Written by luckybiker

9 Apr 2007

About 3 years ago, I had an urge to ride motorcycles again. The kids were off hand and we had some freedom. Anyway, when I announced this y wife also said she would love to ride a bike and the thought of the throbbing viration between her legs made her quite excited.

So I booked some lessons and a test and somehow we both passed!

Anyway, I bought a GSX750 and my wife a smaller 500. We had some great rides, and the sight of my wife in leather was certainly a turn on. I am sure we have all dreamed of having a lady in leather and here I was with my own model!

During last summer we were invited by friends to their cottage in Norfolk to look after ther dogs while they went on holiday to save putting them in kennels. As the weather was nice we decided to take one of the bikes so I rode up while she drove the car.

We had some great rides out around the lanes. One day we decided to sit in the very secluded garden and drank a cuple of bottles of wine, by now my wife was quite tipsy. The bike was sitting on the path and my wife said how about some photos of me on your bike?

I agreed and she went in doors, after a few minutes she returned in her leathers, looking rather hot. She mounted the bike and I started taking a few photos. She then said how about some glamour shots, I said ok, and with that she unzipped her leathers to reveal a black basque.I was quite taken back, but loving it. My wife is 5ft 4, size 14 with 34d boobs, and blond short hair.

She got off the bike and stripped of her leathers to reveal al black undies with stockings, wow by now I was rather excited, she got back on the bike and posed rather provocatively her tits popping in and out of her basque, and when I got close I noticed a touch of damp on my saddle.

I snapped away, but by now I was very excited and the next I knew she got off walked over to me let her boobs out and groped me through my jeans. She said come on lets have fun, with that we walked roud to the back and lay on the grass, and had the most sensual time for a long while, We shagged each other silly and then collapsed and slept in teh sun.

I woke up about an hour later saw my wife still in her basque and suspenders but her thong was missing so I rolled over and we shagged agin.

It was a day to remember, and every time I ride I cant help but think of that day in he garden.

So next time you see a couple on a blue GSX 750, look close you may spot my wife flashing at you!