Written by sara nympho

20 Feb 2007

Hi there, we are an experienced couple whom have had a few 3sum encounters and discussed other fantasies but never gone past that so when this happened although not to surprising it was unplanned. We had been invited on Thursday night to a friend’s sister’s 21st birthday party. I got my mum to sit the kids and said we shouldn’t be too late.

It was at a local Rugby in the private hire room which was basically totally separated bar through a fire exit and through adjoining doors via the toilets/changing rooms. For how many cars were on there we thought crikey we will be lucky get a seat. On entering the room it was packed with muscly rugby players when a guy said the party's next door mate but your welcome to leave the missus, loads of guys cheered and laughed as I replied thanks mate but I guess I will have to decline your offer. Sara laughed and said ay I haven’t said no when all the guys roared and sang let her in, let her in, let her in. I said coming on you teasing lets go. Sara said phew the smell turned me on in there Hun never mind the guys, I laughed and said next door you dirty bugger. These really set the night for Sara and put her in a great mood and within seconds of entering her and her mate were on about the guys next door. I laughed at them both and said calm down your going to wet yourselves soon of which Sara said I think I already have!!

WE enjoyed the night and from time to time could here the guys shouting in the next room (apparently there was some meeting) I told Sara you could see the big bath through a door in the gents and she said take me in later when there’s less people here. We continued the night having some drinks and laughs and noticed a few cars driving off from the room next door. By now there was only about seven people left in the main room when Sara said take me in the changing room bath area babes and make love to me on the bath. I just laughed and said c'mon we better be going. We said our good byes and headed out when Sara suddenly pulled my arm and dragged me into the gents/changing rooms, where is it she said. I quickly looked around and checked no-one was there then leaned against this door which took you into some changing rooms. We then walked to another door and opened it to find a huge deep bath where obviously the rugby players went after games. Sara said phew even the smell is making me wet imagine being in there, I laughed and said yes with about fifteen players!! Sara replied phew yes please. Within seconds a guy opened another door and said what you up to in here folks, I quickly said just showing the wife a real bath mate as she always wanted to see one. The guy said fine and began saying this is the fill level etc and how much it holds and how many people when Sara said phew what I do to be in that when full, the guy smiled and said can be arranged love. Sara giggled and said don’t tempt me and looked at me. The guy the quickly replied why don’t I run if for you two and I will join you too if you don’t mind. I could see Sara liked the guy and she said c'mon love why not. Without even replying myself the guy started to run the bath up which filled extremely quick when he said you to get in I just need to ensure everywhere is locked up inside. We got in a frolicked about for a while when all of a sudden the door opened and in walked six burly guys saying we have guests guys. Sara looked at me and I looked and said hang on when she gripped my hand as if to say don’t say anything and she whispered I’m ok. I knew she was worried about me and I said listen if you want to go we shall I don’t care what happens to me, when the original guy who ran the bath for us said relax folks just enjoy a dip nothing will happen I guarantee.

All the guys said yes mate just enjoy it with the wife. The guys all unchanged and walked in naked as Sara ogled each one in turn, she said some nice bottoms and cocks there Hun when I said shhhh. The guys just asked general things about the night etc as they stared at Sara’s tits and the original moved closer to Sara slowly. You could tell some of the guys had hard on’s and one guy was wanking himself. The water was just above waist height so most submerged themselves now to hide their erect cocks. The original guy then was virtually next to Sara as they exchanged smiles and he began to distract her as the other guys asked me general things. Sara reached out for my hand under the water so I turned around to look; the guy was standing with his cock facing her head all erect. The guy said can’t be helped when such a good looking woman is close by I suppose. The other guys laughed and one said there’s a few of them over here. I ended up laughing with them as Sara surprisingly said best not let this go to waste then to the guy facing her and took his cock in hand slowly wanking him off. I just looked on when the guy stopped another guy coming over and said wait till the lady invites you. I watched as Sara started to suck the guy off and he sneakily turned around so the others could see her head going back and forth on his cock. By now I was hard too and wanted to fuck Sara so bad but thought if I do the whole lot are gonna go wild. The original guy was now leaning against the bath wall eyes closed enjoying Sara’s blowjob. I watched as he gripped her shoulders as he shuddered and shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop as the other guys commented fucking jammy bastard. Sara turned and smiled at me and then looked at the guys and said who’s next then. Within seconds the whole bath water nearly came out as they all stood up showing their hard cocks to her. One guy wasn’t that good looking but had a great physique and massive cock which I knew she’d take a bee line for. She waded through the water like lady godiva tits bouncing as she walked to the guy. She asked him is name of which he said Gavin. She said would you like to fuck me Gavin with that lovely big cock. He said you fucking bet babe, Sara looked at me and I just shrugged as if to say your in control. She leaned across the guy and I watched as she fed his huge dick into her as she heaved out shit that big. He held her waist and expertly guided her slowly onto his cock, her eyes rolled ad he pushed his huge tool deep into her and was now joined by two other guys fighting for her mouth. They lashed there cocks against her face as Gavin banged deep and hard into Sara as she heaved and moaned out in pain and pleasure. Within seconds the two guys were firing their loads over her face and tits as she licked whatever she found near her mouth then suddenly the guy pushed Sara down hard onto him. She screamed out oh my god as the guy forced her little body fully onto his cock as he released his load into her. She screamed fucking hell yes, he seemed to take ages as he filled her to the brim. He finally hoisted her of his prick which was still quite hard with Sara commenting that the bath level had gone up now, she’d never felt such a load she thought she was gonna throw up it went that high!! By now she was totally lost with her fantasy and realized she was about to have it fully explored. One of the guys who waited eagerly moved in to take Sara from behind as she gripped the side of the bath. He held her hands tightly as he hammered hard and fast into her Cumming within minutes as he heaved a loud sigh out. The moment he pulled out the only guy who hadn’t shot is load took position and entered her dripping cum pussy. I could see some of the guys had recovered and were moving over to Sara. The original guy told the guy fucking Sarah to hurry up he wanted to empty is load into Sara soon. Again within minutes the guy was biting her shoulder as he too fired his cum into her. I got out and watched Sara’s face as the original guy lifted her up onto the side after quickly washing out the cum from her used pussy and started to lick her swollen used pussy. She cum a couple of times as the guy lapped at her. Sara never even seemed to acknowledge me as she just took cocks in hand, mouth and pussy when or whoever felt like. I watched on as she was licked, fucked and sucked cocks for nearly three hours before all of the guys couldn’t go anymore. I swear she’d have fucked for ever if they would have carried on, After finally cleaning Sara up we got a lift home from the big cocked guy Gavin who gave me his number and said thanks Sara you were superb if you ever want some more fun I’d love to try and satisfy you. We went in with my ma moaning where you had been till now and after my ma went we headed straight for bed where Sara thanked me for her night of cock extravaganza and asked me to fuck her one more time. She was well worn and came within seconds of me entering her before I finally couldn’t last after seeing the night’s events and duly emptied my marital seed into her!! Yes the next morning the first thing she said “don’t forget to ring that guy babes he has a cock I could die on”. We have had Gavin come over now numerous times and one night he won after fucking Sarah for an incredible six hours on and off. She has fallen for his cock and has admitted to me that’s all she see’s in the guy but as said unless I say no more she will fuck him forever. Carry on babes I told her when you had enough you say.