Written by davey v

7 Aug 2011

I work as a builder in the wigan area doing Extentions and other building work eight weeks ago I started work for a couple lucy and john on their bathroom while taking to john about his job In the fire service he told me that from time to time he would organise a man’s night out with and couple of strippers and a comedian all behind closed doors of course, and went into great detail how the sippers performed their act and how they got a couple up the guys to fuck them as a fan ally jokingly I said I wish I had the nerve to do that in front of thirty other blokes he said no me too I sit at the back so not to be drawn out he then started telling me how one of his colleagues didn’t need any encouragement he was always up without a second thought but he said if I was hung like him I would be first up then he asked if I would like to come along to the next one which was on the following week I replied yes as long as I could stay at the back as no way was I being dragged up to perform he laughed and said no we’ll leave that to Dan anyhow the night was here and we all met a this pub in Wigan back room only for our group the comic came on telling a few gags before the first stripper came out going around the room flashing and rubbing her tits and pussy on different guys Then the second stripper had her turn doing a similar act more from the comic and then it was then john turned to me and said the best part of the night audience participation only thing is there’s no Dan he said he would be late but not this late next the music started and the two strippers returned both dressed in the sexiest gear I’ve ever seen I felt a stir in my jeans as my cock began to harden until it felt even larger than its 7 inch the girls then put a girl on girl sex show on for the 30 sex hungry guys fingering licking and dildo act offering the dildo to the guys on the front row to taste Then I heard john remake thank god he’s here it was Dan I couldn’t believe it Dan was only a guy who lives four doors up from me although we’ve never spoke and he problem didn’t know me. he walked over to john and said he had been held up but was glad he’d made it because he felt like a good fuck If only I had that much confidence, he obviously didn’t clock me as being one of his neighbours so I just stayed quite the girls meanwhile where spending some time on a you guy on the front row one of them sucking his cock while the other was having her tits sucked and cunt fingered they then stripped the guy completely having him stood in front with his erect cock stood to attention for all to see they then beyond for another guy front the audience to join then that was when Dan leapt up and made his way to the front one of the girls greeted him with a kiss on the lips while feeling his groin looking out at the audience with a smile on her face she then turned to her colleague said something and the two began to work on Dan stripping him of his shoes socks and shirt before loosening him belt and trousers it was then I realized what john meant when I saw the outline of Dan’s cock through his boxers they then started to tease Dan's cock until it was so long his bell end and a couple of inches of tool appeared from the top of his boxers fuck me I thought this guy such a lucky fucker my cock felt so big at seven inch what could I do with Dan’s cock I was then that one stripper got on her knees in front of Dan and pulled his boxers down what a cock looked enormous she then began to suck it taking it inch by inch all the guys by this time started circling so I pushed forward knowing that I would not be asked to join in as they had their two participant’s mind you by this time I was so horny I could have joined in without a second thought the performance carried on the two stripper getting fuck by Dan mainly with the other guy having his cock sucked by both girls having watched pornos from a young age I can honestly say I had never been turned on as much as I was on that night just to see two gorgeous girls getting well and truly fucked by Dan and loving every minute of it not only could Dan fuck with his enormous cock he never showed any sign of coming 45 minutes he had been shafting these two honeys in every position but the time was here he withdrew is cock and stood up dragging one of the girls towards it cock making her suck it the other girl not wishing to miss out took his cock and began to suck toing and froing from girl to girl until Dan gave out a yell as he began to come filling the first girls mouth full and then offering the second the left overs with amounted to what I would normally shoot the night ended there it was a thanks to john for the invite and Dan for the performance and it was home by taxi to the wife and the next part of the story