Written by al

19 May 2010

It looked decidely odd with Andy's arms wrapped tightly around Tina and the other tow lads obviously very familiar with her. I had to smile at the awkward looks the scene illicited from the couple in the lift. As we reached our room I looked back to see that the lads already had her dress down and bra off. We quickly entered the room and the lads led her onto the bed. Tina informed the lads that this was my birthday treat and promptly instructed me to sit in the corner get my little cock out and enjoy the nights entertainment. The lads all looked over as I duly obeyed taking out my erect 5.5" cock. Tina took obvious pleasure in telling them that she needed bigger men to pleasure her, but I was useful to clean her up afterwards. The all grinned at my humiliation as I pulled on my small erection. Keen to enter into the spirit of the evening I told them all to give my wife the orgasms I'm unable to. Andy and Dave began sucking on a breast each, gently licking around her nipples. Dave complimented Tina on her tits inbetween nibbling on her nipple. She does have quite dark and prominant aureoles which are very sensitive when she's aroused.

Phil concentrated on removing her dress. She was soon down to her knickers which he pulled aside and buried his tounge up her pussy,whilst gently rubbing around her clit. I had to force myself to slow down my wanking as I risked cumming far too quickly. Tina was groaning from the lads attentions, especially Phil who appeared quite an oral expert. Rather pointlessly I asked if she was enjoying herself "fucking hell he's good" she uttered in response. She then urged Andy and Dave to get their cocks out. Looking straight at me Tina wished me a happy birthday and then enquired if I was sure that I wanted these young studs to slide their big black cocks into her mouth and tight pussy. God yes I urged. Let them make love to you, pleasure you, fuck your married pussy. Tina laughed at me as the lads sported impressive erections. To compound my humiliation, before sucking their cocks she sneared "what type of husband enjoys watching three studs fucking his wife?" Andy laughed and as he fed his cock into Tina's mouth told her "one with a small cock".

I relished the scene as I told Tinal how beautiful she looked as she attempted to suck on Dave and Andy's cocks simultaneously. Phil by now had also stripped and he too had a decent size circumcised cock about 8" with Andy's around 9" with a fairly wide girth and Dave's slightly smaller although still bigger than mine. Both lads were reaching down and plucking her nipples and groping her tits. Andy then straddled her and placed his cock in her cleavage. Tina giggled as she said how my cock gets lost if I try the same. And's cock had no such problem as he held Tina's tit flesh around his cock and fucked them. Tina was clearly ready for fucking so, unsure who would have first go I produced three condoms and handed to each of them. Phil put it on and as he was most conveniently placed he eased his cock into my wife. I watched avidly as inch by inch disapeared up her. There truly are no more erotic sights than watching another man's cock slide up your wife's pussy. To confirm my enjoyment Tina asked if it looked good. I could only stare transfixed and mutter gorgeous as his balls reached her arse.

Phil was as good at fucking as he was at oral. He rubbed her clit as she approached her first orgasm. The other two lads were urging him on, obviously keen to have their turn. Tina began shaking and cried out she was cumming, encouraging Phil not to stop. Andy had returned to her side awaiting his turn which clearly wouldn't be too much longer. Tina told Phil not to waste a drop of his spunk and indicated that he cum on them. He quickly pulled out, whipped of the condom and released a load all over her breasts, wiping the last of it on her nipples.

To be continued