Written by davey v

8 Aug 2011

It was the morning after the most sexual mind blowing night of my life my wife lying beside me so peacefully asleep after the rigorous sex session of the night before. I got out of bed shower returned to the bedroom she still hadn’t moved so I kiss her on the cheek and left for work.

It was back at Lucy and johns bathroom although john and Lucy would not be home as john had the early shift for the next four days, and Lucy worked until 2pm at the newsagents, when I arrived I expected an empty house but Lucy was home, Lucy is in her late thirties about 5’.8” and pretty well stacked never had kids so her body looks firm and well taught. I won’t be long before I’m out from under your feet she said I have a doctor’s appointment at 10am, would you like a brew before I leave just made one for myself. Yes please I replied! so we sat in the kitchen taking about the bathroom and how she would have liked to have had a juccsi had they had more room yeah there great to relax you when you’ve had a busy day not only that she said its good when you entertain why how much entertaining do you do I asked, well we would do quite a lot more if we had the room. Changing the subject I asked how john was getting up at five after the late night before

Oh was you with him, my heart sank did she think john had been out to the local or snooker club

Did she know what her husband had been involved in 12 hours earlier yeah I replied I went along to meet one of his colleagues about a job oh who was that she asked I was on the spot the only name I could think of was Dan Dan I said oh was that before or after his performance she knew about Dan but how much oh you know john do you yeah and his wife gill they are always here when they aren’t working that is in fact if the bathrooms finished this weekend they be over to stay better get on with it then I exclaimed yeah I love them staying over with that I got up and started my work tiling the bathroom ten minutes later she was calling me to so she was off and that she’d be off tomorrow so we could have a proper chat

After she left my mind started running riot was I right in thinking Lucy was taking Dan cock with john and gills approval or was it just my dirty mind 5pm came I knocked off and made my way home still thinking of the conversation with Lucy back home Karen greeted me at the door with a beaming smile on her face tea will be a little late darling didn’t get up till late and I had things to do in-between what thing I asked you know things you do when you’re horny still thinking of Dan’s cock then you bet with that she lifted her short skirt to reveal a freshly shaven pussy I got an instant hadron pushing her back towards the kitchen door lifting her up and sliding her on to the kitchen worktop I was down in a split second lapping on her wet pussy wetter than I’d ever known it was even going to get wetter as she came to a shattering orgasm what did john have to say about late night she asked nothing he wasn’t home but Lucy was we had a nice chat oh yeah what about well this and that but it appears that Lucy and john are more than just friends with Dan and gill why what was said Karen asked just that they stayed over most weekends so Lucy knows about Dan’s exploits well it seems that way well tomorrow do a bit more prodding my god I exclaimed you are into Dan’s dick I can’t wait to see your face if you ever get to see it that up to you she said drop a few hints when you talk to Lucy and john

It was an early night to catch up on sleep after the night before but the following morning I was woken with Karen sucking my cock it didn’t take long before Karen was on top pumping and grinding pussy still wet and horny as it was the at the first mention of Dan’s big cock we both came in another shattering orgasm before I had time to recover she was saying right get down to Lucy and johns see what you can find out about what goes on at weekend

I left home thinking I was all going to turn out all innocent and that I had read it all wrong, pulling my van up in front of johns house I noticed the bedrooms curtains were closed but I was slightly early I tried the front door but it was still locked so I used the key john gave me morning I shouted up the stairs you’re ok to come up just I the en-suite ready to shower I waited because I didn’t think you had a key as I walked upstairs I heard the door of the en-suite shut so I carried on to the bathroom

First job grouting the tiles I fixed the day before I didn’t hear the bedroom door open just the creaking floorboard as Lucy crossed the landing floor as I turned my heart stopped Lucy stood there just clad in a with towel that just covered her pussy and tits what’s on the agenda today she asked in a voice that sounded like I little boy grouting first job oh yes she said john said that’s what you’d be doing he said you had to fill all those cracks is that the white stuff in that bowl yeah I said still not knowing whether it was just her being naïve no john said that if you liked you could fill my crack with that the towel dropped revealing a body to die for big thighs, slender waist and the firmest big tits I’ve ever seen in the flesh her pussy was shaven clean apart from a small patch above a long clit

Like what you see do you yeah you bet I said she then turned and headed back to the bedroom what an arse big and firm looking like it had been knocked back a time or two, my prick was bursting out of my jeans I’d purposely left my boxers off so to give my cock freedom and it paid off it felt great as she released my belt dropped my zipper to release my rock hard member she was down on it sucking the bell end and biting the foreskin more and more of my 7”+ cock disappeared down Lucy’s throat until it was gone. But what came next nearly made me explode her tongue started to caress my balls while my cock was still lost deep in her throat,

God she was good, deep throat at its best! I was trying my best not to come but the pleasure was too much and I unloaded deep down in her throat completely bypassing her mouth, I thought that she’d stop but no she carried on until I was fully erect again, I think it’s my turn now she exclaimed pushing her back onto the bed spreading her legs wide and sinking my tongue deep into Lucy’s wet horny cunt god it tasted so good the taste of pure woman and a slight tinge of sperm maybe john had unloaded before leaving for work. What a lucky bastard to be fucking her whenever he likes I had certainly found the spot she was screaming and shouting lick it you horny fucker

What a turn on I started to delve deeper with my tongue until she exploded socking my face with cum.my cock need some action so I gave it some delving deep into Lucy’s open pussy I fucked her with such intent that she nearly screamed the house down, we came together in one humongous orgasm, my god that was some fuck she said john said you looked like you could do the job, what job would that be then! the job as opening twatsman so what does that entail, well we have a nice little circle of couples who get together quite often the women all have one thing in common they all like big cock and you would be the one who gets them ready to take these big cocks it’s up to you weather you let your wife in on the act or not we can keep it from her if it suits you or you might not want to get involved with our little sex ring. anyway have a think and let us know tomorrow

I wonder what Karen would say find out in next chapter