Written by JM06

14 Sep 2014

It was really hot and I had nothing to do. The car had needed a wash for ages so I filled my bucket got out my sponge and out I went. I had only been out for 15 minutes or so and I could really feel the sun burning my back. I only had on hot pants and a vest top. No bra and no knickers! It was too hot for them and besides who would notice. I stopped to tie back my hair when the young lad from across came around the corner. He was always very polite and would always say hello whenever we bumped into each other in the street. He was much younger then me. 19 or 20 maybe. This did not stop me admiring his very fit and very toned body and today I was thankful to the sun as he was topless. This would always make my heart beat a little faster, giving me a tingly feeling down below too! He stopped and asked me if I was enjoying the heat to which I replied "yes it is lovely". He commented on how clean the car was looking and I started to giggle. He had never spoke to me this much before, I was not complaining. I was admiring the view. I'd go as far to say that this young lad with a 6 pack, toned arms and up close more handsome then I had noticed before was beginning to flirt with me. He told me it was a good day to play with water. I must have looked confused by this comment as he went on to explain that I was almost as wet as the car. I had not noticed but when I looked downtown see what he meant the front of my vest was soaked. Instantly I could feel my self blushing and at this point I realised how important it would be to have a bra on as both of my nipples were erect and extremely prominent through my top. I laughed it off with an embarrassed giggle and with that he went inside his house. I could not believe I had got all embarrassed in front of a 20 or something year old. As if he would be bothered about my nipples when he could probably have any nipples he wanted. I carried on washing. Another 15 minutes must have gone by and I had been thinking to myself. Maybe he was only talking to me to see through my top. No I thought. This is ridiculous I told myself. The next thing I knew he was back outside and heading in my direction. I pretended I had not noticed him. Surely he really was not coming over to talk again. This was so much more talking then our usual hello. I heard him start to talk so I turned round to face him. Yes my nipples still erect and getting harder by the second. And me getting redder by the second due to thoughts I was having. Still tingling down below. I now seemed very aware of the fact that I actually should have put underwear on. Although having a little glimpse in the direction of his cock I wasn't 100% sure that he had underwear on, this sent my blushing to a whole new level. He asked why I seemed to be blushing and in a panic I blurted out that it was because I was not wearing a bra and that by nipples were on show! I now wanted the ground to swallow me up. He commented "yes, that's why I have come back", OMG! I could not believe this. He then asks if my husband was home. He was not he was at work. "Can we go inside for a moment" he asked to which I agreed. I felt excited that we was inside my home together but nothing would have prepared me for what happened next. He dropped his trousers to release his big black snake! My twinge down below was now a throb I could feel my clit swelling. I wanted to resist this but I just couldn't. I had been admiring him from a far for so long. With this I dropped to my knees and started teasing his big black balls with my tongue looking up at him whilst I was doing it. He was looking down at me. He held my head pushing it towards his cock which had now grown to a new size I never imagined existed. I wanted it in my mouth and so did he as he pushed my head onto it. I could feel it right at the back of my throat swelling in my mouth. It was huge. I licked up and down his long shaft teasing his end with my tongue. I started to cup his balls at the same time as sucking his cock. He seemed to be very much enjoying himself!this went on for quite a while but I was enjoying the moment. I wanted to savour it. I had never had something so big in my mouth and I was loving it. His juices were flowing. I could feel them dripping down my chin. I could feel myself swelling with excitement. He pulled himself out of my mouth dropping to his knees too. His big cock standing to attention. He pulled my wet top over my head revealing my erect nipples. He started to suck them and gently tease them with his fingers. I was loving this. I was so sensitive I wanted to moan out loud with everyone of his touches. I wanted to climax. I grabbed his big throbbing cock and in my hand and started to wank it. OMG I wanted to slide up and down it so bad. Although I didn't want to rush it I had never wanted it so bad. I had never been this excited about sex before. My juices were flowing I could feel my pussy soaking wet. He started to undo my shorts now to reveal no knickers! What would he think of me? At this point I was beyond caring. All my embarrassments had gone. Judging by the size of his cock I didn't need to worry about what he thought. I pulled down my shorts as quickly as I could and he seemingly liked what he see in front of him. He put he head straight between my legs and was licking me. I could not help but let out cries and moans, I had now lost myself. I had this 20 something year old black lad from across the street lapping away at my soaking wet pussy. What would my husband say? I was making the most of every moment. He was enjoying my pussy and my pussy was defiantly enjoying him. Up and down he was licking and teasing my clit with his tongue. I felt a finger enter me. Again I moaned then I felt another and another! I was loving this. I had never been so wet in my life and I really needed to cum. He then stopped and looked at me. He smiled and positioned himself between my legs. "Do you like" he said. I could say anything but smile. I was smiling at the fact of seeing that big huge black cock coming closer and closer. He was now easing his beast gently into me. OMG I screamed, never did I think that this would happen to me. It was in. All of it. He was thrusting in and out and occasionally teasing my nipples with his tongue too. I wanted this to last forever. He started pounding faster and faster and I could tell that he was getting closer to cumming. The size of his cock banging in and out of my soaking wet pussy was driving me wild. His speed increased. He was getting close. Then all of a sudden he filled my pussy full of juicy cup and as that happened I let go, again. Twice. I never came twice! We collapsed together.