Written by Annabel

26 Sep 2016

I first started reading the stories on here with my husband about six or seven years ago. We both found them a turn on, even if we doubted how true some of them actually were. The veracity mattered little, they served a useful purpose in spicing up our already quite active love life. If we read a story we liked we'd imagine we were doing it later in bed when we fucked. In some instances we went further, having sex outdoors in the summer. A handful of times, to please him, I went out with no bra or knickers, wearing a loose top and short skirt, flashing my tits and pussy. Watching the expression on guys faces when they realised they could see my pussy up my skirt was great fun. It turned us both on and invariably we'd stop on the way home and fuck in the car, field or woods. His fantasy though was to for me to have sex other men while he watched. Mine was to be fucked by a black guy, preferably one with a large cock.

It was about a year before he broached the subject, asking if I'd be willing to fulfil his fantasy and let another guy fuck me while he watched. It didn't surprise me, I'd been expecting him to ask for some time. In fact I'd begun to wonder if he ever would, because it would give me the opportunity to fulfil my fantasy without being the instigator. Not wanting to seem to eager I told him I'd think about it. Much as I fancied having a black cock, actually going ahead and agreeing was more difficult, mainly because my husband would be watching. I put off making a decision, for a week, then a month. He was really good, didn't push me only mentioned it once or twice. I was on the verge of telling him I was willing to do it, with a few conditions, like I had the final say and it would be in a hotel when he was killed in an accident.

Thirty six years old, a sixteen year old daughter and widowed. Fortunately it turned out that as well as the mortgage being paid off, he'd had the foresight to take out life assurance, which combined with his company pension, and compensation, whilst not leaving me rich, left me comfortably off and secure.

Sex with anyone, let alone casual sex with a black guy was the last thing on my mind. It was two years before I went out with another man and about another six months before I felt comfortable enough to have sex. I had always enjoyed sex, and fucking again reawakened my sexual desire. I didn't have a boyfriend, just a couple guys who fucked me fairly regularly. More often I picked up guys in bars, going to theirs to fuck, never seeing them again. I had to be discrete because my daughter was attending a nearby University but still living at home, commuting most days, and I could never be sure when she'd be home. In her final year she shared a house with several other students.

At last I was able to bring guys home and fuck without her hearing and being aware of how many different men I had sex with. I enjoyed the variety and after what had happened to my husband didn't want the commitment of a relationship. In her final year more than a dozen guys fucked me up to early this summer. Her degree finished, they all had to move out of their accommodation. She was coming home for a few days then intending to spend the summer, back packing in Europe with friends. A day or two before she phoned to ask if one of the guys she shared with could could stay at mine while he searched for somewhere to live. A couple of weeks or so, no more. Why not I thought, just to help out.

She turned up with him about 6pm the next day. She'd mentioned him in the past but hadn't told me anything about him. Well. His name was Clinton, about 6 feet 2 inches tall, athletic, black and to be honest absolutely gorgeous. She told me they were just friends and I showed him to his room and gave him a front door key. Try as I might, I could hardly keep my eyes off him all evening, glancing at him, admiring his physique, wondering how big his cock was. My daughter went to bed early, she had to be up at 6am to catch a train, meeting someone she was travelling with. Clinton went upstairs too. I went to be bed an hour or so later. Clintons door was shut, but passing my daughters room I could hear the unmistakeable sounds of them fucking. Friends with benefits, I thought, feeling a little jealous.

I was still in bed when I heard them up and about in the morning, assuming they'd left together. I showered, dressed and went to work. At lunch time I received a text from my daughter to tell me she wouldn't be back that night. Still under the impression I had the house to myself I returned home after work, put my shopping in the kitchen and started to climb the stairs to go to my bedroom to change. My head was just level with the landing when to my surprise Clinton came out of the bathroom, with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He didn't notice me and walked to his room, leaving the door ajar.

I know I should have gone back downstairs and called out or something but I didn't. Unable to resist the chance to see him naked, I crept up the remaining stairs and along the landing, hoping I'd be able to see through the gap between the door and frame. I edged closer, eye close to the gap. I could see him, standing in front of the mirror, back to me, naked, finishing drying, rubbing between his legs with the towel. He had a lovely bum, the muscles in his back flexing, the sight of his naked body turning me on.

Absorbed in watching him, almost oblivious to what I was doing, I distractedly began to rub my pussy through my skirt. At last he finished drying. Half turning, he threw the damp towel on the bed. I got a brief look at his cock, guessed it was at least eight inches. Attempting to see the reflection of his cock in the mirror I moved, accidentally nudging the door. There was a small squeak which sounded loud to me. I dodged back, fearing he might have heard it. I froze, listening for the slightest sound. Nothing. 5, 10, 15. 20, 30 seconds must have passed. He can't have heard it. I slowly edged forward, unable to resist peeping through the gap again. I was rewarded by the sight of him facing towards me, but looking away. His cock hanging between his legs, nestling against his heavy balls. Easily eight inches as I'd thought, probably a bit larger, it swung between his legs as he began to do squats.

I hitched my skirt up rubbing my pussy through my panties. Engrossed on watching his cock, I failed to realise that he'd noticed me until he suddenly jumped to his feet, was across room, had thrown the door open and was standing in front of me, catching me, fingers inside my panties, still rubbing my pussy. Before I could react he pulled me into the bedroom, swung be around and stepped back so he was blocking the door. “Like what you see” he commented, holding his cock, looking between my legs. Whilst I'd stopped rubbing myself my hand was still resting on my pussy. I nodded or something, said it was nice. “I bet your cunt's wet?” he remarked. “Probably” I replied recovering. A smile flitted across his face. “Take your clothes off. Show me” he ordered. “And if I don't?” I challenged. He was stroking his cock it was beginning to stiffen. He shrugged “Then I won't fuck you” he arrogantly replied, standing aside to allow me to leave.

The sight of his growing cock, the bulbous knob swelling, pre cum beginning to seep from the tip was enough to persuade me. I unfastened the buttons down the front of my blouse one by one, pulling it open, revealing my bra, tugging it from the waist of my skirt. I allowed it to slip to the floor, unzipped my skirt, pushed it down my legs and stepped out of it. I could see my reflection in the mirror. It had been a hot day and fortunately I'd chosen to wear a lacy, see through underwired bra, matching panties, hold up stockings instead of tights and 4” heeled court shoes. My hard nipples were visible, my large tits swelling out of the cups, a noticeable damp patch between my legs, where my sex juices had seeped from my cunt, soaking my panties.

I reached behind my back, unfastened by bra, letting it slide down my arms to the floor. Despite my being twice his age, old enough to be his mother, I think he liked what he saw. He licked his lips, reached out cupped my tits as if weighing them. “Fucking hell. How big are they” he enquired. They are round, reasonably firm and I'm actually rather proud of them. “Thirty Six FF. I think your cock would look fantastic between them” I replied, looking down at it greedily. He was now fully erect. About ten inches of beautiful, thick, black, cock meat. I bent over and quickly removed my panties, revealing my pussy, regretting not shaving for a couple of days when I ran my fingers over my mound and felt the growth. I began to take off my stockings but he told be to leave them on, get down on my knees and suck his cock.

I dropped to my knees in front of him, took hold of his throbbing cock, stroked the shaft feeling the the swollen veins in my palm. I rubbed it against my face, leaving a trail of his juice on my skin. Fellatio was something I disliked when I was persuaded by one of my first boyfriends to give him a blow job when I wouldn't let him fuck me. I'd given dozens of blow jobs to guys before I lost my virginity and found I quite liked the taste of spunk. Over time and as I came became a more proficient cocksucker I grew to enjoy it and with my husbands help learned to deep throat. I stuck my tongue out gave Clinton's cock a tentative lick, tasting the slightly salty precum, before parting my lips, drawing his knob into my mouth. He tasted fresh and clean, his thickness an enjoyable challenge as I sucked more of his length into my mouth.

I began sucking his cock deeper in to my mouth, showing off my cocksucking skills by swallowing, taking part of his cock into my throat. I heard him telling me to lie on the bed, with my head off the edge. I knew what he wanted to do, stopped sucking him and did as he wanted. I let my head fall back, mouth aligned with my throat. I opened my mouth for him and he slid his cock between my lips. Whilst I sucked and swallowed he eased his cock down my throat until his balls were touching my nose. He put his hands on my tits, squeezing them, playing with my nipps while he began to fuck my mouth. I didn't mind if he came in my mouth, reckoning a young guy like him would soon get erect again with a little help and be able to fuck me.

I sucked him for a few minutes before he pulled his cock from my mouth and said he wanted to take up my suggestion of a titty fuck. I immediately wriggled onto the bed, he climbed on top of me, slid his cock between my tits and I squeezed them around his shaft. His cock was long enough for me to suck and lick as he tit fucked me for several minutes. Much as I was enjoying it, particularly the sight of his dark cock between my white tit flesh, I couldn't reach my pussy to finger myself and was getting desperate for him to fuck me. I was about to ask him to when he climbed off, rolled me over, lifting me onto my knees. I parted my legs, offering him my cunt.

My juices were flowing copiously, the inside of my thighs and stocking tops wet. I didn't need any foreplay, but he fingered me, using the liquid from my juicy cunt to lubricate his cock. Nicely wet, my fuck hole opened by his fingers, he drove his cock into me. My cunt stretched around his thickness. I gasped at the sensation of being so deeply penetrated. The tip of his cock must have been close to touching my cervix as he pounded me deep and hard. I wasn't long before I felt the first flickers of an imminent orgasm. I helped myself along, hand between my legs frigging my clitoris. I started breathing heavily, panting as the pre orgasm flutters became more frequent and intense. I climaxed, my cunt pulsating on his throbbing cock, begging him to cum inside me, irrationally demanding that he make me pregnant, give me his baby.

I started to calm down a bit, but he still hadn't ejaculated. “Cum inside me, give me your spunk” I kept urging him, pushing back against his thrusting cock. I only stopped telling him to cum when I felt a second orgasm getting close. This time I came more powerfully, my arousal increased by him grunting he was close, then feeling him jerking as he ejaculated, pumping his virile young seed inside me.

I think that from that moment I was a convert to the pleasures of black cock. His spunk pouring from my pussy, soiling the sheets, I turned around wanting to suck and stroke his cock so he could fuck me again. He told me to stop, it was Friday evening and he had a part time job as a doorman to go to. I lay on the bed, masturbating, watching him dress. I went downstairs to see him off. The front garden has six foot hedges both sides and most of the front. Naked, uncaring I might be seen by anyone passing, I went with him as far as the gate, telling him I wanted him in my bed, fucking me, no matter how late he returned.

I awoke when he returned in the early hours, got into bed with me, fucked me before he slept. I was awoken again some hours later, his erect cock, sticking into me. I wriggled down the bed and sucked him before climbing on top and ridding him, cumming twice before he shot his load.

We were both up and dressed by the time my daughter returned. By then he'd fucked me twice more and I'd told him he could stay for as long as he wanted. Latter that night I was tormented, listening to the sounds of them fucking until everything went quiet. I was still awake, laid in bed, masturbating trying to overcome my frustration when my bedroom door opened and Clinton got in my bed. I was so pleased to see him that it didn't even cross my mind that only a little earlier he'd been fucking my daughter, what I could taste on his cock was her juices and to be honest I probably wouldn't have cared.

Satisfied, I slept after we had sex and he'd gone when I woke. I decided I didn't mind sharing him for a couple of days when I heard them fucking again the following night. Again he came to my room, fucked me then afterwards mentioned that the next night was my daughters last before she travelled. I suggested going out for a meal. He had other ideas. He wanted a Mother/Daughter sex session, to fuck us both in the same bed, giving the impression that she was up for it if I was.

It's probably best if I leave you guessing whether we did or not. You can just use your imagination as to what may or may not have happened.

However, Clinton is still living with me and I have some other stories which you may like.