Written by Daftrucker

1 May 2018

Hi all I have a whole load of exploits to share with you all, some are me when away from home, some of my wife when I am away and some of us together, I hope you will enjoy them, we both look forward to your feedback.

My wife Ann and I have been married a long long time, I’ve aged she hasn’t lol.. she’s 5ft tall amazing figure for a mum of two, beautiful small but firm breasts. Nice round ass and a constantly smooth wet pussy.

For a few years we discussed during sexual fantasies about other lovers, but they had always been just that, fantasies. Until one night when I got a very very unexpected shock.

I had been away driving for a few days and staying in the truck, Ann had been home alone as the children were staying at her mums for the Easter break, my truck had broke and I’d been given a courtesy truck for a while and I’d never thought to mention it to Ann, well about ten miles from our home is a well known digging area, I was parked there watching the antics of a few, when I saw Ann’s car pull in the parking area, I was surprised to say the least, I pulled the curtains almost closed on the truck so I could see what she was upto. And hopefully not be discovered. Ann was on her mobile phone as she sat and a few guys were soon hovering around her, after about ten minutes another car pulled up beside her and out got a friend of ours, chris. He climbed into the passenger side of Ann’s car and they immediately started a long deep kiss, my guts were doing somersaults, do I go and punch his head or do I sit and watch.. my husband voices were saying go beat shit out of him, my voyeuristic voices were saying stay and watch.. the latter won.. there was a few guys now openly standing watching, some had their dicks out having a wank. Soon enough I could see Ann climb on top of chris in his seat, still kissing and he was soon lifting her top off over her head. With no bra under, Ann’s beautiful tits we’re now on display for Chris and the audience outside, although I wanted to get closer I decided to enjoy the view from where I was and remain unseen by Ann. After some adjustments I was guessing she now was nude as the audience were getting closer and a lot more wanking going on. After maybe ten minutes of watching my wife clearly riding on Chris’s cock, I noticed the car window open and the first guy stepped forward and Ann’s hand came out of the window and she was jerking his cock whilst stil riding chris. Not long and the guy she was wanking shot his load, and was replaced by another and then another, now watching this is normally something I’d find a turn on, but this was my wife and I had no knowledge of her affair or her antics outdoors. Although shocked and disappointed I was harder than I could remember being for a long time.

What happened next shocked me beyond belief, Ann opened the car door and climbed out, apart from her knee high heeled boots she was nude, she was closely followed by chris, he too was nude and I must admit I was slightly jealous of my wife when I saw the size of his cock, he was a good 8 or 9 inches and very thick, and the thoughts of what I’d like to do with his cock we’re turning me on even more. ( yes I am bi ) Ann walked brazenly to the front of her car and promptly lay forward over the bonnet, chris was soon behind her and with no hesitation he was balls deep in her pussy and pounding away with 7 or so guys watching and encouraging him, and me still hidden in my truck watching and wanking. I saw but more heard chris as he unloaded somewhere deep in my wife’s pussy, and soon enough he stepped back, Ann rolled over onto her back and slid forward and down onto her knees, she then encouraged the audience to come closer and I watched as she openly played with herself as these guys surrounded her wanking like crazy, not long after and Ann had several different lots of cum in her face hair neck tits and all down her back.

She thanked the guys for the fun, and returned to sit in the car and get dressed, once dressed she kissed chris who was now dressed, he went to his car and she drove off. Wow what the fuck have I just watched ? How do I ask her about it? What do I do about Chris?

As I am sat there naked in my truck, contemplating what to do, I was startled when I got a knock on the door, it was a guy about 50 yrs old and well dressed, I opened the window and we started talking, his name was Ian. He started by asking why I hadn’t gone and joined in with the couple, and I explained I was naked and happy in my truck but didn’t tell him the truth.. he said he’d been watching me playing with my cock and asked if I needed a hand.. now I’m not one to just have a wank with another guy, I am much happier when being spanked or fucked, I explained this to Ian and he said he had condoms and lube. So I was out of my truck and soon enough bent forward over my fuel tank, Ian soon had me lubed up and was fitting his condom when I realised we too had a few guys watching, and I was feeling even hornier and naughtier now as I’d never ever been fucked or even had sex with an audience.

Ian was soon probing my bum hole with the head of his cock, and in one grunt from him and a Yelp from me, he was buried fully in my ass, as he very slowly and gently fucked me, he was also landing a few well placed slaps on my bare cheeks, now since childhood I’ve always been immensely turned on by being spanked, I was aware there were 3 guys standing very close to us and all three were wanking rather impressive cocks, I asked Ian if we could turn round and me bend over so I could still be fucking him but play with the other guys, and before long there was dirty naughty little me being even naughtier than I’d watched my wife being not half an hour earlier, and I felt amazing, one guy fucking my ass a hard cock in each hand and one guy fucking my mouth.. as I thought how hot it would have been had Ann been where I am I suddenly shot my full load on the floor, and was soon followed by the guy cumming in my mouth, soon after that I felt the guys in my hands cumming and as Ian started spanking me very hard and pounding me even harder I started to feel his rock hard cock pulsing as he emptied his load inside me( yes still in a condom).

We all shared a cigarette and chatted, and then as I was still nude I started feeling the evening air getting cold. So I decided to call it a night and went back in my cab.

As I sat there contemplating the events of the last cpl hours, I decided not to call Ann to say goodnight but wait til I got home the following night.