Written by ZCCCP

13 Oct 2011

Well I will give you all a brief over view of the friends ive made over the past few months.

I met a couple a few months ago, realy nice professional couple, good standard of living, stunning woman in every way, looks fantastic, petite, sexy, perfect body, great sense of humour. He relaxed easy going, happy to see his wife enjoy herself, really makes others feel at ease (my first thought was, that I was punching above my weight)

Anyway, we had met several times, clubs and an appartment with another friend. It was amazing with (we will call her P for perfect, as that is what she is) I had a birthday coming up and had mentioned it on the odd occasion, hoping that I would meet up with them both for a birthday treat (well one can hope). I had been away weekend with family, so had arranged a dinner night with both of them Monday night just gone.

I was told of the restauraunt we would meet at and the time, bit suprised really as we never eat before fun, so thought it was going to be great in their company anyway and just enjoy the evening whatever happened.

I arrived at the area we had arranged to meet, my mobile went and it was J (J for Just a great guy)Telling me they were running a little late and he would meet me in the hotel across the road to the restauraunt which I could see. I went in ordered a drink and sat down, 5 minuts later J came in we ordered him a drink and sat down, he explained that P had been doing some work for him and was running late, was not worried, she was worth waiting for.

We chatted briefly about a recent encounter they had both had, it soundeed great and J said his office was just a small walk away and he had some pictures he wanted to show me, I did not really think to much about this, and we drank up then I followed him to the lift to his office, I never really noticed anything as he was talking and I had no reason to suspect anything P was running late, that had happned before, but like I said you would forgive her anything. Out of the lift through a nicely lit corridore

we came to a door which I had presumed was J's office he opeed the door and stood before me was P wrapped only in pink Silk ribbons, I was totally suprised, shocked even, as i had been comletely fooled, not really picking up on anything as I never had any reason to doubt J's reasons for following him (yes I know now I look a right pillock, but I dont care)

P looked amazing the light in the room was great, I could see her clearly, a smiling face beaming eyes that were so so sexy, perfect body wrapped in pink and glittery shoes to finnish off this vision.

It was happy birthday, she came over and we kissed, I was still in shock (the best sort of course) excitement ran through my viens, I could not really believe that all this was for me, they had gone to so much trouble.

We chatted briefly about how they had totally fooled me, then P an I got together, she smelt devine as always, tasted great, kissing her is just the best, J watched and took some very nice pictures, as P and I got down to celebrating in style..she undid my shirtand we Kissed again, this time my hands exploring over and under the ribbons, P was rubbing herself along my tigh, I cold feel the pressure in my trousers build and wanted to rip my clothes off in a flurry and slide into this amazing women.

She undid my trousers, rubbed over my cock and knelt takng my cock in her hands stroking it slowly, looking up and tellng me how hard my cock was, she moved her mouth closer and teased it with the tip of her tongue, it was such a sight to see this beautifull women taking my cock into her mouth, she sucked deeper, I felt my hips ease forward to meet her movement. This progressed and I will carry this on for those who want it...