Written by fat1_4u

7 Jun 2017

I was feeling horny all week and looked in the Bi Married chat room I was curious about cock and had many a good wank thinking about it. A guy popped up saying he was in my area and was looking so I bit the bullet and arranged a very short notice meet. Arranged to meet him at a services nearby and a quick shower and I jumped into the car even putting on a pair of pantys as an extra surprise.

I had a quick look at his profile single in his 50's small cock ok I thought it will do for a starting point. I drove to the services and saw him parked in his car. I nearly decided to drive straight by as he wasnt what I was looking for at all. To me he looked like your typical dirty old man grey hair and beard a big belly. He was wearing sports shorts and sandals. I parked up and after a few mins he came over we had a brief chat then he got in to my car and we drove to the place I had mentioned. Parked up and started to walk across the field to be away from the road. All the while I was thinking how do I back out of this but I wanted my cock sucked badly so just thought to get on with it.

We reached a suitable place and I turned to him and started to fondle him he wasnt even hard his hand reached to me and started to play with my cock I asked him to suck me but he said to suck him first. Down I went on to him and started to suck my first cock it didnt taste bad but it didnt get hard either just stayed small and limp in my mouth. I slid a hand around to his ass and slide a finger into him to see if that would help it didnt help him at all. I broke off after a few mins and he then knelt down and started to suck on me. He murmured that my cock was nice and big and soon I was lost in the enjoyment of him going down on me. It didnt take me long to empty my load in to his willing mouth. He kept of sucking me and cleaned every last bit off my cock.

I went back to sucking him and he started to wank himself again it just wasnt hard I pushed a finger in to him again to encourage him and when I pulled it out it was covered in shit ! this put me right off him and I pulled him out and just let him wank on to my closed mouth. He soon came and I made some appropriate noises to make it sound like I enjoyed him.

I cleaned myself up and just walked back to the car and dropped him back at the services went home and had a shower.

I wont be seeing him again