Written by Georgina

6 Feb 2013

I'm still not really sure why I went so far and found it so easy. Annoyance with Martin, my husband, partly, tired of him being away so much. I'd always been faithful, although in recent months I'd found myself night fantasising about having an affair. The opportunity for no strings sex was just to hard to resist when it presented it self.

I'd gone to collect Martin from the airport, booked a room for the night, his flight from the Middle East not due in until about 7pm, if it was on time. I'd left early, a three hour drive, heavy rain forecast and hadn't realised the battery in my phone was flat until I plugged it in to charge in the hotel room. The phone must have been off for hours, missed calls and texts from him, telling me, he had to stay for an extra week. So much for my night of passion after two months with just my vibrators and fingers for comfort. I’d packed some new lingerie, stockings, string, a half cup bra, one that my 36dd tits spill out of at the slightest provocation, a short, very sexy low cut dress. All for nothing. I'd have booked out and gone home if it hadn't started raining heavily. Not wanting to drive in the dark and wet I decided to stay. I managed to get through to Martin which is when I found he'd actually volunteered to stay an extra week, that was the last straw.

I took a shower, sat on the bed after, caught sight of myself in the mirror. Not bad for forty two, tummy flat, tits still reasonably firm. I stood, looking over my shoulder, gave my bum a wiggle, firm and pert, legs mercifully cellulite free. I turned facing the mirror, touched my pussy, smoothly shaved that morning, ready for Martin, when hopefully he'd have been going down on me before we fucked. I gave my clit a gentle rub, felt the little bud, harden almost immediately, under my touch. I opened my legs a bit wider, moved my fingers back and fore along my slit, felt them moisten, my pussy opening and slipped two fingers into my hole. I fingered myself, thinking about what I was missing, how much I'd been looking forward to a fuck. No chance of that I thought miserably, stopping, wiping my pussy dry with some tissues and washing my hands.

I'd only brought a clean bra and knickers to wear under my jeans and jumper the next day, so dressed in the LBD and the lingerie. Brushed my shoulder length dark brown hair, applied my make up and wandered down to the bar. I felt quite sexy, knew I looked good. I was still feeling horny from fingering myself, wished I'd continued masturbating until I'd cum. The thought hit me, loads of unattached men, I could pick someone up, go to my room and let them fuck me, if I dared. The more I thought about it the more attractive the idea became and the more excited I felt at the prospect of being fucked by a man I'd only just met, for casual sex.

Typical airport hotel packed, tourists, businessmen people attending a conference. I squeezed to the bar, bought a drink, saw an empty space at a table nearby with three guys sitting at it. My eyes moved on, it was the only space. On the end of a sofa. I looked again, one of them saw me, stood said how busy it was inviting me to join them. I sat, the seat was quite low, my dress riding up as I crossed my legs showing a lot of thigh and when I glanced down to check, an inch or two or the lace stocking top. That didn't go unnoticed, so out of devilment, I decided not to try and tug the hem down. They bought me a drink, chatted then realising the time, said they had to go. I was a little disappointed, sitting at a table alone, but with the empty chairs only a short time passed before a couple of guys asked if the could sit with me. They sat, younger than the others, mid twenties, introduced themselves, Jay and Rick. They were both black, broad shouldered, well built, were staying at the hotel for a couple of nights. They bought me a drink, my third, I was feeling flirty, sexy, horny and randy, moved closer to Jay, rubbing my leg against his.

Rick went to refresh our drinks, I nipped to the loo, had a wee, took off my string and put in my purse. I went back to the table, a fresh drink waiting. I squeezed in between them, pressing my legs against them. I sipped my drink, decided to make my move, before I lost my nerve. I turned to Jay and whispered, “I’m not wearing any panties do you want to come to my room and take the rest of my clothes off me?” He looked at me to see if I was serious. Saw that I was “Just to undress you?” he asked. “I thought when you'd done that you might like to fuck me” I replied huskily. “I think I'd like that. What about Rick?” he replied. I hadn't thought about that, but excited by the idea of a threesome, something my husband had suggested a few years ago, I turned to him, “Rick. Jay's coming up to my room to fuck me. Do you want to come too?” I asked. I'd done it, no turning back as the three off us left our drinks and walked to the lifts.

I pressed the button for my floor. Jay asked if I really wasn't wearing panties. Feeling very naughty and very daring, I pulled my dress up to show them my bare pussy. The lift opened, I tugged my dress, more or less down, at least covering my pussy if not my stockings. I opened my room, they followed me in. I turned my back to Rick asked him to unzip me. A tremor of excitement as I felt his fingers on my neck, then slowly drawing the zip down to my waist. I let the dress fall from my shoulders, and drop to the floor. I bent to pick it up, conscious of my bare bum towards them. I draped the dress over the back of a chair, turned to face them, they were already undressing. Reaching behind my back I unclasped my bra, released by tits, my nipples poking out hard, proud and aroused. Standing naked in front of another man, sorry men, for the first time since I'd married, I felt a frisson of excitement. I put my foot on the chair, parting my legs more than necessary, deliberately displaying my pussy to them. I looked down, pleased to see my cunt was wet, the lips parted, my hole open, ready to welcome their cocks.

I reached to unclip my stockings, Rick asked me to leave them on. I looked at them and almost froze. They were both naked, the biggest cocks I'd ever seen hanging between their legs. Not that I'd seen many. I'd only ever had sex with five other men prior to that night and they'd all been much smaller. Rick's was the largest about 8 inches, standing half erect, Jays a little smaller but much thicker. I put my foot back on the floor, felt a trickle of sex honey dribble from my pussy as I moved towards them almost mesmerised. I reached for their cocks, taking one in each hand, unable to encircle either with my fingers. I leant forwards, sucked and kissed, Ricks dark nipples, did the same to Jay before moving back to Rick, running my tongue down his chest licking, planting little kisses over his abdomen whilst slowly wanking his erect cock. I stood back up, licked and kissed my way down Jay's body, this time not stopping when I reached his erect cock.

I ran my tongue around his glans, licked it to the tip and kissed it. I turned to Ricks cock, did the same, licked to the tip, but this time parted my lips, taking the head of his penis in my mouth, gently sucking him. I sucked his cock for about 30 seconds before switching back to Jay, taking him straight in my mouth sucking him harder, taking him deeper. First one cock, sucking him, wanking the other, back and forth almost worshipping their adorable pricks. Both their cocks were rock hard, ready to fuck me. Jay stepped behind me, lifted me up, placed me on the bed on my front. He climbed on the bed behind me, put his hands on my thighs, spread my legs, then taking hold of my waist lifted me on to my knees. Rick climbed on the bed in front of me, I raised my body on to all fours, felt Jay rubbing his cock between my legs along my wet gaping slit. The tip touched my clitoris, I gasped with pleasure, then sighed as I felt him shift his position, the tip of his cock touch my hole then entering my cunt.

He slid his amazingly thick cock in to me more deeply, my cunt stretching to accept his unfamiliar girth. Inch after inch entered me until he'd fully penetrated me. I gasped, my mouth open, head thrown back as he began to fuck me, feeding my hunger for cock. I felt Ricks cock touch my face, turned my head to take it in my mouth, began sucking him like a whore. I could see my reflection in the wardrobe mirrors. My lips wrapped around Ricks black cock, about half its length moving in and out of my mouth as I avidly sucked him. Behind me, Jay kneeling, hands on my bum, his beautiful dark body slamming into my pale white bum each time he thrust his cock into my pussy.

I sometimes need a lot of stimulation, but I could already feel an orgasm building. Jay twisted an arm under me, between my legs, frigging my clit as he fucked me. I started to pant, couldn't breath and suck cock and released Ricks cock from my mouth. He lay back, wanking while I just let myself go, an orgasm sweeping through my body as Jay fucked me slow, then fast, thrusting cock in hard and deep. He continued fucking me as my orgasmic high subsided, before I felt his cock twitching inside, pumping his semen deep within me. He kept still, cock still in me, draining his balls into my receptive cunt.

He started to withdraw, Rick was ready to take me too. Holding me under the arms he pulled me forward on top of him. I put my legs either side of his, sat up on my knees, took hold of his cock, mounted him, guiding his shaft straight into my just fucked, spunk sodden hole. I tried to control what I was doing, ride him slowly, but the length of his cock, the girth of his cock overwhelmed me. He began thrusting his cock into my cunt. I was amazed to feel a second orgasm starting to build so quickly, the little tell tale, twitches and flutters intensifying as he fucked me, his hard black cock probing deeper into my white married cunt than any man previously. The length and girth seemed to magnify every sensation, as if my cunt had become super sensitive to cock. I usually cum with a whimper, not this time. I don't know how long he fucked me for 5, 10, 15 minutes, I lost track of time. A couple of small orgasms fluttered in my pussy, but I could feel a bigger one building. I rode him harder, rubbing my cunt and grinding my clitoris against him. I tried to stop myself crying out. I was to aroused, words I'd never normally use in bed pouring out uncontrollably. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Please fuck me” I said little more than a whisper. I couldn't stop getting louder the nearer I got to cumming. “Fuck me. Oh God, OH GOD, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH GOD! FUCK ME!” I screamed almost there. “I'm Cumming. I'm Cumming I'm Cumming. OH GOD. FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING!” It felt as if an electric bolt had flashed through me as I loudly climaxed, shuddering and trembling on his magnificent cock as he ejaculated in three or four heavy spurts deep inside my cunt. I lay on top of him afterwards for several minutes, just savouring the feel of his softening cock in my pussy, until it finally slipped out of my hole, followed my a stream of his and Jay's spunk.

I went to the bathroom, cleaned myself up, took off my spunk soaked and stained stockings. They were still on the bed, I climbed in between them, cuddled up to my two twenty something year old hunks. It wasn't long before my hands began to wander, my pussy sending me messages she'd like to be fucked again. After 30 or 40 minutes I felt them begin to stiffen in my hands. I wriggled down under the quilt encouraging them with my mouth and hands, getting them both erect and ready to satisfy my sexual demands. I got on top of Jay, he entered me and began to fuck me. Rick sitting up next to us put his hand on the centre of my back, pushed me down on top of Jay. He traced his finger down my spine to my bum. He wetted his finger parted my bum cheeks, touched my anus and then slid his finger into my bum. I jumped and looked at him, asked what he was doing. “Do you take it in the arse?” he wanted to know. His finger in my bottom felt nice, nervously I replied that I'd never tried, then, on impulse said that I'd like too. “Got any lube? You'll need it” he wanted to know. I said I hadn't. He got off the bed, I started slowly riding Jay again until Rick came back a couple of minutes later with body lotion from the bathroom. “This'll do, Keep still” he said, pressing me flat.

I hadn't been 100% sure what I'd agreed too, realised they were going to Double Penetrate me. I'd read about the act, wondered how any woman could degrade herself by permitting two men to fuck her at the same time. So sexually charged, I was indifferent to how depraved what I was doing might be considered. I wanted their cocks and I wanted them both to fuck me. With some trepidation, I tried to relax as Rick poured the lotion on my bum, difficult with Jay, moving his cock in my cunt. I reached back, holding my cheeks apart, exposing my anus to Rick, felt the cool liquid trickle down my crack. He began to work it into my rectum with his fingers.

One then two fingers, twisting and turning, forced my anus to open, unlocking my tight hole getting me ready to take his large cock. I felt him pour more lotion, felt it running in my bum hole, his fingers, thrusting, then prising me open more. He finally seemed satisfied I was ready, crouched behind and slightly above me. I lay head on Jay's shoulder, keeping perfectly still, Ricks hands on my buttocks, his thumbs, either side of my anus, spreading my buttocks. He pushed his thumbs in my arse, prising me open, slid his cock in between them. I felt his cock enter my arse, buried my face in a pillow, trying to bear the pain as he slid more of his cock up my arse. He splashed more lotion on his shaft, pulled out a little then in more firmly. I stifled a scream, my anus reluctantly loosening, then the pain subsiding, the thickest part of his cock inside me. I'd taken him, got his cock in my arse, raised my head, glanced back at him. He asked if I was OK. I smile and nodded, then felt him smoothly, sliding the remainder of his cock into my bum, arse fucking me.

Ricks 8 inches up my arse, Jay's slightly smaller, but thicker cock in my cunt, they both began to fuck me. Sandwiched between them, a Slut taking a cock in both holes. I responded, moving with them, feeling both their cocks, almost touching each other through my cunt walls. They'd already cum less than an hour previously. They fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. I came once, twice, begging them to cum inside me. They continued relentlessly fucking me, adding more lotion, keeping me slippery, bringing me to a third climax before finally both cumming inside me seconds apart. Jay first, cumming again in my pussy, Rick having taken my anal virginity, delivering his spunk deep in my arse, much to my delight and satisfaction.

Rick went to shower, then Jay and me. When we returned, Rick had gone. Jay spent the night with me, fucked me in the early hours and again in the morning before he left to go to his room.

I drove home, an awful journey, roads closed and diversions, the further west and closer to home I got. A three hour journey took nearly seven hours, plenty of time to think and decide that I really shouldn't behave like that again. But their big black cocks had been so wonderful, the incredible sensation of being Double Fucked. I'd dropped my guard, had uninhibited sex and never felt such sexual gratification. I knew in my heart that I almost certainly lacked the willpower not to do it again.

Martin returned the following week, I was certain he'd notice a difference in me, realise that I'd been fucked by other men. Of course he didn't. He was home over Christmas, before leaving for his next assignment in January. We live in a University city, I knew that the students would be back from the Christmas break soon. I tried to resist temptation, successfully on the Friday, but the next night my willpower failed. I drove into the city, dressed in a short skirt and jumper, visited several bars, a coke in each, until I caught the eye of a young black guy, 18/19/20 years old? I didn't ask, just his name. He shared a room, I couldn't take him home. So he fucked me in my car in the multi storey car park, people passing, a couple of guys stopping to watch, which only served to arose and excite me more.

I'd have probably gone again the next week but the snow prevented me but I've been twice more since, picked up a young black guy each time, and had sex with them. I found SH, read the stories avidly, especially the ones about women who prefer or only like black cock.

Though I've been chatted up by some attractive white guys. I've only been fucked by five black guys so far and it's to them I seem to be attracted. Each time I'm left craving more. Like some insatiable Slut, even though none of the three who've had me since had particularly large cocks, one was probably smaller than my husbands.

I know I should stop, but now I can't. I lie in bed at night masturbating, imagining I've got a hard black cock in my cunt, looking forward to next time, because I know there will be a next time. I suspect that I'm becoming, or maybe already am, a black cock slut. Is that possible, after only being fucked by so few black guys?

One possibility has occurred to me. You may recall me mentioning that Martin suggested a threesome some years ago. Subtly suggest it next time he's home, introduce a black guy to our marriage, get him used to other guys fucking me. He gets his threesome keeping him happy. I get black cock which will keep me happy. Then take it from there. That might work, what do you think?