Written by keith

19 Apr 2011

i didnt say anything straight away about her bum and went back to bed, she sheepishly came to join me. after a few moments i had to say something so said fall on your bum love. she looked at me in a funny way before saying no. well come on then whats happened. that bill she replied, now this got me curious and now sexually excited/inquisitive, how could bill be resposible for her red bum.so asking what happened she went on. that it had gone cloudy and started to rain we havnt got a shed yet so bill invited her into his. she had had quite a few wines before with me and they chatted. she could sense he was starring at her legs trying to look up her short legs, she felt confident and in control so stood up bent over infront of him to open the bottom draw of a cabinet in his shed shouting is it true you guys have porno mags kept in your sheds, nothing in the bottom draw nor the next one then bingo 3-4 mags, it is true she laughed and sat down next to him still feeling in control bill didnt flinch. the mags were not your normal glamour mags they were all to do with spanking/caneing she thought one was called cane/kane as she flicked through looking at women bent over mens knees, over desks etc. she found herself getting strangely excited and the talk got to his childhood when kids were caned at school etc then he said she was a nughty girl going through his private things and should be spanked. still feeling in control she said ok but not to hard. went over his knee she thought she was in control but bill was not the nervous type, after a few light pats on her bum she felt him reaching for the button on her shorts and zip then with a few tugs her shorts were down, at this she was feeling strangly excited being like one of the pics he continued to spank her not to hard enough to make her shout owww to various levels.this continued for awhile untill she became aware the slaps were getting slower and he was rubbing her bum more and pushing his fingers between her legs every now and then. then he grabbed her thong and yanked it down. she now no longer felt in control even though the tiny thong had covered little and she decided enough was enough as she struggled to get up he managed to get three very hard slaps in before she managed to stand up. this led her to grasping her bum leaving her well trimmed pussy in full view then she realised and turned around to pull her thong and shorts up. now feeling embarrased she rushed from the shed to be met by tom with a massive smile on his face. she picked the few tools up she had been using and put them where we hide them and rushed away. she has not returned yet when i go bill hasnt approached me but tom keeps asking when shes going to come down again were not sure iff he just heard or saw the episode through the shed window. ive convinced her ive no problem with what happened and she can tell im turned on by it but when i say why didnt you let him have a little feel she admits to being turned on by the spanking but says come on hes ancient, im trying to convince her she can make and old man or two very happy lol but so far no joy.