Written by Daftrucker

2 May 2018

Ann returned from her night out, very tipsy and very very horny.. as she climbed into bed I noticed she stank of sex, I chose to keep quiet but happily started foreplay, when I eventually arrived at her pussy to start oral, I noticed her lips were very red and swollen, and she was incredibly wet, and as soon as I tasted her I knew her wetness wasn’t just her as I could taste cum in her but again said nothing just happily lapped sucked and flicked away at her, after a decent fuck session we both fell asleep.

As I packed ready for work on Sunday afternoon, Ann told me there was a surprise in my food bag but it wasn’t to be opened until I was at work.. curious I arrived at the truck and hurriedly unpacked, I found a brown padded envelope which inside had a dvd an a pair of black lace panties and a little note from Ann simply read PLEASE ENJOY.. call me later xxx

When I parked that Sunday evening I put the dvd on. Well I guess she had decided to tell me in her own way that she was having an affair, she was an exhibitionist and a cock lover that I’d never fulfil her needs alone.

In the home made film, Ann sat in a deep recliner which I knew was at Chris’s Home as I’d sat in in many times. She explained that as I’m away from home all week she still has needs, mainly that she needs cock. She introduced chris and a long detailed explanation of how it all started. I won’t bore you with that.

Then the video camera was placed so they were both on camera, chris proceeded to help Ann from the chair, she was wearing a shirt black dress and her favourite knee high high heeled boots, chris simply lifted the dress up and over her head as he stood behind her, now she was standing there in just the boots and a pair of black lace panties, yes the ones I now have in my truck, no brand her perfect breasts and rick hard nipples on show, clearly enjoying herself. Chris then slowly pulled the pants down her legs and off over her feet, he handed Ann the pants and announced they were not required. She placed them on the arm of the chair, I watched as my wife sucked on chris until he was rock hard, again I found myself feeling jealous of her getting all that cock to herself. But I was also incredibly horny and soon had my cock out and slowly wanking myself as I watched my wife pleasuring her lover. I watched as they carried on until eventually Chris was sat on the sofa and Ann riding him cowgirl style and boy was she enjoying his cock, I could clearly see on the camera as she was driving herself deep into him and then almost all the way off, her juices clearly visible on his cock made me realise just how much she was enjoying this.. eventually they had both cum, Ann climbed off of his cock, picked up the panties and wiped herself on them, then she came close to the camera and said “ when you watch this I hope you are wanking over these pants and add your cum to ours” “ talk soon babe” and the film stopped.

Needless to say I did wank into the pants as I watched and re watched her getting fucked by Chris, then I called her.. we agreed to allow Ann her lover, she explained again how she loves being watched and loves dogging, and the amount of guys she can tease at once.. now I’m one of her audience when she tells me where her and Chris are going dogging.. more to come if you want ?