Written by ivorbiggin

5 Jun 2016

I saw his message anyone wanting to suck cock near the local station I free now and can accommodate .so I thought I was on my own for an hour wife at home asleep so why not I not had bi fun in ages so ..... I contacted him he was direct I want no talking no shaking hands etc. I was to just drop to my knees and suck fine by me I drove to the meeting place that's the best bit thinking is it safe is it a trap will I get caught what will the wife do if it all comes out then its what's he like is he a bull is his cock big small clean etc. so I pulled up locked the car and a loud voice said up the office stairs now I entered the office and there he was a large framed bloke in work clothes his trousers round his ankles and his semi hard cock was there in front of me suck it bitch he said so I dropped to my knees and put his now hard cock into my eager mouth he groan as I started to suck him harder he said slut thought you said you where an expert sucker so goon do it I love being dominated so sucked as instructed he stopped me and said I am going to fuck your sissy face till you gag and you better not stop till I cum next thing he grabbed the back of my head and his now fully rock hard 7" cock has suddenly rammed in my mouth he took my breath away I started to gag but he just kept on fucking my face with no mercy hard and fast he groaned and said that's better sissy you are good after all truth was I was in heaven I started to wank myself but he barked no you slut your there to pleasure me stop that now I knew he was not going to last long at this pace god he was relentless my jaw ached as his cock hit the back of my throat he just kept groaning and hammering my mouth you filthy dirty cocksucker he barked shit he said I am about to cum don't you dare stop saliva was running down my mouth my eyes where watering I thought I was going to choke then it happened he groaned long and hard the first taste of his salty cum entered my mouth yessssss he said I thought he would never stop cumming cum and mixed saliva leaked from my mouth then he was finished he stopped fucking my mouth and I just slowly sucked his cock I was enjoying it when he again barked stop it bitch he pulled out pulled his trousers' back up and just said go now go on get out and close the door I got back in my car still tasting his cum it made my day I love being used i went home my wife was still asleep if only she knew her hubby has sucked dozens of eager cock since we first met