thats handy i thought , i\'ll have a pint and use their loo , but about 50 yards to go i noted a sign for the public loo near the car park , do decided to use that one , as i walked in a man passed me on his way out and looked me up and down , once inside there was an older man using the urinal so i went to the other end and got my cock out , the relief was nice after the walk , as i was going i noticed the older man looking out of the corner of his eye , it didn\'t bother me and i looked at him and over did the shake at the end , at this point 2 men came in and used the loo , loud young guys but they were soon gone , the old guy was still looking over at me and i must admit i was enjoying him looking so i turned slightly to give him a better look , he was wanking his now rock hard cock and ths made me get hard , i slowly moved my hand back and forth , but once again we were disturbed , this time it was the guy who had passed me on my way in , he stood right beside me and was looking at my still erect cock , which i was trying to hide , he was instatly hard himself and it was apparent that the two mwn knew of eachother , my heart was pounding as he reached over and took me in his hand , the old guy was right on his shoulder , he started wanking me and then went straight down and took me in his mouth , he was sucking furiously as if he hadn\'t tasted cock for ages , the old man was now at my side and started stroking my arse , i looked back to his cock , it was now fully erect and looked huge , i reached down and cupped his balls , he was really clawing at my arse now and moved around me , i thought there is no way he is sticking that in me , but he bent down and started licking my arse , i was very nervous that sowmone would come in but could feel my cum building , the old guy started to try to finger me , but i stopped him so he came back round and asked me to touch him again , i started to wank him off while he watched me getting a great blow job , the guy was taking me fully in his mouth , i felt the old guy tighten in my hand and knew he was going to blow , so was i , so warned the guy sucking me , he just mumbled , \' you want it in your mouth ?\' i asked \' aha \' he chocked , so i let go and filled him up he lapped up every drop sucking harder and harder , the old guy started coming at the sight , my gu stood up and the old guy went straight down and started to suck him , he came very quickly but the old guy didn\'t swallow and spat it out onto him load in the urinal , the younger guy said \' would you like to come back to my place and fuck me , i would love that big cock inside me ?\' but i declined , i had got what i like .......