Written by gotalotof

31 Jan 2010

Another story about sex with my first girlfriend. Rosemary was her name, big tits, hairy twat and a reasonable figure. The only good thing about her face was the mouth that could give a really good blowjob. She was almost always up for a bit of rough sex.

Anyway, this time we were out for a walk on a cool autumn evening. It was still reasonably bright as we walked along a moderately busy country road. Chatting away to each other I started to wonder what it would be like to shag her in the open, in a field where we could be seen by passing cars.

So I told her I was horny and wanted her. She said we would have to wait till we got back to her house. “Not bloody likely” I told her. “You’re getting a seeing too real soon you slapper”. There was a gate just a few yards away leading into a field by the side of the road. I opened the gate and pushed her into the field in front of me. “OK you slag, get your tits out. I want to see them” she started to say something but the look on my face let her know I was serious. To make sure she understood the situation I told her ”Do as you are told you slag, you are my fuck bitch, you have no say about when and where I screw you. You lost that right when I caught you with your knickers down with Pete”. I had walked in on her as Pete, an ex mate of mine, had been about to stick his puny dick into her.

Anyway, knowing I was serious she opened her blouse and did that wonderful womans trick of taking her bra off without taking her blouse or coat off. I just love watching that. Her big tits (36 DD) were now out for me to look at. It was a cool evening so her nipples were quite pert and I knew they would be sensitive. She put her bra in her coat pocket, can’t litter the countryside now can we!

Now your knickers you slut. Need your pussy ready when I want to screw you. Obediently the knickers came off. Skirts make things so much easier. I took them from her trembling hand and threw them onto a nearby hawthorn bush. You won’t need them again tonight. Now take your coat off. Again she obeyed.

So here we are her with her tits exposed trembling in the cold, knickers off and her back to the hedge and the road. I reached out to touch her pert nipple. She pulled back. “Oh no you don’t bitch” I shouted, “Get over here, time for my pleasure!!!” She moved a little closed, I grabbed her right nipple with my left hand pinched her hard, pulled her towards me and harshly slapped her left tit two or three times. She yelped and then sucked the pain back in knowing what would happen if she started mouthing off. “That’s right bitch, you know the rules, you played away now you are mine to do what I want with. Now get your slut mouth on my cock and make it good”.

She pulled my jeans zip down, reached in and pulled my dick out, bent down to start sucking. “On your knees bitch” I said. “But it’s dirty” she said. “Yes, dirty like the dirty slut who is going service me, get down there and suck”. She knelt down, put her mouth round my bell end and started to suck. It felt good, but I wanted to make sure she knew who was boss, so took too large handfuls of her hair and pulled her head forward forcing my dick deep into her mouth and into her throat. I held her head there listening t o the increasing moans and gurgles as she could not breath eventually allowing her to gulp down some air when I relaxed my grip and slide her head off my cock. Then back deep into her mouth. I rode her head hard for about ten minutes. I was very rough with her, not giving her a chance to take a breather or a break. I’m fortunate that I can hold on when being sucked. To date no girl has ever sucked me off. I enjoy blowjobs, I’ve been sucked well for over an hour by one girl without coming but that’s another story.

Now it was time to get at that hairy pussy, Still holding her hair I pulled her head off my cock and pushed her down onto her hands and knew. I pulled her skirt up so I could see her butt. I pushed her blouse up over her head so that her back as bare with her big 36DD jugs swaying out in the open. She was obviously cold. She had goose bumps all over. I put her coat down so I could kneel behind her and not dirty my jeans. Her knees and now her hands were covered in mud, silly cow. I pushed my cock in to her wet hole. It felt so good. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled on two handfuls so her head was pulled back and her back arched nicely pushing her arse up and giving me even better access to thrust deep into her and get my cock banging into her cervix with every thrust.

I was in heaven, I was warm and comfortable, shagging away hard on my bitch while she was cold, uncomfortable and feeling the power in every thrust into her worthless pussy. I made sure my balls slapped onto her clit with each deep thrust. She may be my fuck bitch, but she still needed to enjoy some aspects of it. So I made sure her clit got some rough treatment.

Her big jugs were swinging below her as I rode and rode on her. She was squealing out with each deep thrust. I increased my pace thrusting harder and harder as my climax grew, my balls tightened and I spunked deep into her. Spurt after spurt filling her up. When I had had my fill I pulled out abruptly, pulled her face round to my cock and told her to “clean it up bitch.” She opened her mouth and took my cock in all the way and sucked the cum off it in one long slurp. I got up, gave her her coat back and helped her to her feet. We left her knickers on the bush. She went home comando. As we walked back to her house my cum was running out of her pussy down her legs. What a slapper she is.

I don’t know if anyone in the cars passing us actually saw anything and I don’t really care. I did know that I enjoyed riding her in the open air so would need to think of other ways and places to have her.