Written by Biboy

28 Aug 2018

My wife is lovely, still looks good and with a lovely figure. I can shag her when I want, she is always up for it. But lately my bi urges had surfaced (not the first time this has happened) and my need for gay sex had taken a tight hold of me, I had to do something about it. So I placed an advert for a bi oral male who also enjoyed kissing. Well after a couple of days I received a message from Mike. He told me he was a gay married guy and his partner had gone off sex so was looking elsewhere for his sexual pleasure. After a few messages and face pics we agreed to meet at a pub to see if we clicked. That day I awoke with a constant hard on, I showered and shaved in all the right places. We met in the car park of the pub, shock hands and proceded inside for a pint. Within minutes we were chatting like old friends and he suggested a drink at his as Mikes partner was away. We arrived at his beautiful house where we sat drinking and talking for half an hour then he offered to show me the rest of his home. Lastly and not surprisingly he showed me the stunning views from his bedroom. While i was taking in the scenery out of the window he approached from behind, wrapped his arms around me and proceded to kiss the back of my neck, I pressed my body into his wanting to feel his cock against me. His hands were caressing my chest and moving ever closer to my bulge, he unbuttoned my jeans slipped his hand in to my pants and started to fondling my cock and balls. I reached back and felt his cock through his trousers, boy was I in for a shock he was massive......later I found his cock to be just as big as mine when he was soft and mine was hard. I so wanted this guy i was putty in his hands, i turned and saw his cock for the first time, beautiful i thought. Our lips met, our tongues explored each others mouths and our hands undressed each others clothes. It was so good to finally feel his skin against mine and to be able to run my hands freely over his body where my hands soon found their way to his bum. He lead me over to the bed pulling me on top of him, still lots of kissing and me rubbing my cock up and down his leg dry humping him.

More to follow soon.