Written by Steve

19 Oct 2013

Although Danni and I often massage each other during foreplay, I've never had a professional job. Danni has and 's amazing so for my birthday she booked me one. She drove me to a very smart beauticians studio where we met Chante, a very attractive black woman in a dark blue nurse type dress. The place was immaculate and Chante seemed the consummate professional but was also friendly and down to earth. Danni was welcome to watch and Chante made her a coffee before telling me to strip while she went to warm the oil. I got down to my boxers and sat on the edge of the massage table chatting nervously to Danni. We both agreed Chante was nice, with Danni saying that's how she'd seemed on the phone. Chante came back in and beamed me a smile "it's a full body massage Steve" she said giving a gentle tug of my boxers "don't be shy get em off and lie on your front." Danni gave an amused smile as I whipped them off and lay down quickly before Chante could see my manhood. The women indulged in idle chat as Chante worked on my back. It was beautiful, I felt so relaxed I almost nodded off to the sounds of their conversation. She spent ages on my back and shoulders and then moved on to my feet and lower legs. When she did my thighs I. Starting to get cock twitch. Chantes warm hands on my inner thighs was exquisite but better was to come. I glanced nervously at Danni as Chante kneaded my buttocks but she just smiled back encouragingly. Then she dipped fingers into my crack touching my perenium. Waves of pleasure engulfed my whole body as she continued scraping fingernails on the underside of my balls as she did. She playfully tapped my ass and said "turn over". I couldn't, I'd got a raging hard on and Chante slapping my arse a second time wasn't helping. Even Danni told me to hurry up so I just bit the bullet and turned revealing my glory. "I'm sorry" I said red faced. "Don't be" said Chante and then turning to Danni she said "you lucky bitch". They both laughed and then Chante looked at me and said "don't worry Steve it's perfectly normal for that to happen. And you are blessed". She continued the massage from my shoulders to tummy. Once there her fingers inadvertently brushed my erection. Then back to my feet and up to my thighs where more dick brushing occurred. "Almost there Steve" Chante smiled. Although it was great my balls were aching with cum and I couldn't wait to get home and fuck Dannis brains out. Chante filled her hand with the warm oil and poured it over my balls before gently massaging them. I gasped in pleasure and then her warm hand slid effortlessly up to my cock. I looked in panic at Danni who smiled "it's alright just enjoy". She obviously knew about this part of the service. Chante wanked me beautifully tickling the underside of my balls with her free hand. She teased my asshole and then finally penetrated with her manicured finger. That was my release. The first spurt landed just above her eyebrow and then she wanked me perfectly, spunk running down over her fingers. And she knew just when to stop before it started stinging me. Then that warm smile "was that good?" Chante asked. I nodded unable to speak. "You nearly got my eye ! Very impressive." Again the girls laughed. Chante patted me down with towels and showed me to the shower. When I came out Chante and Danni we're chatting like old friends, you'd never have believed one had given the others husbands a wank. Anyway that was my birthday treat. Any ideas on how I can treat Danni on hers lads?