Written by curtainpole

13 Apr 2008

Right before i start this is a true story that happend about a month ago i am a 21yr old bi guy and have been workin with m 4 around a year and never imagined he was bi until now. I went into work 1 fri and as the day dragged on was chattin to my supervisor when i accidently knee\\\\\\\'d the table causing his drink to go all over him now he\\\\\\\'s well known for his temper but a nice enough chap otherwise.

he started sayin ah fuck etc etc and all i could do is apologise he said \\\\\\\"now iv gota change and ur comin with me, fair do\\\\\\\'s i thought thinkin i was about to get a rollokin but when we entered the toilet/changing rooms he dropped his trousers i couldnt help but stare at his bulge in the pants not thinkin he\\\\\\\'d noticed i tried to divert my eyes at which point he said u like then? i replied with sorry to which he turned round with his cock in hand about 8in and nice girth u like my cock?

i didn\\\\\\\'t know what to do so just said yeah! at which point he locked the door and said you can make for knocking my drink over then suck me. well shocked and really horny i got on my knees and started lickin his shaft right down to his balls then running my tongue round his fat head he began moanin at this point so as not to dissapoint i sucked him deep in my throat each time he called me a sexy slut who deserves everything

after a few mins of this he pulled out i thought he was cum but he wasnt get naked he said at which i did my cock rock hard i was feeling so horny. now put yours hands on the bench and bend over (now im fully shaved everywhere) he stood behind me admiring me i felt his hands on my sides and thought im going to get fucked then i felt hi tongue around ass i looked round and there he was on his kissing my ass cheeks he slowly pulled them apart and ran his tounge round my hole i moaned with pleasure he contuinued rimmin me for 5 mins he then stood up and i felt his head nudging at my hole i replied no finger me first

so he slipped in 1 the 2 and finally 3 then i felt it again easing gently into me a little painful bein so big but as he was in it started to ease at which point i couldnt hold my tongue and just blurted fuck me so he did thrustin in and out of me i moaned with pleasure more and more there i was bent over in the changig rooms bein fucked by my supervisor he pulled out and made me sit on the bench where he lifted my legs so my knees were by my ears and he entered me again the full lenght slidin in and out he then spluttered ah fuck yeah slut and shot a huge load of spunk up me as he pulled out i felt it ooze out he said that should make up for it changed his trousers told me to get changed and we went back to work cum still oozing out

he has fucked me evry week since then and god hes good thanks for reading