Written by Anne

30 Dec 2008

For a number of months now my husband and I have been talking about having someone else join us in our bedroom. I must admit the thought did excite me as we are quite liberal in our views of sex. My hubby is 45 years old, he has always looked after himself mainly through being involved in sport for most of his life. I\'m 52 years old, size 14 with a 36D chest and a nice rear, so I\'ve been told.

We have recently been playing out some of our fantasies, one in particular makes me really horny. It brings out the best in me, I call my Hubby, who\'s at work, telling him I\'m handcuffed to the bed and blindfolded with only a G string, black holdups and a pair of stilletoes on and that he needs to come and give me a good seeing to. He does as he\'s told comes home at lunchtime and gives me one of the best fuckings I\'ve ever had.

Following that session my Hubby asked what I would do if he brought another man with him while I was handcuffed and blindfolded. My response was you\'ll have to try it to see!!

One of my other fantasies was to be screwed by a young black stud with a big cock. Anyway time passed by and on the Tuesday before Christmas my hubby took himself off to work and I said to him I might have a present at lunchtime for him if he\'d like to come home. The smile on his face was lovely to see so I just winked at him and went off to soak in a lovely hot bath to prepare his treat for him.

I know my hubby looks on some swinging websites and he has shown me the profiles of some very fit young coloured guys. What I wasn\'t aware of he\'d asked one of them if he would like to join us sometime. This guy was 28 years old, lived 15 miles from us and had a fantastic body with a 10 inch thick cock. His name was Nathanial and was a QS by trade.

When my hubby got to work that morning he called Nat to see if he was available at lunchtime. He got a positive reply and agreed to meet him at 11.45am outside a local pub in town. I had got myself ready for what I thought would just be my hubby coming to fuck me, with white holdups, white G string and my black thigh boots. I readily put my blindfold on and hadcuffed myself to our bed. My pussy was so wet in anticipation of my \'stranger\' coming to fuck me. I heard my huuby unlock the door and my heart pounded in anticipation of his lovely cock.

He seemed to take a little longer than previously to come upstairs but I knew he was probably teasing me. He came in the bedroom and said \'wow you look so fuckable\' and started to undress. When he was naked he climed on the bed and started to kiss my erect nipples and run his fingers over the outline of my shaved pussy. \'Do you like your present\' I gasped as he started to finger my clit. \'You bet darling, you look gorgeous\' he replied. \'I\'ve got a present for you too baby, I hope you like it\' he commented further. \'Please tell me what it is, I\'m so excited\' I panted, \'You\'ll know very soon babe, it\'s my special Christmas present to you from me.\' Immediately I felt another pair of hads playing with my tits, at first it startled me but then I was reassured by my hubby that all was well and it was one of my fantasies that he\'d brought with him.

My hubby then got off the bed and reached for our camera as Nathanial continued to play with my body. I couldn\'t see or toch him due to being blindfolded and cuffed but he felt great against my body. \'Open your legs Anne\' he asked which I did immediately, he then pulled aside my G string and started to lick my newly shaved pussy. God it was good, he brought me to my first orgasm on his tongue. \'Please fuck me, I\'m so wet for you\' I begged him, \'ok if your ready for me\' came his reply. With that I felt him kneel between my legs and put them over his broad shoulders. \'Fuck me, fuck me now\' I cried. He then rubbed the tip of his cock between my pussy lips before sliding the head inside. I gasped and said \'that\'s gorgeous you feel so big, please let me have all of your cock\' I continued to beg. \'Are you sure\' he asked, \'oh yes, fuck me now\' I shouted.

He slid his huge cock into me inch by inch until he was buried right inside me, right to the hilt. \'Do you like that\' my hubby asked \'oh yes babe, take my blindfold off so I can see who\'s fucking me\' he did just that and my eyes widened when I saw the vision of a handsome young black stud about to give me the fucking of my life. Nat started to fuck me steadily with long slow thrusts until I screamed for him to fuck me harder. God did he know how to please a woman, he undid my hancuffs and we fucked in every position all afternoon. He filled me with so much of his cock I was in heaven.

My hubby had to go back to work but Nathanial stayed with me until 6pm. I had to tell Gary everything when he came home and we had some fantastic sex over Christmas just thinking about my fantasy becoming a reality with Nathanial.

Ladies if you get the opportunity you should take the chance. I\'ve not stopped smiling since I did.

Anne xxx