Written by Bi TV - York

22 Jul 2013

I'm 36 year old accountant based in York, I'm totally Bi and love to dress as a convincing slutty TV. I've met more than 20 top bi/gay guys for erotic fun but never a couple. So while checking my emails for any interesting responses to an ad I had placed I found one asking if I would mind playing with a married couple. I obviously had no problem with that so I answered saying I thought that would be great fun, and asking what they had in mind.

The couple was around my age, and from the pics they supplied looked very nice and sexy. They answered that they liked to play with one or two other people on occasion, and had saw my ad. The two felt we would all have fun together. They were into kissing and lots of touching and hoped I didn’t mind performing oral on the wife, being fucked by her with a strap on and possibly licking her pussy after. I relied saying all of that was ideal and we made arrangements to meet.

I arrived at the address I was given and found Sue waiting for me. She told me Bob would be arriving shortly but she wanted to dress me and do some makeup. I don’t usually have a wig or makeup but the hour that followed was fun. Sue dressed me in some very hot red undies and stockings, a black leather mini skirt, black sheer blouse, red heels and a red choker. My black long hair wig was firmly in place and my make up looked very slutty.

We had kissed a bit while this went on but that was it. Bob arrived home while we were getting ready and we left their master bedroom bath to find him sitting in a chair naked stroking his wonderfully large cock.

Sue walked over and started kissing him deeply so I too walked over and knelt and took his 10” long and very thick cock into my mouth. Bob thrust forward to get more of his monster cock into my mouth. I felt Sue grab my head and she started using my head to fuck he husband's large member. She said - 'Keep worshiping his cock slut, I will be right back.'

I knelt there licking and sucking Bob big cock, licking and sucking his heavy balls, and after he turned I rimmed his tight little asshole as well. His moans made me feel so good, as did him telling me I was being such a good little slut. Bob got onto the floor and laid with his legs spread so I could again work his hard cock.

I didn't hear Sue re-entre the room, but suddenly felt hands on my hips and arse. I felt some very warm lude being worked into my arse, then I felt something being pressed into its tight opening. Obviously Sue was about to fuck me with a strap on, but I had no idea it was going to be so large. She slipped a bit in and I squirmed but kept sucking, then once it was in she just starting fucking me for all she was worth. I was almost unable to continue sucking her husband's mighty cock as she bitch rammed her rubber dick all the way up my love shoot.

Bob lifted my head from his cock and told me it was his turn. He turned me round and had me sit straddling his wonderful cock, facing away from him. His cock entered me easily after Sue’s monster strap-on. Sue stepped forward and made me clean her strap on before bending to kiss me as her husband fucked me.

They swapped around taking turns to fuck my arse a few more times before Sue got on her hands and knees after removing her strap-on, then Bob began fucking her. She ordered me to lick her clit as she was being fucked. I licked and licked as her husband’s balls that swung above me too.

Suddenly Sue was crying out from her orgasm and Bob began to fuck her with more speed and banging her even harder as he too shot his spunk deep inside Sue's cunt.

I was in the perfect position under Sue so that when Bob had finished filling her with his spunk and pulled out of Sue cunt she squatted her sticky wet pussy on my face and tongue. Bob's spunk was dripping out of Sue hole as I worked my tongue in as far as I could while Sue rode my face for all it was worth.

Before I could get up Sue turned and straddled my cock and slipped onto it. She leaned and kissed me deeply as she fucked me. I was very worked up from all that had gone on and soon began cumming, filling her pussy now with my hot spunk too. Mary again straddled my face and forced me to swallow my own spunk. The two of them each kissed me for a while after before Sue helped me clean up.

They were a very hot couple and we met several more time after- but that's another story.