Written by Zelda

28 Feb 2007

Last time we heard from Sonic and Zelda they had, had a night of drunken passion and foreplay on a work night out. They had to both leave each other to go home before they could finish what they had begun........................

They have been texting each other, and describing the things they want to do to each other when they meet again. In particular licking and teasing her wet swollen pussy. And she longs for him to come deep, inside her.

They had arranged to meet in a quite pub in town , were they could sit at the back of the pub and no one would see them, they chatted briefly , neither of them really paying attention to there surroundings just each other, after a few drinks, they started to sit closer to each other, kissing passionately with deep probing kisses.

Sonic had instructed Zelda to wear a skirt, which as told she had. He started to caress the inside of her thigh, whilst kissing her deeply. She pushed herself towards him, taking his finger deep into her wet swollen pussy, moaning with delight as he fingered deeply. She reached over and started to rub his hard cock , that was straining through his jeans , both of them oblivious to there surroundings. He continued to finger her deeply and harshly rubbed her engorged clit, until she came moaning her pleasure in his ear as quietly as she could. In the busy pub!

The bar man came over and said it was time to leave the pub. Flushed and very horny they stumbled out the door , down to the nearby canal. They found a clearing and stumbled down onto it by a fence. Franticly tearing at each others clothes, she wanted to feel him deep inside her and he wanted to take her now. He removed her lace knickers and put them into his coat pocket. She straddled him and took his hard cock deep inside her, both of them moaning with pleasure, as she rode him hard and deep.

She then pulled herself up and stood above him, thrusting her wet swollen pussy down towards his hungry mouth. He pushed his tongue deep inside her and licked, and teased her pussy until she wanted to cum again. He then turned her around roughly and entered her from behind , as she grabbed onto the railings for support, liking the roughness of this, as he plunged his cock harder into her.

They heard noises and franticly pulled their clothes back on , and ran off down the canal path. Once again they had been disturbed!

As they went to the main road, they hailed a black cab and stumbled in still clinging to each other and kissing. As the cab pulled away, he slid his hand up her skirt to stroke her pussy, she turned moaned in pleasure and straddled him, on the back seat of the cab. Her coat concealing what they were doing. Hungrily kissing and touching each other ,as she continued to ride him deeply as they drove through the streets of London, until he came deep inside her, moaning with his pent up pleasure .

Needless to say they were both still turned on with the thought of her sitting on a train home, with no knickers on and a very , very wet full pussy!

They are hoping to meet up again, will let you know what happens next................