Written by Mike

18 Mar 2016

I have just come back from a small country called Djibouti, in Africa. I have been doing two weeks of consultancy work, and training people in aspects of international law. It is the third time I have been and the third time I have worked with the group of people who received the training.

About myself I am a reasonably fit 49 year old guy, quite athletic and well hung with a rather thick nine inch cock when hard. I am told I am not bad looking though no Bard Pitt.

I was staying in a good hotel in the centre of Djibouti City, a very large and pleasant room, with a sitting room. The courses were held there which was great, as it is a busy place on the roads.

The group I have been training was twenty in number, mostly males but including three young women, two were married and Fatima a twenty five year old woman was single. Fatima was very strong willed, intelligent and had a lovely figure, which you could make out through a rather clingy hijab, and a beautiful face and very sexy eyes. Her English was excellent.During breaks we had always talked a lot, as time went on the talk became flirting, she obviously knew I found her very attractive, and the signs were that the attraction was mutual. Of course in that part of the world you have to be very careful about relationships, and sharing rooms, if you are not married.

On the second day of my last visit we finished early as some of them had to go and do some presentation to the board of their company. Fatima hung on and when everyone had gone suggested we had a drink in the bar, yes they had a bar! I ordered a fruit drink for her and I had a whiskey and ice. We chatted for ages, and she came across as a very sexy woman, who knew what she wanted in life. Her plan is to leave Djibouti at the end of this year, when her tie in for the training the company had given her ran out, and travel the West and other parts of the world. I said that if she was ever in London I would be delighted to look after her. She made a comment about looking after her now, I said I would be delighted she was a stunning young woman, whom I could not take my eyes off when training, she said she had noticed that and she could not take her eyes of me either. I suggested that we left separately. Which we did; she went to my room, and I would join her in five minutes. She said she would not lock the door.

I drank my whiskey and have to admit I was a bit nervous. This was the first time I had had sex with a Muslim girl within a strict Muslim country, all I had seen of her was her in a hijab. I went to the room and knocked she shouted to come in, I went is and the sight that greeted me will last with me forever. On the bed, naked, was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, long black hair running over both her shoulders long legs leading to a perfectly smooth cunt and the best pair of tits ever. I took my clothes off and went over to her we kissed, and then I kissed down her neck, onto her tits, bite and sucked on each nipple pinching the other as I bite and sucked on one. The feel of her large nipples growing in my mouth was awesome. She was moaning and holding my head in place over her nipples, then I moved down over her stomach and into her cunt spreading her legs as I licked and fingered her cunt them rimmed her arse, finger fucking her with a finger in her arse and a finger in her cunt, as I did after a shirt time she let out a real scream and her body shook with a massive orgasm. She then ask me to kiss her and get in the bed, she then kissed my body sucking and pinching my nipples before taking each ball in her mouth then rimming me and then licking my shaft and bell end telling me that it was the biggest cock she had ever seen, and starting to suck me slowly at first, but then as she sucked she took more in until she had most of my cock in her throat the feeling was amazing. After about fifteen minutes I pulled her off, lay her on her back and rubbed my cock around her cunt lips before slowly entering her cunt and starting to fuck her, she was so tight but wet. I started to fuck her hard and she told me to be rough so I pinched her nipples hard, asking her what she wanted and she said to be fucked hard, as I fucked her I took hold of her hair and pulled it back pushing her mouth to mine we French kissed, I then told her she was my slut and she said yes please, we fucked fast and furious for about twenty minutes before we came together.

We lay holding each other, she told me that no guy had licked her before and the only guys she had been with three of then were locals and did not care about the woman cuming. We kissed she sucked me hard and I put her in the doggy position and entered her cunt taking her arms and holding them behind her back as I started to pump her, then I let her arms of and grabbed her hair really tight and pulled her head back as I rode her juicy cunt, I then started to play with her arse, fingering her hole with one, then two, then three fingers, juicing her up and then taking my cock out of her cunt and slowly entering her arse, she said it hurt at first I asked her shall I stop she said no, I want to to have every bit of me, after a few minutes I was balls deep I then started to fuck her tight arse, and lent over and play with met clit, she was soon screaming for me not to stop, she had another orgasm and I came inside her soon afterwards.

We had sex once more, by which time is was almost 11pm, she showered, kissed me and left.

The following day we tried not to make it obvious we had fucked. Although, when we had an alone minute she told me that she only had suspenders and stockings on under her hijab. That evening she told her family that she was staying with a friend and she stayed all night; she had a huge sex drive, into everything. She told me that she loved sex with me and she loved having her anal cherry taken. We had sex every day, however, she only stayed over twice

She wants to come to London to work in late summer. However, I am going back to Djibouti in May and look forward to her very body once again